Remove Traceable Tracks In Firefox Browser With New Private Browsing Feature

Remove Traceable Tracks In Firefox Browser With New Private Browsing Feature

Now days, the hot issue in the Internet world is the privacy, and many people are raising their concerns over privacy matters in the internet. For  example attack on the system, scattering bugs and spyware, losing the personal data and so on. The online activity of the users on the net can be traced back easily by someone else, which is by getting the browsing history information, cache, and cookies etc.

Considering the privacy issues which are getting an increasing attention and focus, most of the browsers are making some excellent improvements in the privacy features. Now the Firefox 3.1 (Beta) is highlighting the feature named as “Private Browsing”, and the Private feature is also introduced in the latest Internet Explorer 8. Privacy is a significant issue which is extremely valued by most of the internet users.

The all new feature named as “Private Browsing” in the forthcoming Firefox version 3.1 is provided with an option to surf the net in more securely. Your online actions will be removed from your computer and they cannot be traced by anyone else. Typically, users usually prefer to remove the information stored in the browser, for example cookies, history etc.

Nevertheless, by removing this stored information, it will have an effect on your browsing practice. For example, you cannot get some sites back that you have visited previously. In the Private Browsing feature, you can choose to eliminate the traces of specific visited websites as well.


You can select for Private Browsing Feature by going to the Tool Menu an hour to make sure that the Firefox doesn’t saves and store any type of information. Before selecting the Private Browsing type you will be prompted by a dialogue box which ask for affirmation to store and shut all of the existing tabs. After the confirmation you can begin the Private Browsing type.

The Non-private browsing mode will be closed after that, and a new private browsing mode will be initiated. You can now choose to browse their internet in a much private manner without leaving any type of tracks that are traceable. You can also revert to the non-private browsing session by going through Tool Menu and retuning the browsing type.

The feature of Private Browsing can be a veiled in the pre-release edition of Firefox 3.1. However, all the versions released after the Firefox 3.1 Beta have this feature now.

Track And Complete Your Tasks With Swift To-Do List Lite

Track And Complete Your Tasks With Swift To-Do List Lite

Swift To-Do List Lite is pretty useful and simple task tracking utility, which gives reminders with good grouping of your work. It is very easy to use tool available with easy to understand track lists view. Including some basic functionalities, this tool allows you to open your to-do list with the combination of hotkeys.

This handy tool has simple GUI and includes self descriptive buttons placed in the menu. You could promptly setup any of your pending tasks by giving it priority, reminders, due date and type. Therefore, all such opened tasks could be tracked and closed accurately in a more effectual manner.

One of the good things amongst all the features is that you could export or print your to-do lists if you want the hardcopy when you are on the move. It also offers some extra functions like the coloring feature with which you can highlight the task according to priority, at the top, you’ll see unfinished task or expired date for accurate tracking.

Generally, after instillation this tool will place a small icon in the system tray which could be brought up with easy combination of hotkeys or directly by double clicking on it. By using this simple tool, you will be able to handle all your tasks more systematically. Any of your tasks could not slip through your hand with this feature and you could eventually delete them at the end. This utility works well with Windows OS. Go to the following link  Here to download it for absolutely free.

Track GPS Locations, Calls And SMS On Your iPhone With Mobile Spy 3.0

Track GPS Locations, Calls And SMS On Your iPhone With Mobile Spy 3.0

Retina-X Studios (RXS), a popular provider of spy software and computer monitoring solutions, has released new spy software specially designed for Apple iPhone. This spy software which is known as “Mobile Spy 3.0” allows you to keep track of GPS locations, your SMS and calls from friends, families or colleagues by logging into an online control panel using phone’s web browser.

Derrick, a user of Mobile Spy said that the software is priceless and has really helped him in confirming his suspicions about honesty. According to Retina-X Studios, this application which enables you to monitor your iPhone in real time runs silently (i.e. behind various other applications).

Once you set up this software on your iPhone, it will stealthily record GPS locations, your SMS and calls and automatically upload the data on your Mobile Spy online account.

CEO of the Company, James Johns said that the new version of this application is enhanced with ability to track the actual locations by GPS which is very useful in keeping a watch on employees and teens to ensure that they are using their vehicles acceptably.

Mobile Spy 3.0 works with all models of Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile as well as Smartphone running a Symbian OS.  A 1-year subscription of Mobile Spy 3.0 is available at $99.97.

Track Your Fitness Level On Iphone Using Smheartlink

Track Your Fitness Level On Iphone Using Smheartlink

The modish gadget iPhone is loaded with so many features and applications that give you more options to explore everything that what you want. It is really interesting to use your iPhone as the device to track your fitness level by associating a device with it. Recently iTMP technology, released a tiny yet powerful device, which is used to track fitness level via iPhone or iPod Touch. The name of this newly launched device is SMHeartlink.

As far as technical points of view is concerned, SMHeartlink works as wireless bridge, which compiles data from the variety of sources such as fitness and health sensors, power meters, cycling speed etc. After sending the data to iPhone via Wi-Fi, with different features of suite of fitness such as iRPM+, the users can monitor their fitness level. This device is compatible with several reputable products and censors such as Reebok, Nike, Timex, Garmin, Ironman, and New Balance.


It is really lightweight device that weighs approximately 3 ounces. The sleek and compact design makes it more convenient to carry along while you are on a move, either going to gym or cycling. It means you can easily enjoy your favorite music while you are monitoring your fitness level with this latest device of iTMP technology.

It is really worthy of your money. You need to pay $155 to buy SMHeartlink, which you can directly buy it from the online stores. You will be glad to have this device in order to keep yourself healthy and get updated with your fitness level. It is the best data collector that transmits the gathered information to your iPhone instantly, in order to update you about your fitness level. Why not let this device be your fitness expert, which manages your daily exercise schedules.