Showcase v0.9.5 To Get A Thumbnail View Of Firefox Tabs

Use Firefox Add-on “Showcase v0.9.5” To Get A Thumbnail View Of Firefox Tabs

Showcase v0.9.5 is a best option for Firefox users who follow the practice of opening multiple tabs in a single Firefox window for quick reference. Now, you do not need to waste time in opening all the tabs one by one until you find the right tab that you are looking for.

Showcase v0.9.5 is a Firefox add-on which allows you to preview all your tabs in thumbnail view so that you can quickly view the contents and open the proper tab. It offers a better and effective browsing experience. You need to simply download this Firefox add-on from the internet, install it and restart your Firefox browser to make it effective.

The moment you restart your Firefox browser after installing Showcase v0.9.5 you will see a drop-down button at the top-right corner of your browser window. You just need to click on this button if you want the tabs to be displayed in thumbnail view.

You may even optimize the appearance of the thumbnail display. You need to go to “Tools” menu and click on “Add-ons”. Within “Add-ons”, select “Firefox Showcase 0.9.5” and then click on “Options”. Now, you may customize the thumbnail labels, size, tooltip etc. It also allows you to make other configurations related to Tab, Window and Sidebar as per your preference.

Showcase v0.9.5 is compatible with all Mozilla Firefox versions starting from version 1.5 to version 3.2a1pre. You may download this useful Firefox add-on free of charge.

Reduce Firefox Tab Width to the Size of Its Favicon

Reduce Firefox Tab Width to the Size of Its Favicon

Mozilla Firefox allows users to open multiple tabs in a single Firefox window eliminating a need for opening multiple windows and constantly switching between them. Firefox tabs have a fixed tab width which seems to be excessively long and the whole space gets occupied the moment you open about six tabs in a Firefox window.


However, it is possible that you change the tab width to make it equal to the size of its favicon. For doing so, you need to use a Firefox plugin known as “FaviconizeTab”. Simply follow the below mentioned procedure to install FaviconizeTab and enable it to resize the Firefox tab width.

  • You need for download FaviconizeTab and install it on your PC. 
  • Restart the Firefox browser to make the plugin active. 
  • Once you restart/ reopen Firefox, you will notice installed extensions listed within add-ons pop-up window that appears. If you do not see any add-ons pop-up window, you need to go to Tools menu and select “Add-ons” to open the add-ons window. Locate “FaviconizeTab” and click on the button “Options”.


  • In the Preference Window of FaviconizeTab, under the section “Quick Faviconize”, set the method for activating FaviconizeTab feature. The options include Alt + Click, Ctrl + Click, Shift + Click and Double Click.


For instance, select “Double-click”, if you wish to activate the FaviconizeTab feature by double-clicking on the tab.

  • Now, to check if the settings are working, open a new Firefox tab and just double-click on it. The tab width will reduce to its favicon size.

Close All Tabs Related To A Single Website Domain Simultaneously Using TabCloser 1.03 Add-on In Firefox

Close All Tabs Related To A Single Website Domain Simultaneously Using TabCloser 1.03 Add-on In Firefox

If you have a habit of opening large number of tabs under a single window of Mozilla Firefox, you must have had problems while closing all tabs related to a single website domain one by one but keeping the main Mozilla Firefox window open. The task of closing the tabs individually, one at a time becomes quite irritating if you are in a hurry.

To take care of such situations, Mozilla Firefox has come up with TabCloser 1.03, an add-on which helps you close the all the tabs related to a single website domain with just one click. You do not need to close the tabs selectively, one by one.

Download and install TabCloser v1.03 add-on. Re-launch Mozilla Firefox so that the installation becomes effective. Now, when you right-click on any tab, you will notice that an extra option “Close All tabs” has been added above the option “Close tab”. The moment you click on the option “Close All tabs”, all tabs related to that particular website domain will be closed instantly.

This add-on is very much beneficial if you have opened many tabs related to one particular website and the tabs are no longer required. You may download TabCloser v1.03 for free by accessing the website Here.

Enable or Disable the Tabbed Browsing Option in IE 7

Enable or Disable the Tabbed Browsing Option in IE 7

Nowadays, the tabbed browsing feature has been added in nearly all browsers like Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome and etc. The tabbed browsing feature will be very handy once you learn to use it according to your convenience.

Conversely, opening too many tabs would be a real pain as it slows down your PC. If you don’t use the tabbed browsing feature while browsing on net, you can stop and remove it from browser.

Following is the step by step instruction set to remove this feature in Internet Explorer.

