Sync iPhone To PC With RockMelt

RockMelt Launched For iPhone Syncs With PC, Mac Web Content

RockMelt is finally released for the iPhone users in order to allow them to sync their favorite website with Windows and Mac desktop versions. RockMelt was previously popular as the best social web browser for Facebook and Twitter. This Web browser is tremendously popular among the users because of its easy-to-use mechanics.

Usually, the contacts section will appear on the left pane of the tab when the users login to the Facebook using login ID and password via RockMelt App. The right pane of this app includes Facebook Profile, News Feed, timeline, and Twitter Tweet.

This application allows users to share their web contents with the iPhone whether it is Facebook profile or tweets from the Twitter.  iPhone users can easily sync their device to the desktop and share the web contents correctly. It is the unique feature of recently launched new version of RockMelt – the social media browser.

However, currently the users of RockMelt desktop would get their bookmarks and favorite websites directly synched to their iPhone as they connect their device. So, users don’t have to bother about their contents. Now, users can easily have the experience of using RockMelt on their iPhone while on the move and stay connected with the friends.

iPhone users can have access to the Twitter and Facebook updates, notifications and bookmark the favorite websites.  All these things can be done via iPhone. Currently, most of the iPhone users are using this app in order to stay connected with friends via social networking websites.

Our Suggestion

There are also other applications available at the Apple store regarding the social networking connection such as Fotobrookr and others for the respective social networking. However, RockMelt provide interactive user interface, which makes browsing easier and faster for the users.

Google Sync To Restore Contacts And Calendar Details Into New Phone

Check Out Google Sync – A Sync Application For Windows Mobile Phones And iPhones

Google has come up with Google Sync, a synchronization application designed for Windows mobile phones and iPhones. If you happen to use a Windows Mobile phone or iPhone, this freeware is exactly what you need in order to synchronize your Google contacts and Google Calendar with your cellular gadgets.

As indicated by Google in its official mobile blog, you simply need to download and setup Google Sync into your Windows Mobile phone or iPhone and it will automatically update calendar events and address book from your Gmail account to your mobile phone. Google Sync has ability to keep your phone fully updated with regard to contacts and calendar events.

Google Sync is a two-way service which allows you to add, delete or change contact data and calendar events on your desktop or your phone. Whenever you make any alterations to contact data and calendar events on any of the two devices (i.e. desktop or phone) the other device gets updated wirelessly.

This application turns out to be very useful when you change your mobile phone as it allows you to quickly restore all your contacts and calendar data to your new phone. Using Google Sync, you may also back up your contacts and calendar events so that you can retrieve the data incase you lose your phone.

Before using this application, you need to verify whether your cellular device supports SyncML. You may easily download Google Sync by going to “” from your Windows Mobile phone or iPhone.

Can I Use Google Sync To Get My Mobile Contacts And Calendar Synced?

Get your mobile contacts and calendar synced with Google sync

As we all can evidently see the growth of mobile phone users around the world, Google has now come up with new idea of making it more convenient for the mobile users, they have come  out with a sweet product called Google sync.

Previously if you have to sync the Gmail event calendar or contacts with your phone set, then you have to do that manually. Now with the help of Google sync your phone information will be synced with your Gmail or vice versa automatically.

The basic features of Google sync is quite similar with Microsoft’s My Phone, but to make it different, Google provides some more additional features in order to compete with Microsoft. With the obvious feature like synchronizing contacts and calendars, it is also providing some free memory space where all your mobile videos, phones can be stored and shared with your friends and family.

Some of the pros of Google Sync are listed below:

  • Update your Gmail and mobile phones contacts with Contact Synchronization.
  • You will be notified on every event so update your calendar of your mobile phone with calendar synchronization.
  • It is a two way sync, which assures more security. You will always have a backup of your contacts.

See Google Sync in action here:

Skip / Cancel / Disable iPhone – iTunes Backing Up / Sync

Boosting the Sync Process Speed in Iphone by Disabling the Backup Feature

The most prominent features of IPhone smartphones having their mobile operating system 2.0 is the capability of taking complete backup images. Even the iPhone 3G smartphones have this identical feature, where you can even backup the installed applications as well.

During the process of synchronization of mobile devices with the computers, it is not just the documents and the libraries which get backed up. As a matter of fact, you could backup even the changes that are made in the applications, including the games.

However, this backup process of entire data in the iPhone apps will take few moments for completion. This delay in the synchronization process is mainly caused due to the loaded iPhone applications in the devices.

The backup is very essential for the purpose of restoring data because in some cases iPhone get corrupted, or the operating system installed could crash. However, the users who don’t have the need of the applications backups, or the ones who will not lose anything great by losing the applications data, might want to disable the backup feature for boosting the synchronization speed.

Even the iPhone 3G or iPhone users, who use other backup methods like iTunes syncing can disable the applications backup features in order to improve the syncing speed of their devices.

In the past, the iPhone users had to cancel the data backup process in iTunes manually, when iPhone backing up process was running. However, terminating the backup process in the halfway may damage the backups and the files could get corrupted. This would create other unwanted complications while restoring the data back into the device

Here is main workaround provided for forcing iTunes to disable the backup process, as well as for skipping the backing up of the complete iPhone image.

The procedure is as follows:

1. First of all quit iTunes on your system
2. Then you can launch the
3. Type (or copy and paste) the following command, and then hit Launched the

defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true

4. Now launch the iTunes application
5. Now connect the 2.0 OS powerd original iPhone or iPhone 3G to the computer to start the syncing process. The backup process should now bypass and skip backing up the applications, and only music or podcasts will get synced.

The above commands will change hidden setting inside the iTunes preferences. It disables and turns off the backup process.

If you change your mind and plan to re-enable the application backup feature in your iPhone again, follow the above mentioned procedure but with a slight change in the command:

defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool false