How To Add Themes In My GMail – Google Email Account?

Change your Gmail themes to new cool and trendy themes.

Gmail accounts can now be updated with new cool and trendy themes. Previously all the Gmail users were bound to use plain and simple Gmail, without any themes. Now you can make your Gmail look trendy or cool just like the way you want.

Follow the steps mentioned below to change your Gmail appearance:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Go to Settings tab.
  • Then go to Themes Tab.
  • You will be provided with various types of themes, click on the one you like to make the appearance look like that.
  • You work is done and you will see the changes by yourself.

This is not at all a one time work. You can change your current theme with any other available one as many times as you want and whenever you want. You just have to follow the same steps mentioned above.

How Can I Create My Own WordPress Themes For Free

New WordPress themes are unleashed every moment with the new WordPress Theme Generator

If you want to make new themes in your WordPress then try the new WordPress theme Generator. By default are many themes out there which are being provided, and you are just bound to use one of them, because there was no way out of getting exactly the one you actually desire.

That is not the fact anymore. With the WordPress theme generator you can create all new themes just like you want it. You don’t need any experience with html or PHP to create it, and all you need is your creative ideas.

So stop wasting your time in finding for cool theme and just make one for yourself. You can make it just the way YOU want it.

The things you are permitted to do in the WordPress generator are mention below:

  • You decide how many columns you want.
  • Change body size.
  • You locate the sidebars.
  • Make a change in the menu layout.
  • Apply your own imagination and make creative background colours, or even images of your choice.
  • Give your own colours to texts, title, link, border, and link mouse over, menu mouse over, menu, menu line, categories, footer and what not!

Well the list is not over yet, and to find the rest, you could check out the WordPress theme generator.

Gmail Themes – New way to deck up your Gmail – How Can I activate my gmail theme ?

How can I activate my gmail theme ?

Gmail now offers 30 different themes for you to select your choice from.

Gmail Themes - New way to deck up your Gmail - How Can I activate my gmail theme ?

With Gmail themes you can customize your Gmail account to suit your need. You to choose the look and feel that suits your style.

Choosing a theme is very simple now. Login to your account. Click on ‘Settings‘ tab and you’ll find ‘Themes‘ tab. Click on ‘Themes‘ tab will take you to a page with 30 themes for you to choose from. Click on any thumbnail and the selected theme will be activated.

You can customize themes based on location as well. Which means the themes auto change through out the day. This is based on the location information you provide. The themes change according to your local weather, sunrise and sun set.

Gmail Themes - New way to deck up your Gmail - How Can I activate my gmail theme ?

You need to select the country and then enter a valid city for this functionality. If you do no enter a valid city, then your coutries capital will be considered for customising by location. Once you are done with selecting the country and city, clik Save and you are done.

An activated theme looks somewhat like this :

Gmail Themes - New way to deck up your Gmail - How Can I activate my gmail theme ?