Removal of Tabbed Browsing Feature in Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer 7 window and go to Tools and then go to Internet Options.
  • Click on the General option and Tab Settings option.
  • Now you have to “UnCheck“ the feature of tabbed browsing. The tabbed browsing feature will be stopped in Internet Explorer.
  • That’s it.

You will see that all the links are opening in a new page rather than new tabs.

If you would like to add tabbed browsing feature in IE browser, go through the following steps.

  • First of all, if you don’t have Internet Explorer 7, download it from the following link Here.
  • After downloading and installing IE 7, follow the steps given above to go to the option named as Tabbed Browsing Settings.
  • In this option just enable and activate the tabbed browsing feature in IE.

You can remove or add the tabbed browsing feature in the IE 7. You can also make the tabbed browsing feature more easy and smooth by using the add-ons. Follow the link given Here to download these add-ons.

Procedure For Disabling The Feature That Restores Last Browsing Tabs In IE8

Procedure For Disabling The Feature That Restores Last Browsing Tabs In IE8

IE8 or Internet Explorer 8 possesses a feature for reopening the last browsing session i.e. all the browsing tabs that were open while exiting IE. This feature is very much similar to the feature “Show My Windows/Tabs from Last Time” of Mozilla Firefox. The only difference is that IE 8 does not show the tabs from the last browsing session automatically when launched.

In case you do not like this feature which reopens all the last Browsing Tabs in IE8, you may turn off or disable it. Once you disable this feature, you will be unable to use the option “Re-open Last Browsing Session” which is present in the Tools Menu. Also when you open a new tab page, you will notice that the link to this option will not be displayed. 

The feature Re-open Last Browsing Session can be turned off or disabled either by using Group Policy (GPO) Editor or by making changes in the System registry via Registry Editor. Setting the policy via Registry Editor is useful for users who run less-premium editions of Windows 7, Vista or XP as these editions do not include a GPO Editor.

Procedure for disabling the feature using GPO Editor:

  • Type “GPEdit.msc” within the Run command box in Windows XP or Start Search in Windows Vista to open Local GPO Editor.
  • Navigate to the below mentioned branch:
  • User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Internet Explorer
  • Within the right Window Pane “Local Computer Policy”, you need to locate and enable the setting that turns off the Re-open Last Browsing Session feature.
  • Close the GPO Editor
  • Restart IE8 in order to make the changes effective.

Procedure for disabling the feature using Registry Editor:

  • Open Run command box in Windows XP or Start Search in Windows Vista and type in RegEdit.exe to open the Registry Editor.
  • Go to the Registry branch mentioned below:
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery
  • In case you do not find any registry keys by the name “Internet Explorer” or “Recovery”, you need to create them. Simply right-click on the parent branch, select “New” from the right click context menu and then choose the option Key. You need to name the keys accordingly.
  • Now, within the right window pane, right-click on the blank space, select New and then DWORD (32-bit) Value for creating a fresh DWORD value. Name this DWORD value as NoReopenLastSession.
  • Next, double-click and set the value data for NoReopenLastSession as “1”.
  • Close the Registry Editor and restart IE8 in order to make the changes effective.

As another option, you may download the file Disable-Reopen-Last-Session.reg from the internet to disable the feature and Enable-Reopen-Last-Session.reg to enable it if required. You need to simply run the file to merge the respective values to the system registry.

The moment you disable the feature in order to prevent IE8 from reopening last browsing session feature, it is possible to set IE to restore the previous browsing session through the feature called automatic crash recovery which works only if IE crashes.

Open Multiple Tabs with Single Click In Firefox With InstaClick v1.4 Add-on

Open Multiple Tabs with Single Click In Firefox With InstaClick v1.4 Add-on

Most of the times we need to run more than few web browser windows at once in Windows system. While in the Firefox browser, you may be experiencing the middle mouse button useful, which simplifies the opening of the new tab with just a single click. If you are using touchpad or laptop then you cannot open a new tab with middle mouse button. Relax, now with the new add-on utility in the FireFox namely, InstaClick could make this job done easily.

All you have to do is simply download the add-on and restart the Firefox web browser and this new function will take effect right away. When you right click, you will instantly have the new browser window or tab open, instead of the old context-menus, which are displayed after the right click.

You’ll find this tool more useful, especially when you use the cross reference way to study different websites. When you simply right click on any of the hyperlinks, you will get the respected website opened in the new tabs. If you would like to revert back to classical normal condition, you just have to hold CTRL and SHIFT keys and right click. You’ll be brought to the context-menus automatically.

On the other hand, to disable this feature just go to Tools, select Add-ons and click on the “Disable” button. InstaClick v1.4 works well with Firefox 2.0 to 3.6a1pre, and you could download it by using the link given Here making use of your Firefox more effective.

