Remote Desktop Sharing Applications

List of Best Desktop Sharing / Remote Desktop Access Tools

Desktop sharing and control applications are widely used by a lot of people, especially when troubleshooting computers from remote locations.

Here it’s assumed that your computer is up and running, and is connected to the internet. If your computer has booting problem or if you have internet connection issues, then you cannot use these tools.

These are real handy tools that you might want to have on your systems. There are several benefits of using these applications as per your requirements including some negative aspects.

Advantages of Desktop / Remote Access tools:

  • It enables you to have control and perform any task on your computer remotely. If you are on the go and want to get some files from your office computer, then you can use these applications to get your work done.
  • Moreover, it is used for troubleshooting by having your computer being accessed professionals remotely from other location and helps you resolve the problem without having to visit your place personally.
  • It enables quick sharing of various files and other data with complete control like sending commands to print or any other operation.
  • Connection process is very stringent as it requires password and ID of both users while getting connected in some applications.

Disadvantages of Desktop / Remote Access tools:

  • Sometimes it is a little dangerous or vulnerable to use these facilities on computer, as its security is at stake. Although most of the applications provide secured connections, some of the data could be stolen easily by the hackers.
  • Moreover, hackers can easily breach the security wall of each system while using these applications and send virus or bugs to the computers.
  • Thus, transferring sensitive and imperative data must be done in highly secure manner

Different Types of remote access applications:

There are innumerable paid and free applications available in the market to choose from. Depending on your requirements, you could choose the best one. However, there are some other factors that a play vital role in selecting the one you need such as budget. One of the most renowned desktop software applications is TeamViewer, which provides complete interface access to its users and allows them to get connected to others.


  1. Mostly all applications are free to use with access to limited functionality. In order to unlock more advanced features, users will have to pay the amount mentioned in the official package of the software they are using.
  2. High Internet connectivity is must to get linked to the required computer and avoid problems like disconnection or slowness of data transfer.
  3. Some applications are modified and developed to be used on Smartphones such as iPhone.

TeamViewer – It establishes connection between your computer and your partner’s computer within no time. It gives you complete remote access to your partner’s computer. It is free to use only for personal purpose, but when it comes to corporate use, you have to pay some fees, in order to use the extra features of corporate account.

I’ve always got innumerable requests to make a list of TeamViewer alternative software. One known problem with TeamViewer is that it throws ‘Commercial Use Suspected’ even when used legitimately.  You have two options then: 1> Reinstall TeamViewer, 2> Remove TeamViewer.

I suggest, why not try one of the software listed below, and then later make a decision ?

LogMeIn – It is another most popular free remote access application version.  It provides you complete access to other’s computer, which allows you to give commands like print and transfering files between computers easily. LogMeIn ignition enables iPhone and iPod users to have quick access to their computer from their devices.

TightVNC – It is a traverse platform remote desktop control application. It allows you to set the server on your computer afterwards you will be able to control it remotely via VNC viewer.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection – It is already comes with Windows OS bundle, which is goo the Windows users to perform remote access operation with this free applications. It has all imperative and required features needed to control computers remotely.

Ultra VNC – It is more advanced and powerful open source desktop control application. It enables you to have complete access to display/interface of other computers via network connection.

CrossLoop – It is a free application that provides vital screen sharing facility to the users for technical purpose. In order to include more features, users have to pay some amount as the update fee.

Here are some paid Desktop sharing applications:

ISL Light – It is paid and commercial use desktop sharing application for various platforms such as Mac and Windows. It is quick and powerful tool, which connects computer within 30 seconds to the other one, across the world. It serves to deal with all your business needs.

ISL Groop – Online Meeting – It is also available only for commercial purposes and there is a fees that you’ll need to pay, in order to use it. It enables users to remotely train and display anything data in real time. Its best used to arrange online meetings.

Radmin – It is highly used application for commercial purposes. Additionally, it is one of the award winning secured desktop sharing applications easily available in the market. It will ensure that you are connected with other computers in real time at a much faster speed.


In a nutshell, all these applications are identical to one another, and you can use the one that suits your needs. Choosing the right application mainly depends on users’ needs and the budget that they have. Some of them have more advanced features and can be loaded with additional utilities that enhance their performance for the betterment of organization and professionals.

TeamViewer For SmartPhones iPhone, iPad And Android

TeamViewer – one of the best commercial / free desktop sharing software is available for Smart Phones ! This makes life more easier for those who are on the move and still want to assist their friends, family and clients remotely !

With TeamViewer releasing software for smartphones, all you need is :

1> An android based smart phone, and / or

2> An iPhone and / or iPad, and

3> Internet connection.

Download Teamviewer for smart phones from here.

I’ve listed a few common TeamViewer Problems. If you encounter any strange problem, do post it here. We can try to find some solution !

Can We Stream And Watch Movies On Teamviewer ?

