Firefox Doesn’t Warn When Closing Multiple Tabs – Firefox Confirm Exit

Setting Firefox 3 To Show A Warning Or Prompt On An Attempt To Close Multiple Open Tabs

If you have upgraded your browser from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3, you must have noticed that you no more get a prompt or warning while you try to close a Firefox window having multiple active or open tabs.

You do not get the warning or prompt even if you select and enable the respective option in the “Tabs” section within Preferences of Firefox 3 for displaying a warning on an attempt to close a window with multiple active tabs.

Once you have selected the respective option in Firefox 3 Preferences for showing a warning while closing multiple tabs, the Firefox browser is actually supposed to show a dialog box with a title “Confirm Close” notifying you that you are in a process of closing “X” number of open tabs and asking you whether you would like to continue.

However, this doesn’t happen in Firefox 3. Instead, Firefox 3 directly closes all the active tabs in the window without showing a warning or asking for any confirmation, even though you have set the preference “browser.warnOnQuit” as “true”.

However, the developers in [email protected] do not consider this behavior as a bug. Instead, it is believed to be an intentional change brought in as Firefox 3 is configured with the session restore feature by selecting the startup option (setting to value “3”) where Firefox reopens and restores all active tabs and windows on next restart automatically.

Firefox 3 does not prompt for any confirmation when you either close a single window having multiple active tabs or exit the Firefox application having multiple active Firefox windows as long as it believes that the tabs/ windows can be restored at the time of next startup.

So as per the existing behavior of Firefox 3, you will no longer be prompted while trying to quit Firefox every time. The warning or the pop-up dialog box will be prompted for confirmation only if Firefox is unable to restore or reopen the tabs/ windows at the time of next startup.

Some users who feel quite annoyed to respond to the warning or prompt all the time may be happy with this new change. However, others who tend to open a lot of tabs in a single Firefox window would not be much pleased with this behavior as a single accidental click on the “X” (close) button can make them loose all the open tabs.

Nevertheless, if you want to be warned or prompted for a confirmation before closing a Firefox window having multiple active/ open tabs or quitting Firefox application, you can make use of the following workaround.

You need to simply set firefox to open with a blank page or home page at the time of every startup so that the system restore feature is disabled. For doing so, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the Firefox 3 browser and click on “Tools” to display the tools menu. Select “Options”.
  2. Within the “Startup” section in the tab “Main”, choose to load either blank page or homepage in Firefox browser on every startup for the option “When Firefox starts”.
    You need to note that the option that displays tabs and windows from last time is nothing but the “system restore” option which means that if you select this option, you will not get any warning while closing multiple active tabs.
  3. Click on “OK” button.

Once you have made the setting for loading blank page or homepage in Firefox on every startup, you will get a prompt every time you try to close a Firefox window. Firefox 3 will display a dialog box with the title “Quit Firefox” asking you whether you would like it to save the tabs and restore them the next time firefox loads.

You may override the Firefox startup setting by selecting the option “Save and Quit” so as to save and restore/reopen all the active tabs in the next Firefox session. You may start anew with a blank page or homepage by selecting the option “Quit”. If you choose “Cancel” option, the exit operation will be cancelled allowing you to continue in the current Window.

However, “Quit Firefox” dialog box also has a check box with an option for not showing the prompt henceforth. If you tick on this checkbox and select the option “Save and Quit”, the startup option for displaying all tabs and windows from the last Firefox session on every startup will be automatically activated (setting the value for “” as “3”)

Alternatively, if you tick on this checkbox and select the option “Quit”, the option for receiving a warning while closing multiple tabs will automatically be unchecked (setting “browser.tabs.warnOnClose” as false) in the “Tabs” section within Preferences of Firefox 3, which needs to remain checked for the warning or prompt to be displayed.

Therefore, to get the “Quit Firefox” dialog box every time you attempt to close a firefox window containing multiple active tabs, make sure that you do not tick the checkbox corresponding to the option for not showing the prompt henceforth.

