Tips for Changing and Displaying Month Number as Name Text in Excel

Tips for Changing and Displaying Month Number as Name Text in Excel

Microsoft Excel has numerous functions that allows adjustment involving date and time, one of which will be MONTH (), which usually returns 12 months of a year with variety which range from 1 (for the month of January) to 12 (December). Several ‘Microsoft office‘ Excel users might prefer the month to be shown or perhaps shown as month name within text as an alternative to number, in the form of Jan, February, March and so forth, or just Jan, February, Mar along with and so on, instead of 1, A couple of, 3…

If you want to turn the number to month inside text message file format to show the name of month, make use of the subsequent operate inside the cell, which the name of the month will be displayed.

=TEXT(DATE(2010, A1, 1), “mmmm”)

Here, 2010 is a model year, the cell number A1 is where you’ll find the number of month and the day is by default 1.

In the event the cell contain a month rather (and never the month number), it is possible to use the particular MONTH () function in order to obtain month number. The particular dummy year and day can be substituted for YEAR () and DAY () functions to provide year as well as day number of the date, that could be helpful for adjustment later. For example

=TEXT(DATE(YEAR(A1), MONTH(A1), DAY(A1)), “mmmm”)

The text format of TEXT() task could be delineated to return the month name (and even year, day or date) in prefer format. Use the following format_text (to replace “mmmm”) for showing different name of the month in text:

“mmmmm” = Here it displays first alphabet of the month          

“mmmm” = Month is spelled out completely

“mmm” = 3 letter short form of the months like Jan, Feb, Mar and so on

“yy” = Last two digits of year without century

“yyyy” = four digits format of the year

“d” = distinct number screening 1st – 9th day of the calendar

“dd” = 2 numbered day displaying with 1st – 9th day of the calendar supplemented with 0 as a prefix

Add Image And Text Watermarks To Your Photos With WaterMarkLib

Add Image And Text Watermarks To Your Photos With WaterMarkLib

When you share images online, it is quite likely that they can easily be stolen by others. To prevent this from happening, the best thing that you can do is, watermark the images. There are a number of watermarking tools available in the market and WaterMarkLib is one such brilliant watermarking tool that is absolutely easy to use.

WaterMarkLib allows you to insert image or text watermarks to your pictures preventing others from stealing them and taking credit of the hard work that you have put in for creating the pictures. You can easily download and install this utility. Once you launch this tool, it displays a simple, user-friendly interface with self explanatory actions and neatly arranged buttons.

You can browser to select an image file and choose to either add image or text watermark by clicking on the options ‘Add Image Watermark’ or ‘Add Text Watermark’ respectively. You may also position the chosen watermark at a preferred location using customizable style, font, opacity etc.

If you wish to keep the original images intact, you can save the watermarked images to another location by selecting an output destination. This tool is pretty useful to people who tend to post numerous images online. WaterMarkLib works well with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista and is available for a free download.

Displaying Text on the Taskbar Buttons in the Environment of Windows

Displaying Text on the Taskbar Buttons in the Environment of Windows 7

You might have already noticed that the Windows 7 only displays button which is icon based on the taskbar and they will not have any text marked on it. It is difficult sometimes to recognize the application that is running by just taking a look at that icon until the user clicks on them.

If you’re still unable to get used to the icon based button, and if you wish to display the text as in the previous operating system versions like Windows XP or Vista, you could easily revert to those styles by following some of the simple configuration methods mentioned below:

1. You need to first right click on the empty section of Taskbar, and select the last option, Properties.

2. Under the Taskbar menu, you should go to the Taskbar buttons box and drop it down where you will get the option “Always combine, hide labels”. Change it “Never combine” or maybe “Combine when taskbar is full“. The option of “Combine when taskbar is full” will group the same program buttons whereas the option “Never combine” will disable that grouping.

3. If the user wants make the icon into smaller icons as that in case of Windows XP or Vista, they can just tick the option “Use small icons”.

4. Just click OK for saving the setting.

Selecting As Well As Copying Text From The Restricted Website

Selecting As Well As Copying Text From The Restricted Website

Some of the users must have experienced while browsing that webpage from certain websites does not allow the users to select or copy text. This is done with the primary intention for stopping anybody from stealing or copying the contents, and distributing it for some commercial purpose.

Actually there is a small trick which is done here, as it is the JavaScript which prevent the users from selecting the required text, and then eventually they fail in copying that. Some simple steps have been provided here so that the user can change the situation by enabling to copy that text and overcoming any restriction.

