Google Chrome OS – A New Open Source Operating System

Google Chrome OS – A New Open Source Operating System

We all know that Google has recently released their browser namely Google Chrome and today this browser has over 30 million users world wide. Now, Google has planned to release its Google Chrome OS as one more innovative approach. You could download and use this all new Google operating system at absolutely free of cost.

This operating system is especially targeted to empower all the computers either it will be a small netbook or a full-size fully featured desktop system. Some of the main highlighting features of this OS are security, simplicity and speed. This all new OS enhances the users experience while accessing the web. Google Chrome OS has been integrated with all the basic features, functionalities along with the essential security architectures.

Google is most likely deciding to work jointly with some of the OEMs like ASUS, Adobe, Freescale, Acer, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and Toshiba so that they could reveal excess of netbooks into the marketplace by coming year. This innovative OS is designed to work efficiently with both ARM and x86 chips. The software architecture of this OS is pretty simple, introducing the new windowing system over Linux kernel.

Lots of web-based applications are involved in this system and they are estimated to work automatically. There are no restrictions that have been imposed on the web technologies as all these web-based applications are greatly running on standards-based browser.

Google stated that the Google Chrome OS is completely new project and it is apart from Android. Under the first few stages, the Android constructed for working across the array of the devices such as set-top boxes, phones, netbook and so on. Recently, the company has decided to work along with open source community, so that they could bring about this new project very soon.

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Creativity is in the air and it is not restricted to 3D only! Toshiba recently released the supposed to be Power TV Series [PC1] containing 2 devices. It is unique as it is the world’s first [says Toshiba] Power TV to feature a consolidated battery. It goes without saying that the LCDs are so created that it can come I handy even under tough infrastructure conditions.

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At present, Toshiba is gearing up REGZA PC1, Power TVs of 24 and 32 inches and are due for release in Asia by next year. They are proceed at $290 for the 24 inch and $400 for the 32 inch model. After viewing Toshiba LCD next to the battery powered plasma panel of Dataworld’s LP433 laptop, the question of screen quality remains a tossup. Toshiba has also announced that the are in the process of making a 3DTV that would not require custom glasses, although the announcement if not yet official.