The new dialog box “Quit Firefox” in Firefox 3 is different as compared to Firefox 2. It does not display the number of open tabs. If you want to receive the dialog box “Confirm Close” like in Firefox 2 you may use a simple workaround as follows.

Just open/ launch more than one Firefox windows (two, three or more) and close the window having multiple active tabs and you will get the usual dialog box “Confirm Close” notifying you that you are in a process of closing “X” open tabs and asking for a confirmation that you want to continue.

The dialog box also shows two buttons “Cancel” and “Close Tabs” and a check box with an option to get the warning each time you try to close multiple open tabs. Ensure that the check box is always ticked or selected.
This feature influences Firefox 3 in most operating systems including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Firefox Settings to Open Search Box Results Page in the New Blank Tab

Firefox Settings to Open Search Box Results Page in the New Blank Tab

Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular web browsers, and it is used by a lot of users to surf the net. Mozilla Firefox web browser offers highly customizable tracking system while surfing the web.

This browser has the flexibility so that we can modify its features.

Mozilla Firefox browser contains inbuilt search box. This search box is made to generate the search results and automatically and display them on browser. You could even customize the search engines according to your preferences. The search results normally show up on the existing tab, which is by replacing the website.

However in the Mozilla Firefox you can set your own preferences and depending upon your needs. As a matter of fact you can set the Firefox browser to open the search box results in a totally new tab.

Following are some hacks that will assist you to open the search results in a new blank tab.

First of all, you have to type “about: config” (without quotes) into the URL Bar of Mozilla Firefox.

After that follow these steps:

1. Trace for “” (without quotes) in preference name.

2. You have to change its value to “true” by double clicking on that line. Its default value is “false”.

3. This modification takes the effect instantaneously on the browser.

It is also possible to set and configure Google Toolbar Search Box to force to Open search results in a new tab, for those users who use Google Toolbar. Similarly, the users can enable the “Replace Firefox search box” otherwise “Replace Firefox search box and hide Toolbar” options.

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How To Open Bookmarks In New Tab In Firefox – JavaScript?

Firefox Tricks to Open Bookmarks In the New Tabs

The Firefox the webpage that you have bookmarked always opens on the active tab that you are currently using. This is default setting, but it will create a little risk of accidentally losing the webpage that the user was browsing. When the user closes the tab with unsaved work, the previous WebPages will be lost.

Hence it would be great to bookmark the links. Even the Firefox browser supports tabbed browsing. However, it would be really great if the bookmark to link could be opened in the new tabs.

The Firefox doesn’t permit opening the bookmarks in the new tab by default. However, there are some tricks or workarounds using which you could force the Firefox to open your bookmarks as the webpage on new tab, which is without having to replace the current active tab. By doing this, you can prevent from the risk of losing webpage, which is already loaded on your browser.

The easiest way to open a bookmark in a new tab is just clicking the middle mouse button. So instead of doing the left click, you will be doing the middle click on the roller of your mouse.

What if your mouse doesn’t have middle button ? Like for example, this workaround however will not work for the Firefox users who are using the laptop touchpad, notebook computer track-pad, or the ones who are using a mouse that does not have a middle button.

There is another hack for opening bookmark links in new tab without having to of replace existing tabs. You just have to press and hold the Ctrl button when clicking on the bookmark you want.

Additionally, there is one more built-in system for opening bookmark in new tab. It is just by right clicking on the bookmark and selecting the option, “Open in New Tab” in the background menu. Similarly, the users and may also select to “Open in New Window” by using this way.

There is another trick for Firefox users who need some simple solutions. The trick is that you can use extension add-on which is capable of instructing as well as forcing the Firefox to open new tab for your book, links. The name of this plug-in is, and Tab Mix Plus.

Tab Mix Plus provides some of the most advanced tab management options. It includes capacity to turn on as well as it enables to open bookmarked links to be opened in new tab. All you have to do is downloading and install the appropriate Tab Mix Plus according to the version of your browser.