Raspberry Pi – Take A Bite!

Computers these days are expensive, cumbersome, and simply a huge hassle for people to purchase, especially if the person buying it is tight on money. Yes, sure spending $500-$1000 on average for a computer may seem normal for some people, but for others that’s unheard of and unnecessary. Unfortunately the world is becoming more and more dependent on technology as it is the key for accessing information and news on a global level. This leaves many impoverished and poor people at a severe disadvantage in such a technologically advanced world.

Thankfully there are many foundations that are working towards increasing internet accessibility to all regions and a new computer has just made their job a lot easier. Imagine having a computer that is small…..really small….in fact, imagine it being as small as a credit card! On top of that imagine this super tiny computer being capable of HDMI video playback, normal computer speeds, internet connection, and USB connection.  Meet the Raspberry Pi!

This delectable device actually comes in two different models: Model A and Model B. Here are the specific features and differences between the two models:

Model A: 128MB RAM, No Wireless Network, Linux OS, ARM11 Processor, Videocore IV GPU

Price:  $25.00

Model B: 256 MB RAM, Ethernet Socket, No Wireless Network, Linux OS, ARM11 Processor, Videocore IV GPU

Price: $35.00

Here is a picture of the Raspberry Pi so you can see how small it is:











Also, check out the hands on video for the Raspberry Pie:


I’m sure you saw the incredible price above and thought “Nah, that’s a misprint! No computer is only $25!” But in fact it is true. The Raspberry Pi is by far the smallest computer that is going to be put out on market! If you have younger children, know a struggling college student, or just need a simple computer yourself you can always spend just a few bucks and get a fully functioning computer that is smaller than your hand.

So what are Raspberry Pi’s limitations?

Of course this computer is small and to slice the price to such a small amount, the creators had to decide which features were absolute must-have’s. The Raspberry Pi does not come with a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and it cannot store data on it. Fortunately getting a monitor is really cheap, you can find a mouse and keyboard anywhere for under $30, and you can store everything on cloud!

When can you get your mitts on an R. Pi?

Well there are some that are being auctioned off at the moment and the auctioning will end in five days. They can be viewed here:

Raspberry Pie Auction One

Raspberry Pie Auction Two

Or you can not spend $800+ for one of the first models and you can wait till its released here in early 2012. Go to the Raspberry Pi homepage and you can sign up for the mailing list and be notified of the release date when they decide on one!  www.raspberrypi.org

Samsung U360 Gusto Mobile Phone Talk Time, Features And Colors

Functioning at frequencies of CDMA 800/1900/CDMA 2000 1XMHz, comes the Samsung U360 Gusto, a CDMA flip mobile phone. It has a 2 inch TFT display screen, VGA camera with resolution of 640×480 pixels, USB port and many more. This device supports both audio and video formats, including GPS, V2 Navigator, Bluetooth etc. It also supports WAP 2.0/xHTML, and HTML Browsers.

Some of its main features are:-

  • 2 inch TFT display screen.
  • VGA camera with resolution of 640 X 480 pixels.
  • WAP 2.0/ X HTML and HTML Browser.
  • Bluetooth GPS, V2 Navigator and Java.
  • MP4 and H.263 video player support.
  • 2.5mm audio jack.
  • Can store upto 1000 phonebook entries.
  • Supports MP3, AAC music formats.
  • MP3 ringtones.
  • Organizer and voice memo.
  • Includes Li-ion 1000 mAh battery.
  • USB port.

This device contains a Li-ion 1000 mAh battery which brings upto 7 hours of talk time and a stand by time of about 350 hours. It is 101 x47 x14 mm in size and is about 93 gms in weight, costing Rs. 11,700. Everything right from pictures to games is better enjoyed when displayed on the 2.0″ QQVGA screen.

Its dynamic voice enhancement along with noice suppressions assists in avoiding background noise, interrupting sounds and echoes, enabling clarity in conversations. This speaker phone featured handset comes with a 2.5mm audio jack.

Summary OF Microsoft’s CES 2011 KeyNote

It is hot news that Windows PCs can be soon obtained along with the crazy-cool dual touch screen Acer Iconica laptop, The alternative for a keyboard is a second display that is touch sensitive. Touch it with all the 10 fingers and lo, it opens the on-screen keyboard! Also the latest Samsung PC 7 sliding series laptop [looking like a monster Hiptop], was also exhibited. It runs a fanless Oaktail processor, along with a trio of Micro connectors adding the Micro SD, Micro HDMI and the Micro USB.