For overcoming this restriction, just follow the steps that are mentioned below.              

1)  Visit the website that restricts you for selecting as well as copying.

2) Then copy the JavaScript mentioned below. Then paste it in the address bar after that press enter.


3) Amazingly the user may now select and copy that text from the website using the conventional way.

This is quite a nice trick which will enable or help the user to overcome the restrictions when they need to copy some content for some personal use or for reference.

Convert PDF To Text Files In Bulk Using Free Ease PDF To Text Extractor V1.10

Convert PDF To Text Files In Bulk Using Free Ease PDF To Text Extractor V1.10

By using Ease PDF to Text Extractor v1.10, you can convert bulk amount of PDF format files into the text files by means of a few easy clicks. This software utility has a user friendly GUI and you can convert several PDF files within few simple steps.

Firstly, you need to just select all the PDF files that you have to covert. After that, you have to confirm the output folder for storing all the converted files. When you are done with these simple tasks, you’ll need to click on the button named ‘Convert’ to proceed with the conversion process.

One great thing about this utility is you can add any number of PDF files as you like and the software converts them all at one go, and in just few seconds. Nevertheless, this software will not work for the PDF files which are scanned or image files, which is pretty much the same case with other converter software.

This software utility can be installed and it runs in all the Windows operating system versions like the Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista OS. It takes an only 2.24MB of the disk space, and it is quite useful to be installed in your PC system, so that you can use it anytime.

Change Default View Source Editor From Notepad To Other Text Editors In IE

Change Default View Source Editor From Notepad To Other Text Editors In IE

When you click on “View Source” tab in the Internet Explorer, the source will be released by means of notepad as default viewer. However, we all know hat the Notepad is not an excellent viewer or editor since it displays only the simple text. If you want to modify the default text editor instead of notepad to some other new text editor like Microsoft FrontPage, now you can get it done easily using the following way.

Following are the couple of ways, and by using either of them, you can modify the IE default viewer to view source:

1. Changing the default viewer by means of View Source Editor

  • Go to the website and download the file named as “View Source Editor
  • Just open and run the application file. You will be prompted with a pop up window, it shows your existing default viewer
  • Alter the default viewer via browsing to some other advanced viewer selection. You can run the .exe application directly at any time you want

2. Modification of the registry key

  • Click Start open Run, and then type regedit.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->Software -> Microsoft -> Internet Explorer
  • Generate a sub key as “View Source Editor” below the Internet Explorer
  • Make a sub key, named as “Editor” and name it below View Source Editor
  • Modify Default value of the Editor Name to D:\Tools\Notepad2\abc.exe (abc is an exemplar of viewer name).

On the other hand, you can generate the file of the registry key and perform it to make the sub keys as stated over. In a notepad, you need to copy and paste the codes that are given below and save the file as default_viewer.reg.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\View Source Editor]
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\View Source Editor\Editor Name]

@=”C:\\Program Files\\abc.exe”

To execute the process, just double click on the default_viewer.reg file.

Wrapping Ads Within Blogger Posts Along With The Text

Wrapping Ads Within Blogger Posts Along With The Text

Google’s Adsense is the primary source of revenue generation for nearly 95% of bloggers. If a user is blogging through blogger and is also using Google’s Adsense for advertisement networking, then they should embed their ads with their posts to attract more visitors. This will surely result in more number of clicks and definitely add to good revenues.

Displaying AdSense advertisements between 2 posts is not efficient as visitors tend to overlook the ads. If a user envelops ads inside their posts then chances are that people will surely notice them and increase the chances of obtaining good CTR. One can quickly customize their blogs to display the ads within their posts, which can be aligned either to the right or left.

For a good CTR, it is highly recommended that these ads be blended in your post with good combination of colors to attract the attention of a visitor. Deep color or very light colors need to be avoided altogether. Manually highlighted ads are sure to keep the income very low.

Steps to display AdSense ads within blogger posts tightly enwrapped with the text.

  • Sign in to the blogger account through the dashboard.
  • Browse to layout, select edit html button.
  • Now elaborate the widget template by clicking the box.
  • Explore for <Data:Post.body> inside the template. Add the following code above this line.

To display the ads with left alignment use the code provide below:

<Div Style=’float:left;margin-right:5px;’>

your adsense code


To display the ads with right alignment use the code provide below:

<Div Style=’float:right;margin-right:5px;’>

your adsense code


  • 5. Ensure that you substitute “Your Adsense Code” with your actual advertisement code.
  • 6. Now save the above changes.
  • 7. This completes the settings.

