Tutorial On Support To Unpack Dreamscene

Tutorial On Support To Unpack Dreamscene

Recently, Windows Vista had extended its support by launching one of its unique featured desktop utility tools called as Dreamscene. This desktop utility tool dreamscene enhances user’s desktop experience with attention-grabbing desktop special effects.                                                                         

Users with dreamscene can actually customize their desktop’s background with video files, automatically modify desktop-wallpapers, attach different desktop special effects etc.

However, the most-unfortunate effect is that dreamscene isn’t simpatico with windows7 operating system and users might get quite a lot of problems if they are utilizing this tool on windows 7 OS.

The Uninstalling or Unpacking of utility tool dreamscene on windows7 operating system isn’t that simpler too. So, the tutorial is provided to users in order to help them to unpack or uninstall dreamscene from their computer systems completely, to avoid anymore issues caused to them.

Frequently, users might have with troubles on their windows7 operating system by dreamscene like text details not appearing underneath desktop images, system gets frozen etc.

Most of the windows7 users may have tried uninstalling dreamscene and they were unsuccessful, some may also contemplate formatting their operating system completely. Windows7 users don’t have to format their operating system, as this can be uninstalled easily.

In order to Uninstall or Unpack dreamscene on windows 7, the set of few steps to be followed are as follows:

  • First of all users need to download dreamscene “Registration Key
  • Now, once users have Registration Key in their possession, they need to install the same on their computer system.
  • In order to install users need to highlight it first, and then double click on it to install.
  • Now, after the installation process, it will unpack and erase all dreamscene registry-values from your computer system.
  • Now, navigate to the path on your computer given as c:\windows\system32\ and erase Dreamscene (.dll) file.
  • Now, navigate to the path on your computer given as c:\windows\system32\en-us folder and erase dreamscene(.dll.mui) file
  • Now, finally reboot your computer system to refresh, to see Dreamscene removed from the system.

Now, after this session dreamscene should be removed completely from your windows 7 operating computer system.

Online Support To Extract Wordings Or Text From Pictures Or Images

Online Support To Extract Wordings Or Text From Pictures Or Images

If an individual has a picture with wordings displayed on it, and likes to store only the wordings but not the complete image with quote on it, then ideally he has to manually type them on any text editors and store for a future reference.

If a large numeral of picture files with a pretty longer wordings printed on them fascinates an individual, and they tend to save them by typing each wording on text editors will be very taxing for them. In order to minimize the time consumption in storing these wordings printed on image files, a newly launched software is out which can be utilized to extract just the wordings and store them as text files.

This software comprises of tools which support in extracting only wordage from an image, as this tool is powered through O.C.R (optical character recognition) engineering. These utility tools mostly support image or picture file formats such as jpeg, bmp, png, etc.

It initially transforms the images through codes to system, then after the transition, computer will assess to distinguish the portion of images as text and other elements, and then it will just extract the wordings.

This O.C.R engineering actually transforms images to system perceivable format. This tool concept appears with a sky-scraping value tag.

As it has consumed pretty huge amount of time in development and testing expenses so, companies aren’t ready to release this merchandise as a freeware.

If individuals think of purchasing this tool, then there are two of tools to choose from. First tool is called Abbyy fine reader and second named timer snapper. Users can also search on web for OCR plugins.

However, there is one Free OCR online Service to help users in extracting wordings from images. This online utility is called as “Free OCR”, which will help users in pulling out just the wordings out of the images.

As this tool is online based, users need to scan the images and then upload it to the “Free OCR” to utilize its brilliant support.

FREE Online Animation Support To Customize Email-Signatures

FREE Online Animation Support To Customize Email-Signatures

Online animation industry is very vast and growing quickly each day, now with its support for creating email signatures with animated touches has given a refreshed look to these signatures.

These signatures appear at the end of an email, displaying sender’s name and wishes to receivers. By adding customized email signatures on it, it beautifies its presence as elegant, stylish and professional.

Till date users were utilizing just the normal text email signatures. Now with this utility they can get their email signatures customized as they desire it to be.

There are numerous websites available online offering customization, but only a few offer creations of these email-signatures for free and others they charge depending on the styles they do.

Professionals may charge customizing these signatures for “10dollars to $100dollars” depending on the image selection and its creation process.

Now, individuals can get these signatures customized through online service namely “mylivesignature” for “FREE”. This online utility tools utilization is free with its finest quality custom email signatures.

In order to customize your emails, individuals aren’t even asked to register an account with them, but if they do register they will get other additional benefits which they offer.

Online support of Mylivesignature provides three sets of choices for user such as:

  • Users can get the complete signature customization wizard (here users can create their own signature utilizing several pre-defined options )
  • Users get tools to convert their free hand signature customized into animated signatures. (Here users can create their free-hand-signature utilizing mouse).
  • Users can get signature created from any scanned digital images( here users can cut and paste the scanned images of signatures)

This isn’t their end of support, they do also provide various animated signature options, through which users can give a new well-designed look to their email signatures.

Brilliant Utility Supports Unplugging Of USB Thumb Drive

Brilliant Utility Supports Unplugging Of USB Thumb Drive

It is a common panorama that after completion of work we tend to forget detaching the USB thumb drive from computer.

What if we had a reminder to let us know about detaching USB? It may prevent the possible threats of files being exposed while utilizing them on public computers.

Substantially, now there is a software utility has been launched named as USB Stick-Watcher. No more to worry about the detachment of USB thumb drive.

USB-Stick-Watcher is extensively effective software package, as an individual can set a routine of reminders on it within a period of 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on their duration of work on USB.

This reminder messages are editable and will remind at sorted time separations until the USB Thumb Drive is detached.

Particularly this will act as a great support for those who frequently do file transfer on shared public computers, as they might tend to forget and leave important data behind.

However, it seems to have one disadvantage as it is necessary to be installed prior to its functionality. It would have been better if the software was functional with in the USB Thumb drive and functions automatically, but still it’s a brilliant utility.

Individuals can download the software here and try out the freeware to enjoy its long last support.

BlueDart Courier Service Sucks !! Complaints From Customers

I’m sorry Bluedart, and sorry readers that I am starting this post with a negative note ! Now, I do not have anything personal against BlueDart. Frankly, whenever I’ve availed their service, I’ve been happy and never got a chance to complaint about the service quality or customer service. But, here’s the catch, I come from one of the tier one cities, where both customers and vendors are considered to be considerate while doing business. So I guess that’s the reason for the smooth sail. Now I can’t take the same call for all other cities, especially the tier two cities or the so called famous satellite cities.

Somewhere something is / has been going wrong. This post is based on the response I’ve got from Bluedart customers, some new, some regular, and most of them have one thing to say – they are not happy with the way BlueDart is providing it’s service to them and some are even unhappy with the response they get when they try to get in touch with BlueDart’s customer service.

Just check this post where people from Amritsar, Chennai, Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), Kolkatta, Lucknow, Puri, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, and many more cities, share their experience with BlueDart…

Now, this surely is a wakeup call for BlueDart and they should do something about this as soon as possible, else it’ll not be too long before they lose their loyal customers to their better serving competitors.

I have no idea if BlueDart has any ‘Online People/Customer Relationship Manager’. If you happen to be ‘The One’, I guess you owe an explanation and apology for the problems and confusions caused.

This reminds me of Mahatma Ghandhiji’s quote –

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so”

Track your BlueDart courier online.