Steps to Delete New Tab Button from Firefox

Steps to Delete New Tab Button from Firefox

The new Firefox web browser features a way to open new tab by clicking on “+” sign, which is located at the end of open tab bar. Users simply open the new tab by clicking the “+”sign. However, some users don’t find it useful and effective, as they feel comfortable in opening new tab via traditional method. Previously users used to click on the tab bar, Ctrl +T, and other ways to open new tab in web browser. There are many of users who are still today feel convenient to open new tab via traditional way and find new features of Firefox or IE 78 completely irrelevant for them.

It means they want to use new browser for maximum speed of browsing, but without the feature of opening new tab by clinking on “+” sign at the end of tab bar. In this situation users must apply a simple trick to delete the “+” sign from the Firefox web browser easily.

In order to delete “+” sign, you have to edit userChrome.css file and windows operating system will store this file to another location. Follow the given steps to edit this file.

  • Windows 2000/XP users navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[profile.default]\chrome. Windows Vista/7 users, navigate to C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[profile.default]\chrome.      
  • Since application data considered to be hidden, so you will not be able to see it. Therefore, you need to navigate to windows explorer and click on Tools>> Folder Options>>View>> look for Hidden Files & Folders and enable Show hidden files and folders option. There is another way to open application data file directly, you just open command prompt or Run and type this given syntax %APPDATA% and press Ok.
  • Create a new file named with “userChrome.css” here. If you have customized your Firefox earlier then there would be a folder named with userChrome.css.
  • Open this file in notepad and add the below given strings. If you already have created userChrome.css file then simply add this string at the bottom of file and save – .tabs-newtab-button {display: none ;}
  • Finally, you are done. Just restart the Firefox in order to apply changes properly. Next time when Firefox will start you will not find “+” sign.

Customize Tab Settings Via Foxtab

Customize Tab Settings Via Foxtab

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers that provide faster browsing to the users. Sometimes users need to work on different websites simultaneously and they have to open them in different tabs. However, it takes so much time to manage and toggle between two or more tabs at a time. Now Firefox users can have the better web browsing experience by having useful tool named FoxTab.

It is free tab management add-on for Firefox web browsers that allows users to manage their tabs easily and arrange them in a sequence. With this application, users can change the tab into 3D thumbnails so they can easily view and tap on the required page immediately. Instead of toggling between various active tabs in order to see which one is needed, users can easily view them as thumbnails and click on them to get instant access.


Apart from this feature FoxTab allows grouping, closing, filtering and switching along with active tabs easily and quickly. It is small add-on which doesn’t consume so much space and allows the users to customize the thumbnail view according to their convenience. There are various layouts of thumbnails to choose from such as:

  • Stack: 3D Thumbnails will be piled one after the other.
  • Wall: Thumbnails will be displayed on a bowl-shaped virtual 3D wall.
  • Grid: Thumbnails will be aligned in a grid
  • Row: Thumbnails will be arranged Horizontally
  • Carousel: Thumbnails will be arranged circularly

Users can choose one of them to customize their tabs properly. FoxTab supports almost all operating system such as Windows XP, Windows vista, Mac OS X, and Linux. If you want to experience fascinating browsing via Firefox web browser, you must install this utility add-on, which is free to download and use. Users can easily download FoxTab from here.

Fix The Notepad ++ Find And Replace Tab Transparent Errors In Windows 7

Fix The Notepad ++ Find And Replace Tab Transparent Errors In Windows 7

There is a weird error occurring in Notebook++ text editor, which is a well-liked notebook replacement, in Windows 7. This problem hits the Close and exit functioning of Notebook++, so whenever users click on close or exit button, it will not get closed properly. Instead of closing there is a transparent window of notepad++, which will be remain opened inactively i.e. it will not respond to mouse clicks or keyboard until Notebook++ program is restarted.

Probably non-existing problem of Find and Replace tab, in Notepad is the responsible bug. Usually this transparent feature of Notepad++, which allows users to keep Find and Replace option transparent or less visible while working on Notepad++. It helps user to focus on work so users mostly keep this option transparent at predefine transparency level.


In order to fix this problem you need to turnoff the transparent feature of Find and Replace in notepad++. You have to uncheck the box of transparency located at bottom right corner of the find and replace dialogue.

By doing this, you will be free from the bug, which doesn’t allow you to close the notepad and keep open a transparent windows. Keep the transparent feature disable until you feel it is essential to activate it. Once you change the settings of the transparency, the problem of notepad will be fixed. Try to keep this feature off whenever you work on notepad++ in order to prevent errors.