Mobile Number Portability – TRAI, Call Flow And Implementation

Everything You Need To Know About MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

Mobile number portability is a concept that enables mobile users change their service providers without having to change their current number. This concept is welcomed very well by the India customers and they have enjoyed experiencing this service. This facility was introduced in India on 20th Jan 2011 under the instructions and guidelines of the TRAI. Here, we’ll discuss some vital aspects of the MNP such as its advantages for the users, disadvantages, process of changing service provider and what are it limitations.

Advantages of Mobile Number Portability:

  • With the help of MNP service, you do not lose any of your old contacts as they can still call you on same number, even if you change your service provider.
  • Now, there is no need for you to memorize your new mobile number or take pains to inform about it to each and every contact in your list.
  • Users can easily enjoy the services of any service provider that meets all their requirements.
  • This service keeps the customers convenience in mind and tries to keep up to their demand and expectations.
  • Users can choose from various different tariff plans that several service providers have to offer without changing their mobile number

Disadvantages of Mobile Number Portability:

Disadvantages of this services is negligible when compared to its usages and advantages

  • The only disadvantage is that by availing the services of MNP and changing the service provider, the users might have to let go some of the benefits that the old company offered.
  • Moreover, users will have to undergo several technical formalities, which could be a little annoying sometimes.

Points to remember while going for the MNP service:

There are a few formalities that users will need to perform, in order to change their service providers. Initially, you’ll need to pay 19 INR, as a conversion fee from one service provider to other. It is absolutely non-refundable amount, whether one’s request is accepted or rejected.

Make sure that your existing number is not under any judicial inquiry. If you are converting your postpaid mobile service then make sure that you don’t have any outstanding bills or unattended disputes with existing service providers. You must have complete clearance from the current service provider.

Note – Previously, operator often used to reject the request for portability due to owing bills, whether it is Rs.100 INR or even Rs.0.13. However, TRAI passed a legislative for all the telecom companies that they should not reject the request of the users, even if they have Rs10 due on their bills and can be included in the next bill without any penalty.

There must not be any pending issues with respect to ownership or change of the mobile number. DOT has divided whole country into two major circles – Circle 1 and Circle 2. Circle 1 includes – Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh (E), Uttar Pradesh (W), Mumbai, and Delhi. Circle 2 includes – Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, North East, and Bihar. This classification has been done for the security reasons by DOT. Users can only use MNP service within their circle that is circle 1 users cannot change their providers within circles 2 and vice versa. Your number must be older more than 90 days.

However, you’ll need to keep in mind that the unused balance amount left on your current service provider’s account can be transferred and neither would it be credited to your new account. Thus, it is recommended that you use the total available balance before opting for the MNP services. Ever since PAN India is launched, the users can change their numbers from one state to another state.

Make sure that your existing number is valid and verified properly, as the new service providers will need the same ID proof that you have submitted to your existing service provider. Postpaid numbers can also be ported to the GSM service.

Procedure for Mobile Number Portability:

There is a systematic process to be followed by each and every user to avail the MNP service and change their service provider without changing their existing numbers

  • Initially you have to send an SMS to 1900, a Toll free number, stating ex: PORT 990000xxxxx.
  • You will get 8 digit UPC (Unit porting code) with particular time validity and transfer date. You will get a clear message on your mobile that your UPC code is xxxxxxxx and it is valid up to date xx/xx/xx. Don’t use any prefix such as +91 or 0. Usually, the expiration date of UPC is 15 days. This UPC code is sent to your current service provide, a donor operator in terms of MNP.

Note – make sure that you send the application before 15 days or submit it within the last 10 days.

  • To ensure timely submission of your request, you must immediately go to any of the nearest retail stores of a new service provider to proceed with the procedures. You need to fill up few important documents with your information like your name, address, nationality and UPC code. Make sure that don’t forget to mention UPC code, as it is an important based on which the entire MNP process will move further.
  • Now, the new service provider will send the request to the old company asking for the details about applicant’s pending dues and other issues. Based on the request placed, the existing service provider will send the information to the new company.
  • You will get information regarding the current status of the rejection and approval within the 2 days via SMS. The final decision of approving or rejecting your request will be taken by the donor service provider.
  • Once the approval has been received by the new service provider, you calling facility will be barred for two days until the transfer is completed. As for the rule laid by TRAI has, been tire process should be completed within for working days from the date of application.
  • Finally, the process is successfully completed and your calling would be enabled by the new service provider on your same old number with new tariff plans.  You will be notified about the same through an SMS.
  • Make sure that you can avail MNP service once in 90 days.

Mobile Number Portability For All Major Service Providers:

(I’ll update this part regularly)

BSNL mobile number portability.

MNP service is boon for the users, as it empowers them with freedom to choose any service provider without having to lose their existing numbers. This facility has triggered a cutthroat competition in the market, which compels all the service providers to attract customers by fulfilling there demands. Moreover, they provide lucrative offers to the person who send request for the porting their service providers.

