New Features Added To PC Tools Privacy Guardian

PC Tools Privacy Guardian With New Features.

Recently, PC Tools have released an official and final version 4.5 of Privacy Guardian with new features. Privacy Guardian 4.5 version of PC Tools now contains more advanced and easy-to-apply protection on user’s PC with more protection for all program activity records. They also help other hypothetical change neural tissue postulated, in order to account for persistence of memory such has system registry, cookies, and temporary files, which are not recoverable after removing them from the system.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian is now more capable and provides more effective harddrive. It sweeps-up the harddrive of the temporary and unused files and provides more disk space and enhances the performance by keeping it up-to-date all the time.  Apart from this, Privacy Guardian 4.5 is introduced with many new features like substitute of data streams, easier Graphical User Interface application and clean items wizard.

Characteristics of PC Tools Privacy Guardian 4.5:

?        It sweeps harddrive on regular basis for historic data, online track records on the Internet, and other delicate information.

?        It supports many web browser applications.

?        It provides more space on harddrive.

?        It improves system performance by restoring valuable harddrive space.

?        Make user’s harddrive more spacious and gets back the deleted information by standard file recovery methods.

Check Out This Free Conversion Tool for Converting MP4 To MP3 Format

Check Out This Free Conversion Tool for Converting MP4 To MP3 Format

You might have come across several occasions when you weren’t able to play a favorite song on your multimedia player just because it was encoded in MPEG-4 (MP4) format and your player is able to play only MP3 format. But, now you have a free conversion tool “Convert MP4 to MP3” which has ability to extract audio data from any MP4 video file and convert it to MP3 format.

Not just MPEG4, this freeware also supports several other video formats including DivX, AVI, Xvid, Quicktime video(.mov), FLV(flash video), VOB video, DVD video etc. and produces high-quality MP3 audio output.

Convert MP4 to MP3 offer a user friendly interface which is pretty simple to use. You simply need to add MP4 files which you wish to convert to MP3 format and hit the “Convert” button. Also, after the conversion process of over, you may click on the button “Play MP3” and play the converted MP3 audio.

This tool works with most Windows Operating Systems and can be easily downloaded from the link Here.

Learn New Vocabularies In English With A Free Website And Tool Verbalearn

Learn New Vocabularies In English With A Free Website And Tool Verbalearn

These days there are lots of web sites which are mainly constructed for helping non-native speakers, kids, students, young professionals and working adults with their language skills. Referring these websites helps such people improve their English language . For learning English effectively, various activities such as quizzes, games, songs, chat rooms and tests are conducted by the websites like WordReady, Yappr, and LearnEnglish and so on.

While learning English, you must acquire new vocabulary as it is a key factor of this language. A free source named as VerbaLearn is mainly dedicated for students to improve vocabulary. So, now they can prepare themselves for ACT, SAT or GRE tests and also they can learn to develop their command on English very easily.

With many great features VerbaLearn offers you a dictionary learning enjoyment which is quite infectious. A short quiz based on meaning of words is not just a test for vocabulary power, besides it also words transfers the wrong words to a Study List.  You can save your time with the personalized StudyList, making your study more focused and well-organized.

As soon as you create a personalized Study List, you can use study tools provided by VerbaLearn to assign all the words to memory. Using Review Online tool, you can check out online the specifics about special words and their examples. A feature to listen the StudyList words in an MP3 while being offline is pretty appealing to young adults.

You can now instantly download the customized words list by means of any podcast aggregator, for example iTunes. After downloading you may transfer them toward an iPod or MP3 or mobile phones, and can enjoy the learning.

A special function is provided with which you can review all the words or a word list which is displayed on your homepage. You can use this function for a quick revision and to make sure that you have already learned these words.

This package is real cool and effective features VerbaLearn are something which the parents, students and teachers can check out to enhance their vocabulary.

Free Password Management Tool To Make Your Browsing Pleasant

Free Password Management Tool To Make Your Browsing Pleasant

A Password Management tool called Roboform has been launched to support web enthusiast. This tool is very helpful for those, who enjoy surfing several web sites with self created “Username & Password”.