A tablet from Acer was also displayed along with finger input, which includes a capacitative pen to use with Microsoft’s Ink. Its unique feature is that it differentiates between the pen and your palm and does not record the palm touches while you are writing with the pen. It contains 4 elements of display [touch input, pen input, display and glass] combined to lessen wastage of light, thereby bringing about a larger viewing angle and sufficient brightness.

Since there is less air between the layers, the display needs only 20% of the lighting power for any brightness as against all other touch screens. News is also that Windows 8 will be coming to System-on-chips [SoC]based on x86 and Arm. Also, a build of Windows 8 [which contained a native interface] which ran on Intel Quantcomm Snapdragon and Texas Instrument OMAP SoCs the size of a matchbox, was released. A complete functioning version of the Windows on the x86 based Intel SoC and a recompiled Arm version of Word printing on an Epson Printer with recompiled drivers, a recompile version of PowerPoint with hardware acceleration, the hardware acceleration present in IE9 and finally a Full HD Video running on a NVIDIA Tegra chip was exhibited.

All this was done by Mike Anguilo, Corporate VP of the Windows Team! Interesting information is that Windows Phone 7 is opting for an entertainment spin and Big-B Ballmer is bringing Fable to Windows Phone 7 in the form of golf called Fable Coin Golf, and whatever gold you earn through that will be transferred to your Fable 3 character on your Xbox 360. A video show of some of the games to come soon was also on the Windows Phone. Rise of Glory, Full House Poker, Zoombies!!! Pac-Man, Fable Coin Golf, Halo Waypoint, Fruit Ninja and many more.

Check Out The New Virtualization Technology By Microsoft

Check Out The New Virtualization Technology By Microsoft 

Windows Virtual PC (VPC or WVP) Beta is the latest virtualization technology by Microsoft that facilitates users to run multiple virtual systems like Windows XP Mode or XPM in a virtual machine from the desktop of Windows 7. You can run applications on the virtual environment with just one click directly from host system desktop. 

Key features of WVP 

  • Allows you to launch various applications installed on the XPM virtual machine from the desktop of Windows 7 OS, as though you have installed them on Windows 7 itself.
  • Offers a simplified, easy-to-use user interface that is integrated with Windows Explorer in Window 7.
  • Allows sharing of drives, clipboards, printer between the virtual machine and Windows 7.
  • Allows you to access USB devices such as Scanners, Printers, Flash sticks, memory sticks, digital cameras, external hard drives, etc. which are connected to the host system directly from the virtual machines.

XPM, also known as Virtual Windows XP or VXP is a basically a virtual machine that is installed with X86 (32-bit) XP Professional SP3 preloaded on virtual hard disk. This is why various XP productivity applications can directly be installed and run from Windows 7 system. It does so by utilizing virtualization technology i.e. WVP which provides a virtual XP environment on Windows 7. 

The set up installers for WVP and XPM can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center. The WVP Beta version 6.1.7084.0 (32-bit and 64-bit) download is available in all Win 7 languages including Arabic, English, Simplified Chinese (China), French, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Japanese, German, Spanish and Korean. 

The download for XPM beta Version 1.1.7112.1 is available for 32-bit (x86) XPM as well as 64-bit (x64) XPM in the above mentioned Windows 7 languages. 

You need to note that WVP and XPM require a CPU having AMD-V feature or Intel Virtualization Technology. This feature needs to be enabled in BIOS settings. You may use SecurAble to verify whether your CPU supports hardware-assisted virtualization. 

You can install WVP on various editions of Windows 7 such as Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise as Host PC. The supported guest OS include XP Professional SP3, Vista Enterprise SP1, Vista Ultimate SP1, Win 7 Professional, Win 7 Enterprise and Win 7 Ultimate. 

Download  Windows XP Mode 32-bit (x86) Beta 

Version: 1.1.7112.1 

Simplified Chinese (PRC)
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)



Download  Windows XP Mode 32-bit (x86) Beta

Version: 1.1.7112.1

Simplified Chinese (PRC)
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)



Now Have Quick Access To Video And Audio Recording Via Applian Ask And Record Toolbar

Now Have Quick Access To Video And Audio Recording Via Applian Ask And Record Toolbar

Frequently, you may face trouble while watching videos online due to bad network connection. Therefore, you need to download them and watch it later without having any problems. When you watch online videos, it takes time to stream it, and if network connection is slow, then you would be irritated instead of enjoying video.

