TapeLink Digitizes Cassette Tapes and Enjoy Your Old Classic Song Collection

Use Alesis’s TapeLink to Digitize Cassette Tapes and Enjoy Your Old Classic Song Collection

Compact cassettes were in great demand from 1970s to 1990s and so were cassette tape players which were used to play them. But, gone are the heydays when cassette tapes used to play magic in the house of almost every music lover.  Basically the magnetic tape recording format is no more interesting and cassette tape players are nearly extinct and outdated.

However, if you have still preserved the cassette tapes containing your favorite memorable songs, you don’t need to be disheartened that you cannot play them anymore. Now, it is possible that you digitize your cassette tapes and listen to your classic song collection by using Alesis’s TapeLink, a USB tape deck.

Alesis’s TapeLink is a dual-cassette deck that delivers a CD-quality digital-audio output through USB. This excellent converter has ability to convert or digitize your magnetic tape format cassettes and efficiently store your exceptional recordings on a hard disk or flash. You may also burn your favorite songs to a CD or transfer them to your iPod.

To record the recordings to your system, you simply need to connect TapeLink to your PC and play a cassette tape. This digital archiver delivers digital-audio output at 44.1 kHz (16-bit) which precisely captures tape recordings to ensure safe digital archival.


TapeLink USB is equipped with a software suite that contains three applications namely, BIAS SoundSoap™ SE software, EZ Tape Converter and Audacity audio-editing software. BIAS SoundSoap™ SE is noise- reduction application which efficiently removes any kind of hiss, rumble, room noise, electrical hum or any background noise.

EZ Tape Converter enables easy and convenient transfer and Audacity audio-editing software allows you to perform basic modifications. Alesis TapeLink works with most Windows Operating Systems as well as Mac OS X. The key features of this brilliant tool are listed below.

  • A simple plug-and-play (PnP) USB interface that does not require any drivers.
  • Saves a lot of time with its high-speed and normal dubbing modes.
  • Offers a CD-quality digital-audio output at 16-bit, 44.1 kHz.
  • Cleans up old tapes with active noise-reduction software.
  • Has ability to work with CrO2 as well as metal tapes.
  • Contains software suites such as BIAS SoundSoap SE, EZ Tape Converter and Audacity.
  • Its full auto-stop prevents breaking of aged tapes.
  • Offers a quick visual reference with the help of LED level meters.

Easy To Spy And Tape Web-Cam Videos Of Friends

Easy To Spy And Tape Web-Cam Videos Of Friends

With msn-recorder-max freeware utility tool, users can control their friend’s web-cam live videos on windows live messenger. This tool just not only captures the webcam videos of friends and others, but it can also initiate recording of messenger-written communications.

If you wish to spy on somebody or just wish to tape web-cam videos for future use, then this utility will come handy and also truly appreciated.

This web-cam recording application is simpatico with Microsoft’s windows 2000, windows XP and windows vista operating systems.

A few key features of this msn-recorder-max tool are listed below:

  • It can record or tape msn-messenger webcam videos.
  • It has the ability to secretly record or tape web-cam videos.
  • It can also store or record msn-messenger written communications
  • It has simple and user friendly interface.
  • It captures high-quality web-cam videos
  • Its pretty easy to tape and store videos on computer systems