Once the request is initiated through customer care, they would try and find out what exactly is the problem and will help you solve it.  They also try to retain their customers by offering them attractive benefits on the existing tariff plans.

Backup Or Transfer Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Backup Or Transfer Bookmarks In Google Chrome

Most of the times, because of system crash or something, you may loose bookmarks in your internet browser. However, there is a special browser plug-ins available with which you can carry on a back up of your bookmarks online.

For Google chrome you can not use such plug-ins. Furthermore, Google chrome does not support bookmark export feature to a different browser. This guide will give you an idea to take a backup of bookmarks in the Google chrome browser. You may store this back up in your PC or even transfer it to any other safe location.

You should transfer the bookmarks in Google chrome to IE or Firefox, as chrome does not contains any application to export the bookmarks. You can after save the bookmarks from there. When you transfer these bookmarks successfully, you can now store the bookmarks, otherwise you could also use flash drives for bookmark transfers.

To do so just follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and go to Settings and then Bookmark Manager.
  2. From this tab navigate to Tools and go to Export Bookmarks.
  3. Finally, save this file into hard disk and that’s all.

You may simply open the transferred bookmarks file in internet explorer or Firefox.


Configuring Google Mail To Download, Transfer Mails From Hotmail Through POP3

Configuring Google Mail To Download, Transfer Mails From Hotmail Through POP3

Hotmail, at last has officially announced POP3 supporting feature’s addition for its users. Even though it will not be made available for all countries in the world, a hack can allow all its users to utilize its POP3 feature. This hack can immediately turn on and initiate POP3 support, even if a user is not registered.

Users from all countries can utilize this feature without registering at the launch. Once this feature is enabled, all your email, messages can be quickly downloaded to Gmail’s Inbox through POP3 communications protocol. Now user has to count on certain time-consuming processes to transfer messages from Hotmail to Google mail.

Tip: Before starting the linking process, set up Hotmail’s POP3 feature.

Steps to follow in order to set, configure Google mail to download e-mails from MSN’s Hotmail account

  1. Sign-in to the Google mail Account.
  2. Select the Settings option which is provided in the right side.
  3. Click on the “Accounts” tab.
  4. Select a hyper-link named “add another mail account” from get mails from other accounts division.
  5. Type in the Hotmail’s “e-mail address” in the popped page. The mailing address should follow the format [email protected] Now go to next step by clicking on the “Next Step” button.
  6. Set up the settings for a Hotmail user account with the values provided below:
  7. Click on the Check box for enabling SSL, named as “Always utilize a secure SSL connection when retrieving mails”.
  8. Few more options which are not mandatory, and can be set are as follows:
    • Storing a copy of a retrieved message on this server.
    • Labeling all incoming contents, messages with certain identities like moving it to folders.
    • Archiving the incoming messages excluding Inbox. 
  9. Select a button named “Add Account: when completed.
  10. A user is given the liberty to make a choice of selecting mail service provider. One can use either Gmail or other mail service providers to send /receive mails. To utilize this option one has to complete a wizard, verify and confirm by sending the confirmation link to Hotmail’s Inbox. This appears in the Gmail’s Inbox afterwards. POP3 initiates the retrieval and downloading of all mails received in Hotmail’s Inbox to Gmail’s Inbox.
  11. Mails received in MSN’s Hotmail will be recovered, downloaded & shifted to Gmail’s Inbox automatically without any intervention.

Upgrade To Windows 7 From Windows Xp By Using The Windows Easy Transfer

Upgrade To Windows 7 From Windows Xp By Using The Windows Easy Transfer

Windows 7 is the latest Operating System launched by Microsoft and users having Windows XP installed in their systems have a tough time upgrading it to Windows 7.

On the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft also launched the direct upgrade ability from the older version. But, Windows 7 doesn’t provide any such upgrade for the Windows XP. The upgrading path to Windows 7 from Windows XP is not supported by the upgrade paths of the latest version. Users who try to upgrade from Windows 7 come across an error indicating that Windows XP can’t be directly upgraded to Windows 7.  

There are a lot of users who buy the upgrade license for Windows 7. They need to perform the clean installation of Windows 7 which requires the installing partition to be overwritten. The overwriting process wipes off the data stored on the partition of the hard disk.

The Windows Easy Transfer doesn’t move the program files. It can only move the program settings and data. Therefore the user is required to re-install the programs in the new Operating System. The Easy Transfer from Windows doesn’t copy system files like drivers and fonts. Thus the user needs to install these too.

After successful completion of data transfer the Windows Easy Transfer pops up a message indicating the user to reinstall the programs that already existed in the earlier version of the OS. After upgrading to Windows 7, all the previous files of Windows XP get stored in the directory named as Windows.old.

The process of upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows XP is a tedious process. For your convenience follow the steps given below:

  • Switch on your system having Windows XP and insert the Windows 7 disk. If the installation window is automatically opened, the user needs to close it.
  • Extract the contents of the disk to a local drive.
  • Open the Windows Explorer window from the Accessories tab under the Start menu.

