Time To Be A Spy And Identify A Photo / Video Authenticity

Time To Be A Spy And Identify A Photo / Video Authenticity

Identifying photo to ascertain its Authenticity, as either taken by Camera or if it is a Doctored image is confusing. There are few individuals who are very good in creating such pictures. Similarly, there are various video editor programmers which can edit and produce a video that appears as a master copy.

Now, it’s time to become a spy to identify such images and confirm whether they are original or edited. One can do so with the help of JPEG-Snoop a Photo/Video editing tool, which is a freeware.

The Characteristics of JPEG-Snoop are:

  • JPEG-Snoop is a mighty and clever tool which helps in identifying the authenticity of a Video or Photo.
  • JPEG-Snoop is adequate, which reads photo/video secret codes, called signatures
  • It can easily confirm the source of the images through signatures on it, whether they are shot by a camera or they are doctored images.
  • It analyzes the signature code present on a Photo/Video and attempts to pair it with various editing tools. Once the signature code corresponds with any Photo/ Video it will prove with evidence, that this file is edited with the source used to create this file.
  • Once source file is determined which comprises the signature code in the cameras, it will automatically label it as a master copy and for the doctored images it clearly reflects it as edited.
  • JPEG-Snoop backs few known file formats like PDF, MOV, JPG, AVI, and DNG. Further it can also be utilized to amend any corrupted pictures.
  • This tool is loaded with many signatures from various editing software.

Can We Disable ‘Calculating The Time Required To Copy The Files’

The Truth about the ‘Estimated Time Remaining’ Dialog in Vista

While carrying out a file operation in your Vista system, the Estimated Time Remaining dialog is something that everyone is familiar with. It pops up as soon as you give the command for a file copy, move, delete, or for unzipping of an archive, or anything else like that. It initially starts out as Calculating time remaining… and then it changes (ideally) to something like Time remaining: 2 Days and 12 hours or Time remaining: 2 hours and 43 minutes, for example.

A common feature that most users note is that the progress bar takes some time to actually show a meaningful “Time Remaining” and even after the task gets over; it does not go away easily. Sometimes the progress bar shows an unbelievably impractical estimated time for the file copying/moving such as About 10645 Days and 12 hours! And in the worst cases, the progress bar dialog simply freezes and stays on indefinitely even when the task is completed. It almost seems as if the time to calculate this duration takes up a considerable amount of time and slows down the file operation.

However, this is not true. While the progress dialog is being displayed, and Vista is supposedly still calculating the required time to complete the task, the actual operation of file copying, moving, deletion or file unzipping is already started. In fact, it is quite unlikely that the calculating algorithm behind the progress bar dialog is responsible for the file operation to slow down.

Although it is not possible to turn-off/uninstall this feature in Vista, several workaround strategies can increase the speed of basic file operations. You can try them if this is becoming a serious problem.

How To Run Multiple Instances Of MSN Messenger On The Same Computer At Same Time

If you use different MSN accounts for different purposes, like one account to keep in touch with your friends and family and the another one to keep track of your office details, then you’ll definitely need MSN polugamy messenger.

If you have the default MSN messenger set up, then you will not be able to login to two different accounts at the same time from the same computer.

Here’s how you can login to multiple MSN messengers from the same computer at the same time :

Download and install Multiple MSN Messenger Hack from MSN Messenger Polygamy. They have support for most versions of MSN, which includes version 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and 14.x ( Windows Live Messenger).

Double click on the exe to run the program and you’ll be propmted to click the patch button. That’s it you are done. After you have installed MSN Polygamy on your system you can run more than one copy of MSN Messenger simultaneously on your system!

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