Each time a user logins to such websites, they have to type in their “Username & Password”. This is very irritating because those web sites are visited on a regular basis.

In such cases users can make computer system to store passwords, so that on a regular basis users don’t have to type in these passwords. Instead computer system fills in these passwords automatically.

Roboform is a windows desktop tool that stores all your passwords automatically when passwords are used to sign into these web sites.

Roboform will create a new folder and store records of each password entered. You can also either change or edit the outdated passwords to new passwords.

It is a free tool and can be downloaded to handle your passwords in a simpler form.

Google-Contacts-Manager Tool To Manage Your Contacts

Google-Contacts-Manager Tool To Manage Your Contacts

Mailing accounts such as Gmail maintains entire data of every single contact listed in it, if incase any data is required by user, they are asked to login to the account to retrieve the same.

This in turn makes the job tedious and users tend to opt to alternates to save their records or look ahead towards other mailing accounts.

Due to on going rise of requirements and their continuous support by users of Gmail, google has launched a fantabulous service namely “Google-Contacts-Manager

This is one standalone package which does not rely upon other services of google; it’s specifically designed to cater Gmail users with their email accounts related information.

Although it’s in Preliminary or testing stage presently, it functions with Google Calendar, Picassa, Google Docs, and a couple of other services.

On this Google-Contacts-Manager, a user can create new contact details or amend the existing contact details fitting your groups list.

Users can also transfer all their contact details from other Email-Service-Providers like, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail etc. This can be considered as a matchless spot to stop for a user’s contact demands.

An individual is required to possess a Gmail account with Google to enjoy this newly launched service for managing all your contacts.

Determine Your Internet Speed Using Online Tools

Determine Your Internet Speed Using Online Tools

Internet surfers want a good speed of net connectivity to browse and download quickly. Few individuals with broadband connectivity experience adequate net speeds while other users with cable, DSL and dialup connectivity experience slow speed.

One can check their respective net speed using speed meters available online for free and determine the net speed provided by their internet service provider for downloading and uploading. These tools are freely available and will display the exact statistics of your bandwidth.

There are thousands of websites which provide tools to test your net speed; you can Google to find one suitable for your needs. The best websites which provide accurate results on net speed are as follows:

Browse the above websites and run a test. These online tools will then download a script on your computer system & resend them to check with their server. This is how they are able to figure out your upload and download speed. This is the best method of checking your internet speed against the one provided by the internet service provider.

These tools give you accurate results and help you in nabbing any internet theft too.

Keyboard-Tweaker Tool Alternative To Multimedia Keyboards

Keyboard-Tweaker Tool Alternative To Multimedia Keyboards

Keyboard Tweaker can be utilized by an individual who is hooked to few programmes on the system. A person who uses it everyday can actually assign a set of hotkeys on the key board to launch those programs. Keyboard tweaker is a tool which can be used to assign hot-keys on keyboard to make program processing faster.

Allotting hot-keys to programs on your system by selecting respective hot-keys on keyboard will permit you to commence programs instantly. This will makes your program processing time faster. It is a Freeware and simpler to load on system. By default few keyboard shortcuts or predefined hotkeys are already available in it.

Either one can add a new list of hotkeys to respective programs or can utilize the present keys. By default a set of few hotkeys for windows programmes contains keys such as “volume control”, “regedit”, etc. One can utilize several combinations on keyboard such as Shift, Ctrl, Alt, and any other alpha numeric characters to customize hotkeys.

After assigning hot-keys one can also pre-view the changes made by selecting the test-option before saving the settings. It also contains a set of features to alter letter size, display, font, etc. Keyboard-tweaker works like a substitute to Multimedia-Keyboards. Now, using keyboards any applications or programs can be executed using this tool on your PC’s.

Use CopyChangedFiles Tool To Easily Backup Changed Files

Use CopyChangedFiles Tool To Easily Backup Changed Files

The data in our systems is sometimes worth much more than we can imagine. Our lives can become miserable if we lose the data during system crash or if the files get corrupted. Even virus attack can result in data corruption or data loss.