So the best option is download your favorite video and watch them in offline mode whenever you want. Applian Technologies offers you a free Ask and Record Toolbar in order to browse download and record videos easily.


It is in Beta version and runs on Windows operating system properly. It is compatible with both, Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers. The toolbar includes some instant and quick access buttons for some commands such as Stop, Record Audio, Play, Convert, and Save Video. The special “Record Audio” feature of this toolbar allows users to record audio files from any websites and store it in MP3 format. It means whatever you hear on the websites you can record by click on “Record Audio” option. It is very simple and easy process of recording videos and audio.

You can easily download and save videos from any video sharing websites by clicking on “Save Video” button. Another useful feature, which definitely makes it complete solution package is you converting the downloaded files in any required formats. There is Search Box available in the toolbar that allows users to get instant answers to their queries.

Track Your Fitness Level On Iphone Using Smheartlink

Track Your Fitness Level On Iphone Using Smheartlink

The modish gadget iPhone is loaded with so many features and applications that give you more options to explore everything that what you want. It is really interesting to use your iPhone as the device to track your fitness level by associating a device with it. Recently iTMP technology, released a tiny yet powerful device, which is used to track fitness level via iPhone or iPod Touch. The name of this newly launched device is SMHeartlink.

As far as technical points of view is concerned, SMHeartlink works as wireless bridge, which compiles data from the variety of sources such as fitness and health sensors, power meters, cycling speed etc. After sending the data to iPhone via Wi-Fi, with different features of suite of fitness such as iRPM+, the users can monitor their fitness level. This device is compatible with several reputable products and censors such as Reebok, Nike, Timex, Garmin, Ironman, and New Balance.


It is really lightweight device that weighs approximately 3 ounces. The sleek and compact design makes it more convenient to carry along while you are on a move, either going to gym or cycling. It means you can easily enjoy your favorite music while you are monitoring your fitness level with this latest device of iTMP technology.

It is really worthy of your money. You need to pay $155 to buy SMHeartlink, which you can directly buy it from the online stores. You will be glad to have this device in order to keep yourself healthy and get updated with your fitness level. It is the best data collector that transmits the gathered information to your iPhone instantly, in order to update you about your fitness level. Why not let this device be your fitness expert, which manages your daily exercise schedules.

Latest Technology Development Identifies Languages With Lip Movements

Latest Technology Development Identifies Languages With Lip Movements

Recently, a new technology has been developed by a group of researchers in East Anglia University. This latest technology is able to read lip movements to accurately recognize the languages being spoken by a person. Including English, there are some other common languages like German, French, Mandarin, Russian, Italian etc. Therefore, this technology is suitable to use with no limitation across different regions.

The development of this technology is related to modeling of 23 personnel who are bilingual or trilingual. This helps to identify multiple languages more easily without any misses. Furthermore, it shows that each language has its own uniqueness, which could be recognized with combination of lip-jaw movement and mouse shaping.

This new technology could be introduced along with the technology of eye flavor facial acknowledgment which was developed for digital signage system. It will help all of the advertisers to understand responses of consumers more effectively. Also he/she could judge that whether a particular customized ad has been meeting the needs of consumers successfully or not.

High-Performance, Wireless N Media Networked With WPS And MIMO Technology By Trendnet

Trendnet is a wired and wireless networking hardware brand, which has recently released the 300Mbps Wireless N Media Bridge, model TEW-640MB. This has been introduced with the goal of offering high performance wireless connection to all networked media center devices. It has been designed to minimize the clutter enabling the users to relate upto 4 devices to a wireless n network.

It is also suitable to Ethernet-ready BluRay players, network TVs, gaming consoles and DVRs. The initial set up is not very difficult and can be made easier if you possess a router with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup [WPS] button. In such an instance, your job would be to:-

  • Power up the TEW-640MB.
  • Press the WPS button on your router, then the WPS button on the TEW-640MB.
  • It will get connected to your router and the internet.
  • Lastly, network media center devices to the four Ethernet ports on the back of the TEW-640MB for instant internet access.

The bridge brings along Advanced Multiple Input Multiple Output [MIMO] antenna technology to get rid of wireless dead spots and WMM Quality of Service [QoS] technology to categorize audio and video content. Costing $69.99 it is shipped to Trendnet’s online and retail partners along with a 3 year warranty.

