How To Track / Trace History Of Websites Visited For Free

Track Your Browsing History

Browsing over the internet is a regular activity for many today. Obviously, when we browse the net for many hours altogether, our web browser will be saving the browsing history on all the websites that we visit. The addresses can be stored and retrieved as when required. The information of all the websites that we visit will be saved in the form of temporary Internet files or cache. However, we will need to clear the cache regularly in order to improve the browser performance.

There is a powerful tool with which we can track our browsing history, as it functions by saving all the links visited, and we can get the list of the visited of the website through that system anytime we need.

The history of the navigated URLs or web addresses can be easily tracked by this tool, and it is called IEHistoryView (download link). This is highly helpful when we need to see recall some website that we had visited in the past, or even to find out if any illegal website that been accessed by the respective system or not. This is a very simple tool, but packed with many features that are easy to use and maintain.

The IEHistoryView allows its users to see the list of websites that have been accessed till date, and it even allows one to edit or change the entire URL list. The interface is friendly with no complex steps involved at all. All the functions have been depicted clearly with friendly tags that allow you to easily recognize which button is used, and for what purpose.

The IEHistoryView works by reading the browsing history stored by your current browser and displays it in a well formatted window. The advantage of using this tool is that it not only shows the address of the visited sites, but also other little details of the site such as the title of that page, the number of hits on the page, the modified and expiration date of the URL, and many more. This makes it easier to recognize and locate a particular website.

The tool is further advanced by allowing the users to be able to see the Google searches separately, and they can bookmark any URL from the list, and also delete the unnecessary URLs from the list.

The location of the history folder depends on the corresponding operating system being used. When you run it for the first time, it would have the default settings, but one can easily change these settings according to their preferences. To customize the history folder got to File and click on Select History Folder.

Another significant feature of this tool is that it allows it users to change all the menus to any language that is suitable for them. The IEHistoryView is compatible with any Windows operating system. It does not need to be installed, but after downloading you just need to run it by clicking on the .exe file.

Download IEHistory View