Domain’s Demystified

For most people, choosing the perfect domain name for their site/blog is incredibly difficult. A good domain name can mean the difference between a thriving site, and a dead one which inevitably translates to: revenue and no revenue.

So how do you choose a good domain name? How do you increase traffic and ensure that your site is higher ranked on search engines? Well read below for a few tips and explanations on the various features of domains.

Different types of domains – .com, .ca, .org, .net, etc.
If getting traffic to your site is a top priority for you then using a .com domain name is essential. The increased price is due to the fact that many people realize that when someone does a google search the .com domain names are generally higher up in the Google search listing as apposed to others. .org and .net however are two other domain types that fare well on Google.

Where to buy cheap domain names
There are numerous places that allow you to purchase and register your domain name, but finding the best one, at the lowest price, can be somewhat of a hassle. The trick with buying a .com domain is to look for specials that the leading sellers are having.

One of the more reliable sites is They have sales throughout the year and can offer .com domain’s for as low as $1.99. Some other great places to purchase domains are and

My favorite place to pick domains is . Unlike GoDaddy, you’ll not be bombarded with confusing and deceptive adverts, and is very easy to navigate once you are logged in to your account.

Tips on picking an effective domain name
First step to picking a successful domain name for your site/blog is to look at other successful sites. You will notice that most of those domains are short, simple, and something memorable. Long domain names have a huge disadvantage so you want to keep yours as short as you can but not too short.

Another issue you may run into is hyphens. There are some pros and cons when it comes to hyphens in a domain name and you need to carefully evaluate your site needs and see which will be more beneficial to you.
Pros – Your non hyphenated name may have been taken so adding a hyphen means you’ll get the name you want. Also, this makes it easier for Google and other search engines to utilize key words in your domain so it ranks higher.
Cons – How are people supposed to spread your website through word of mouth? Having a hyphen in your domain name will make it really difficult for people to not only remember, but advise for others. If people forget the hyphen they will end up at your competition’s site.

Premium Domains
On sale the cheap .com domains will only be a few bucks, but usually you can find them for under ten dollars at any time. However, when you are looking at domains you will see that some domains are premium. These mean that it is a high traffic domain and will get your site ranked higher up on Google just by the domain name itself. These quality domains can lead to thousands of dollars in revenue but can also cost a pretty penny as well. Here are a few ‘premium’ domain names so that you can get a glimpse at some of the money used to procure a decent domain.


RTO Bangalore (Bengaluru) Vehicle Details

It is now possible for anyone to find vehicle details within Bengaluru (Bangalore) jurisdiction.

RTO (Regional Transport Office), Bangalore provides this service to anyone through SMS.

To get details, users have to just SMS, RTO followed by registration no. (Example: RTO KA-‘XX’-MR-‘XXXX’) to 56006.

Messages charge will be INR 3.

However, this leaves most of us wondering if technology can be used for anti-social activities. As transport commissioner Bhaskar Rao points out, this service can be used to extract personal and private details of even those who are not involved in any hit-and-run-cases, like for example – miscreants can use this service to get details of girls in the city.

Note : This point can surely be used while debating whether ‘Technology is a boon or a bane‘!!

Check Bangalore traffic police fine details online sitting at the comfort of your home.


Monitor Network Bandwidth Usage And Internet Traffic With iTraffic

Monitor Network Bandwidth Usage And Internet Traffic With iTraffic

Many of the internet plans for which users pay on a monthly basis impose a specific data limit depending on the plan chosen. In such cases, if you wish to utilize the limit to the maximum without hitting the peak threshold, you can make use of iTraffic, an excellent freeware that helps you monitor the internet traffic data flowing from/ to your PC along with the bandwidth usage.

The moment you install this software utility and run it, you need to choose the network interface that you wish to monitor. For Example, you can monitor standard LAN Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port, VPN client packet or Bluetooth transmission and wireless transmission. Once you configure the utility, you can supervise network bandwidth in a graphical view.


To check the network bandwidth usage, you may just view the summary by clicking on the option “Reports” that appears in the right-click context menu. The summary will be displayed on daily, weekly and monthly basis offering an overall idea if your internet data plan is under-used.