Its set up is very easy with no drivers to install. Power Save mode preserves electricity when not in use. Also the latest in wireless encryption makes sure that there is wireless security. “ Following the tremendous success of our 300Mbps wireless n gaming adapter, model TEW-647 GA, we decided to with a strong foundation build the 300Mbps Wireless N Media Bridge with the same high performance chipset,” stated Sonny Su, Technical director for Trendnet.

Summing up the interesting features of TEW-640MB, we have:

  • Users looking for high-performance wireless network can connect up to 4 devices at one go.
  • Works with network enabled Blu-ray™ players, Televisions, DVRs, and game consoles
  • WMM QoS prioritizes audio and video content
  • One-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) wireless connection

Now Keep an eye on your Older Parents Using GPS Technology from BrickHouse Alert

Now Keep an eye on your Older Parents Using GPS Technology from BrickHouse Alert

Leaving your old parents in home alone is really quite a problem, because they require proper assistance and guidance in order to move from one place to other. Mostly old people are just like toddlers in terms of body stamina and mental abilities.

You cannot imagine what would become of your parents if they fall down from bed, and if there is no one to help them. There are many specific situations about them that needs close monitoring by you. If you want to keep your old parents safe and secure, then you must buy GPS system of BrickHouse Alert.

There are many different incidents that could happen to your parents if you are not taking care of them or leaving them alone to two any reasons. Suppose your parents have gone for a walk and fallen over, at that moment they need your immediate help. These unfortunate incidents that can be prevented by you buy having GPS system.



Therefore one of the most renowned and trusted GPS device manufactures, BrickHouse Alert has come up with a latest GPS system to monitor your old age parents.  This device has two parts- BrickHouse Alert Tele-Assist (Home Console) and BrickHouse Alert Mobile GPS (GPS Mobile Watch).

This system sends alerts certain authorized people who are attached with this system. Whether your parents are in home or outside, you cam monitor them and provide them help during any emergency.


Connect To Internet With Symantec GoEverywhere Online Workspace

Get Connected to Internet with Symantec GoEverywhere Online Workspace

Symantec releases new beta version in market named, Symantec GoEverywhere. It is little bit similar to Microsoft live Workspace and huddle Online Workspace. However Symantec GoEverywhere is more secure online internet web space or hub which allows users to use online application wherever they are, or whichever computer they are using.

Users can get access to multiple web applications such as WordPress, Spreadsheet, Gmail, Presentation slides, etc. Users can use all these web applications easily without any barrier of place or time.

The entire web applications will be consolidated into one palette which is known as webtop screen by Symantec. Its mechanism is very simple to understand, usually all applications will be compiled in one place. Once you sign-on, you will be enabled to use all these applications instantly instead of toggling secretly. There is specific feature named, Go data center which allows users to store their data securely in storage center of Symantec GoEverywhere.

This workspace is especially designed to target tiny businesses and individuals in order to provide hassle free and low cost web access for their routine work. It is really an economical alternative to the users who want to mange their computing work under limited budget. There is no need to invest substantial money to purchase extra software and applications. Users will get all kind of support with this Goeverywhere online workspace to manage their online work with low budget.

Since this workspace has valuable security features, users (commercial users) can use this service freely. It means there is no need to get too worried about their confidential data getting lost or leaked.

The current economic situations seem to be getting very tough and heading towards downturn, and so in that case it will be the most economical way to manage business activities. This one is another big reason of its popularity in current business market.

However non-commercial users also can use this workspace for their personal computing work. It is quite useful from all perspectives whether commercial purpose or non-commercial purpose.

Currently Symantec beta version is free, however there is a special monthly subscription package is also available for users.

Key features of Symantec GoEverywhere:

Private Online Workspace

Latest Symantec GoEverywhere is featured with Tag based navigation technology which provides simple, responsive and familiar workspace to the users.

Online Application repertoire

You can choose your own favorite applications and media content from plethora of different applications. There is no trouble of installation. You can easily get free applications and other important contents from web on your demand. You will be notified when new application arrives on web.

Zero Management

There is no need to install and update any applications because experts and professionals of Symantec GoEverywhere workspace efficiently manage and keep secure your data.

Single Safe Password

Here you need to enter one time password to get access your entire applications. You just need to sign-on to Symantec GoEverywhere, and with your single password to get access your applications and other stored objects instantly.