Steps to terminate or stop a process in Vista or XP operating system

Steps to terminate or stop a process in Vista or XP operating system

Many times our machines get hung and our programs don’t respond. In this type of case we have to stop that program forcefully so that our system runs smoothly. Now to do so we need Task Manager for putting an end or terminating or to stop the program that is not responding.

Steps to terminate a process in Windows Vista or XP operating system:

  • The shortcut key to launch the Task Manager is ctrl+shift+esc
  • Click on the Process tab
  • Choose the process that should be terminated
  • Select End Process to stop or kill that process
  • Your work is done

 The shortcut key mentioned above is used in Windows Vista whereas the shortcut key for Task Manager for Windows XP is alt+ctrl+del. While terminating any process make sure that the system process is not being stopped because it will hang the system down.

Feature Of Windows 7: How To Cancel Non-Responsive Command

Feature Of Windows 7: How To Cancel Non-Responsive Command

The major common problems of using Windows OS that the users face is the system breakdown, system freeze or unresponsive system because of the installation problem. This problem may arise due to some error-prone application and programs tools. Finishing this application might cause some undesired results that is loss of data and an unstable system. Users can go for forced ending of the present application. It will immediately end that application and will not provide users a chance for saving their data.

This common practical problem is being tackled vey wisely by Microsoft by incorporating an option which is quite interesting in Windows 7. Whenever the system recognizes a program which is unresponsive or may be an application halt, Windows 7 will allow the users for trying to cancel that non-responsive command.

Usually the conventional process is to kill it or to terminate that application, after that restart the application. For example, when the user copy and paste texts to the Microsoft Word after which the program becomes unresponsive, rather than closing down the Microsoft Word application, the users will be allowed by Windows 7 to cancel that copy and paste application. Users can continue their work with Word program as well as save data using the new feature.

Use Free Antifreeze Utility To Terminate Unresponsive Running Programs

Use Free Antifreeze Utility To Terminate Unresponsive Running Programs

When you run lots of programs on your computer, the computer might cease to completely respond. All it occurs because all the running programs tend to occupy the entire available space in CPU cycle.

In all such conditions, user press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys to open up Task Manager and terminate the program which is sucking too much CPU usage. However, most of the times even the Task Manager also cannot open due to lots of running programs on your computer.

Now, you have one and only one choice and that is to restart your whole system. Right now, you may find the usefulness of software utility named as “AntiFreeze”. AntiFreeze helps you to suspend all running programs for a short time.

It provides a space for the programs so that you can identify exactly which one is grasping too much CPU cycles. You can then terminate the programs running with high CPU cycle, by means with just few simple clicks.

The Antifreeze software application is very easy to use. All you have to do is just install and run the software once. A small, stand by icon will be then located in system tray. In emergency conditions you have to just press the hotkeys CTRL+ALT+HOME+WIN to activate the application.

It is somewhat similar to the conventional task manager,  but in AntiFreeze, you can suspend all running programs temporarily just before terminating them. This software utility will absolutely help you to from frustrations, when such unfortunate situation occurs and you are trying to recover all unsaved works.

However, when your system hangs up due to some errors in hardware device, the software utility may not be usable. Except this disadvantage, this application utilizes very little amount of RAM. AntiFreeze software easily runs best in Windows OS for example Server 2003, XP and even Vista, and you can download it for free of cost.