Apart from this, you can also monitor the connectivity speed so as to keep track of any interruption in the connectivity, especially when you are in a process of downloading a massive file. This utility supports all Windows Operating Systems and can be downloaded free of charge.

Website Traffic Down During Christmas And New Years Eve?

In one of the previous post, I wrote about website traffic being down around ThanksGiving and Black Friday. I noticed that I’m recovering the lost traffic, as everyone’s back to work and ofcourse that means they are back in front of their computers, which is a good sign for webmasters ! 🙂

However, you should  be aware that another biggest  holiday season is fast approaching… Christmas and New Years ! And this time around, most users are away for about 10 – 14 days, that is from the last week of December, it’ll be till first week of January before they settle down properly. This again means, 2 weeks down time for your traffic numbers, which also means that it’s down time for your earnings.

How low do you think my websites traffic will be down during Christmas and New Years??

Well this is a tricky question. The reason being, different websites behave differently during this year. Gift websites, gadgets websites, holiday websites and other entertainment websites will do really well. However, websites like TechBuzz may not perform as usual, since TechBuzz delivers content related to technology, and who on earth would want to stick in front of their computers, trying to find a solution to their problem during Christmas / New Year ?? 🙂

However, here’s a rough estimate of what you should expect in the next two months.  Assuming that you have regular traffic through out the week, expect your traffic to be down by around 30 -40% during the last week of December and 1st week of January. Now if your earnings too dip in a similar fashion, then in the next two months, you should see a 7 – 10% dip in revenues when compared to the other months.

As I already mentioned, this data is based on my previous experience. Your site might perform different!

Software To Sense Packets On LAN And Analyze Network Traffic

Wireshark which was originally known as Ethereal is a network support product which allows you to sense packets on a LAN and use them for the analysis of network traffic. The packet sniffer of Wireshark has to be turned on by the user as a result of which the sniffers start collecting packets on the network and displaying them on the screen.

If your interest is only in specific type of packets, filters can be introduced so that you collect only those packets which meet your criteria. The software is very versatile and is able to capture and analyze packets conforming to over 50000 network protocols. It also supports various physical connections such as 100Base-T, TokenRing, and ATM etc.

In terms of performance and comprehensive features, Wireshark gives a very good competition to the other commercially available products. Being the Open source software, Wireshark can be freely downloaded and used without any licensing instructions. You can even change the code to meet your special requirements provided that the changed code is put back into the Open space.

Continued support of the user community has enriched Wireshark to a great extent with the continuous supply of additional features. The software is more useful for the professional community who is able to understand the subject rather than the average user who may not know much about the packet analyzers.

[ Download Wireshark ]

Improve / Increase Google Image Search Traffic To Your Blog / Website

Use Images To Improve Traffic

Traffic is known to be a major aspect for webmasters. Webmasters are always in a process of discovering new ideas for driving traffic to their respective websites. Although, texts and keywords are more often considered as the major tools, another significant tool which can efficiently drive traffic to websites is images.

By making a few modifications, images can actually drive traffic to websites with the help of Google Image Search. Though the effect is not that outstanding, use of images does help.

Naming of images is quite important for this purpose. A lot of people save their images using simple names such as a. jpg, b.jpg, 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc. Though it is convenient to do so, it doesn’t help you in driving traffic because such names cannot operate as keywords when image searches are conducted. Therefore it is advisable to name the images using keywords.

For E.g. If you want to name an image of Canon S3000SPX, you need to name it somewhat like CanonS3000.jpg and not 001.jpg.

The length of images’ name is not restricted. You may make use of several keywords of your choice to name your images. Separating the keywords with the help of a hyphen is preferred though. For instance, consider the above mentioned example. If you would like to include the word “printer” in the image name, you can write it as printer-CanonS3000.jpg.

Also it is very important to include ALT data of these images. Entering ALT data information and using relevant and significant keywords is of utmost importance.

Using Google Webmaster tools is another proficient way of driving traffic with the help of images. Enter Google Webmaster tools by login in and select Enhanced Image Search placed on its left sidebar. With the help of Google Webmaster tool, you can ensure better indexing and improved appearance frequency of images in Google’s image search engine.

Try it yourself and check if your traffic gets better!