Teamviewer is one of the BEST remote desktop software that is available for free. One of the visitors asked me if she could use TeamViewer to watch and share movies (with her boyfriend, she wanted to make it as Romantic as possible since they both are into a long distance relationship) with someone else sitting at the other end of the world. Honestly, it is a really romantic idea to watch movie that way, but TeamViewer is not the right choice !

Teamviewer is meant for remote desktop sharing, for trouble shooting. Even if you manage to watch the movie, you may not enjoy the whole experience …

How Can I Watch Movie With My BoyFriend / GirlFriend On Remote Computer ?

If you plan to have a Romantic e-date, then there’s nothing to worry as technology is so advanced that you pretty much have a solution for anything you need ! For those who want to watch movies with their partners sitting in remote position, download a free software called VLC. We have, in the past, written an article which explains how you can use VLC as a streaming server.  Engadget too has a detailed article which explains the same !

To make it more romantic, you probably can order, online, some delectable food from the nearest restaurant and have a remote E-Dinner / E-Lunch ! 😉

Bitdefender Antivirus Detecting TeamViewer Problem – How To Solve?

Bitdefender antivirus has been detected on your computer so it may be blocking teamviwer from accessing the internet connection problem

TeamViewer is an excellent remote desktop support software and BitDefender is one of the best anti-virus software available in the market. The problem is when these two software are installed on the same computer…

If you have BitDefender installed on your system and try accessing TeamViewer to connect to your remote partner, do not be surprised when you come across this error message: “Bitdefender antivirus has been detected on your computer so it may be blocking teamviwer from accessing the internet connection”. This happens because the TeamViewer tries to access from outside and allows outside computer to access your computer. This is against the rules of BitDefender.


  1. Click on Start button –> select Programs –> BitDefender 2009 > Bitdefender Internet Security 2009 (This is assuming you have Bitdefender 2009 installed on your system. The procedure must be similar if not same for Bitdefender 2010 / 2011 / 2012).
  2. Once Bitdefender is loaded, go to Advanced View.
  3. In the Advanced view, in the left side bar of the BitDefender Internet Security Window you’ll see the Firewall tab, click on it.
  4. Click on the Rules tab.
  5. Find TeamViewer or teamviewer.exe in the list of programs there, click on it, and then click the – button.
  6. Click the + button.
  7. Click Browse and navigate to teamviewer.exe (in C:\Program Files\TeamViewer\Version5\TeamViewer.exe by default).
  8. Make sure all the check boxes in the Events and Adapter Types sections are checked.
    • In the Action section, make sure Allow is selected.
    • Click the OK button to finish creating the rule.
    • Click the X in the top-right corner of the Window to close BitDefender Internet Security.

    On following the above steps, TeamViewer should now be able to connect to your partners access the Internet. If you are still not able to connect, then check if you have turned on Only LAN connections option.

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    TeamViewer – Only LAN Connections Possible Problem – How To Solve?

    Recently Nishanth posted this query:


    Teamviewer was working perfectly when i was accessing my desktop remotely on my wifi connection at home.Now that i live far away from home whenever i switch on teamviewer on my laptop to access my home computer it shows a message in green “Only Lan connections possible”.

    What exactly is the problem ?

    Original link.

    If you are using TeamViewer Version 3.6.4606 or above, then a new feature was introduced “Option to allow LAN connections only (turns off Internet access)“. Strong possibility is that you have turned of this option, unknowingly, which is preventing you from connecting to your partner over the internet.

    To check if you have accidentally turned this option, go to TeamViewer Advanced Options and check if you have clicked on the “LAN Connections only” checkbox. That should solve your problem.

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    How To Remove TeamViewer From My Computer?

    There are various ways to remove / uninstall TeamViewer from your computer:

    1> The easiest way is to remove the program from Add or Remove Programs utlility which comes built-in all version of Windows. Click on Start –> Control Panel –> Add or Remove Program –> Find TeamViewer in the list and click on Remove.

    2> You can also use MyUninstaller, which serves as an excellent replacement tool to the standard Windows Add/Remove utility. You can use this utility to list programs on a system, and remove / uninstall TeamViewer from the list.

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    How To Get Partners Password In TeamViewer ?

    If you want to remotely control your partners or friends computer using teamviewer, you’ll need your partners password.

    First ensure that your partner has switched on his/her system and teamviewer is running on the system. Communicate with your partner to send the password, which can be found in ‘Wait for session’ box when team viewer is started.

    The password found here is auto generated, and it varies every time teamviewer is started fresh. Hence, you’ll need to communicate with your partner, to get new password, every time you log out and want to log in again to your partners system. One way to solve this problem is to set a predetermined password, which can be done by your partner by clicking on ‘Extras‘ and setting a password of his/her choice.

    Once the password is set you can use the default password everytime you want to log into your partners system. The only requirement now is that your partners computer is on and teamviewer is running on his/her system.

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