Note: Ad characters of Google’s AdSense are not supported by the blogger html. So it is important for the user to convert it first before adding it to the code.

Now every single post in the blogger appears with the ads enwrapped with text. Formats which provide best view are 336*280 and 300*250. A user can tweak the formats to obtain a best view.

Online Support To Extract Wordings Or Text From Pictures Or Images

Online Support To Extract Wordings Or Text From Pictures Or Images

If an individual has a picture with wordings displayed on it, and likes to store only the wordings but not the complete image with quote on it, then ideally he has to manually type them on any text editors and store for a future reference.

If a large numeral of picture files with a pretty longer wordings printed on them fascinates an individual, and they tend to save them by typing each wording on text editors will be very taxing for them. In order to minimize the time consumption in storing these wordings printed on image files, a newly launched software is out which can be utilized to extract just the wordings and store them as text files.

This software comprises of tools which support in extracting only wordage from an image, as this tool is powered through O.C.R (optical character recognition) engineering. These utility tools mostly support image or picture file formats such as jpeg, bmp, png, etc.

It initially transforms the images through codes to system, then after the transition, computer will assess to distinguish the portion of images as text and other elements, and then it will just extract the wordings.

This O.C.R engineering actually transforms images to system perceivable format. This tool concept appears with a sky-scraping value tag.

As it has consumed pretty huge amount of time in development and testing expenses so, companies aren’t ready to release this merchandise as a freeware.

If individuals think of purchasing this tool, then there are two of tools to choose from. First tool is called Abbyy fine reader and second named timer snapper. Users can also search on web for OCR plugins.

However, there is one Free OCR online Service to help users in extracting wordings from images. This online utility is called as “Free OCR”, which will help users in pulling out just the wordings out of the images.

As this tool is online based, users need to scan the images and then upload it to the “Free OCR” to utilize its brilliant support.

A Trick To Copy Text And Images From A Web Page Restricting Right Click Option

A Trick To Copy Text And Images From A Web Page Restricting Right Click Option

Few webmasters protect the contents of their websites by disabling the right mouse click options. When individuals try to save the contents be it image or text by right clicking on the web page, they will not be successful. No options will be displayed when a right click is performed on the page. This can irritate and infuriate users. To overcome this problem a trick is available.

This trick will easily bypass the disabled right mouse click option and copy both images and texts from the webpage. This trick is very simple and helpful too.

Set of steps to follow to copy Message / Text and save images from a website that restricts right click usage:

  • Open a web page you wish to copy either the text or an image. Save the image from the web page to your system by following the methods described below.
  • When a web page is completely loaded, hold ctrl+u keys from the keyboard.
  • These combination keys will then open the source code of your web page.
  • Locate the textual matter you wish to copy, then copy and save it from the page.
  • Locate the image web link in the source code page and open this hyperlink in a new browser window. From this link you can save the preferred image.
  • The copy and save is completed successfully.

A webpage’s source code is a combination of all information and codes that constitute it. Using the above method any individual can browse the contents of a webpage and save the text as well as images.

Add Text String or Custom Message To System Clock On Windows Taskbar

Add Text String or Custom Message To System Clock On Windows Taskbar

If you are looking for the way to impress others with your Windows OS or you are in search of something tricky, which could make your system funny, then just try out this trick. You could put a message or any text exactly next to the system clock (usually where AM or PM is displayed) that is placed on Windows Taskbar. You could let your girlfriend’s or lover’s PC to show “I Love You” when he/she hovers the mouse pointer on the system tray.

With following simple hack you could append or add a message or custom texts up to 12 characters next to the system clock under the system tray.

WARNING: You have to use this trick on your own risk. By applying this trick, some of the applications that depend upon the timestamps may not function normally and they could encounter errors and problems.

Go through following extract to apply this hack in your system.

  • First open Control Panel.
  • Go to the option namely Regional and Language.
  • Go to Formats tab and under this tab, you have to click on Customize this format or Additional settings button.
  • Click on Time tab.
  • Now, here you could place your custom text massage by changing the AM and PM symbol fields. This custom massage will be displayed next to the system clock.

Note: – The changes made to AM symbol would be displayed during only AM hours (from 12 midnight to 12 noon). Similarly, the massage for PM symbol will be displayed in only PM hours.

  • Finally, hit on Apply and save the setting. The modified and customized text string would be immediately displayed next to the clock under Notification Area of Windows Taskbar.