In such situations, the backup copy of your data can come very handy, especially if we have to restore our systems. Now, if you would like to use an easy backup tool to create backups of your valuable data, then CopyChangedFiles application is one of the good solutions.

CopyChangedFiles is a freeware that could be used to save the backup of all your files, and you can also use them to move files and folders from one directory to other.

This tool is quite straightforward and has an easy to use interface. What you have to do is quite simple. Just choose a source directory from where you want to save the backups, and then select the destination directories for the backed-up data.

After this, you have to define the options for changed data, like incase you want to overwrite or preserve the old files too. If you just need to make a backup of specific file types, then you could simply list down the type extensions of the file. This will help you from saving the backup of entire source directory, especially if you have space constraints on your systems.

On the other hand, you could select the append date to directory, so that the destination folder would be created and named by current date format. This feature is pretty useful when you want to track all the file versions which you have backed-up. CopyChangedFiles saves the backup of the subdirectory together with the source directory, which means that it maintains the directory structure.

You could download this software absolutely free, and it comes as an executable file. After downloading, there is no need to run the installation process, as it is a plug and play executable file.

To run this program, you need Microsoft.NET framework 2.0 or greater version installed into your PC. Use the following link to download CopyChangedFiles.

Microsoft Office Suite Diagnostic Tool For Troubleshooting And Fixing The Problems

Microsoft Office Suite Diagnostic Tool For Troubleshooting And Fixing The Problems

Microsoft office suite is one of the most essential applications package for everyone. Most of the professionals and office workers work on the Microsoft office suite, whether while they are preparing a presentation on power point, or preparing worksheet on excel or writing on the word document. However, what if MS Office suite does not respond or show some technical errors while you are launching it. The users will surely get frustrated, as they will not be able to perform their task seasonably. Usually, non-technical individuals try to open again and again the MS Office application, but it doesn’t work and finally, they rush to tech person in charge who is well aware of the problem and fixes it.

It can be very critical and serious problem, especially when you are working on important projects and MS office suite shows errors. Therefore, you’ll need to know how to diagnose and troubleshot the errors of MS office. Many of the MS office users are not aware of inbuilt Microsoft Diagnostic Tool, which diagnoses the MS office application and displays the results mentioning root errors and their causes.

This is quite useful tool, which is accessible in MS Office 2007 suite. The inbuilt feature of this tool conducts number of tests in order to find out the real problems and provide users set of options to fix the occurred trouble. The diagnosed data will be stored into the computer for further reference. If you find that the problem is more critical to be understood and fixed by you, just send the error report to Microsoft for later assistances. However, Microsoft Office Diagnostic surely fixes the basic problems. Here are some tests given conducted by Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

  • Setup Diagnostic: Diagnostic tool scan office 2007 setup and registry files to find out the corrupted and malicious files. There are many situations when your office suite corrupts due to attack of viruses and incorrectly configured hardware.
  • Disk Diagnostic: As its name depicts, it scan the hard disk sector to find out any errors. Through this check it will show hard disk errors regarding Self-monitoring logged errors, SMART, etc.

  • Memory Diagnostic: This test is just for ensuring that computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory) is integrated with computer properly or not.
  • Update Diagnostic: This test checks for any latest updates from Microsoft service suite. There are many service packages that update and increase the features of MS Office. You will be promoted to update your MS office suite by Microsoft Office Diagnostic tools which find out the latest updates for MS office.
  • Compatibility Diagnostic: This test refers to identifying the conflicting version of any two applications such as Microsoft outlook. Users cannot run two different versions of Microsoft outlook on one single computer at a time.
  • Check for Solutions: It checks all the bugs and crashes that have been stored into MS office. Once it finishes the checking, connect your computer to server in order to check form any available solutions.

In order to start Microsoft Office Diagnostic, users just need to navigate to Start>>All Programs>>Microsoft Office>>Microsoft Office Tools>>Microsoft Office Diagnostics