  • The computer’s DVD drive is to be browsed and then you are required to click on the migsetup.exe under the directory Support\Migwiz.
  • On selecting the above mentioned directory, the Windows Easy Transfer opens up. Click the Next button on this window.

  • Select a USB drive or an external disk on being asked to select the drive from which you want to transfer data from.

  • Click on the “This is my old computer” command. The WET (Windows Easy Transfer) scans the system for file transfer.

  • On completion of the scanning process, the user will be asked to select the files which need to be migrated. The user can also use the customize option to choose from various locations like the Desktop, Program Settings, Favorites, My Documents, Windows Settings, My Music, Pictures, Videos, Quick Launch and lots more. After selecting, click the Next button.

  • Protect your Easy Transfer File by giving a password. It is optional to provide a password, you can leave it blank. Click the Save button to move on.

  • Browse to the location of the USB drive selected earlier and save the easy transfer file there.
  • After the settings and files are saved, click on the Next button. Windows Easy Transfer will display the location and the name of the file created.

  • Click the close command to exit.
  • Start the setup of Windows 7 by selecting the file setup.exe in the folder of the Windows 7 disc.
  • Click on the install command
  • The user will be asked to download updates available for Windows 7. This is an optional step and an internet connection is required for it. If you don’t want to download the updates then simply click next.
  • Read the terms and conditions clause and set the check box as true
  • For an upgrade to the new OS click on the Custom (advanced) command.

  • You have to select the partition in which you will like to have Windows 7 installed in. It is recommended to select the drive which has the earlier OS stored in it. If you want a dual-boot system then select another drive other than the one already having a OS.
  • Click the OK command after clicking NEXT. The remaining installation process proceeds without any interaction with the user.
  • After completion of the installation process, plug in the drive which has the Easy Transfer File stored in it.
  • Select the Windows Easy Transfer command mentioned under the System Tools. System Tools can be reached via Start, ALL programs, Accessories.
  • The WET window opens, click the next command
  • Select the drive which has the data and settings stored in it.
  • Click the command “This is my new computer”

  • You will be asked whether you want to transfer the old files into the new OS. If yes, then click the YES command.

  • Open the location of the old files and click the transfer command.

  • After transferring all files and settings, the new Operating System has been successfully installed in your system. Close the Window and enjoy the benefits of Windows 7.


The drive in the new OS will still have a folder named as windows.old. You can delete this folder to regain occupied disk space. To remove or permanently delete this folder follow the given steps:

  • Select the Disk Cleanup process under the Systems Tool
  • Click the “Clean up system files” command. All the files and drives are scanned for system files.
  • Select the “Previous Windows Installation(s)” command and further select the files and its categories you want to remove.
  • Click the OK command
  • Finally click the Delete Files command. The folder is successfully deleted and the disk space occupied by it is regained.

Windows 7 gets successfully installed in your system and you can just enjoy the benefits of this awesome OS. By using the above mentioned steps the user actually bypasses the Windows Vista Operating System.

Easily Transfer Your Contacts And Mails From Other Email Providers To Gmail

Easily Transfer Your Contacts And Mails From Other Email Providers To Gmail

Nowadays, having multiple email accounts through different email service providers is a common thing. Most of the people have multiple web mail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail. Mostly, we get them for free to sign up. However, because of some reason, you sign up with an email account having the different service provider. In such cases, the common problem occurs is how to move contacts and mails from one email account to another email account. 

Most of the times, you might give out switching email account because it is time consuming and difficult for transferring all the data. Now, Gmail has introduced a pretty useful feature with which you could simply transfer all contacts and mails from other email service provider to Gmail. By using this helpful newly rolled out feature, there is no longer the anxiety in switching other email accounts to Gmail. You could now easily transfer contacts and mails from other email service supplier to your Gmail, without any inconvenience. 

In addition, Gmail gives an alternative to forward your mails from your old email account up to 30 days. This helps you and gives extra time to check and decide whether gmail is the correct option or not. This latest feature can be used by all the recently created email accounts and it is gradually rolling out to all the existing email accounts.

Go through the following step by step guide that helps you to import contacts and mails from other email service supplier to gmail:

  • Firstly, you have to login to your Gmail account.
  • Go to Settings, it will be situated at top right corner.



  • Now, select the tab Accounts and Import.



  • Go to Import mail and contacts and then click on button named as Import mail and contacts.
  • A pop up window will be displayed. Just enter the account from which you want to import your contacts and mails. Then click on Continue.
  • Now, put in your password of the account that you have selected to import the data. Click Continue.
  • By default, all the available options are selected on the options page. If you want to modify, you could select or deselect any of the options according to your own preferences. Finally, click on Start import button and the transformation of the data will get started.



  • The will inform you that your contacts and messages are being transferred and this process may take sometimes up to 2 days to finish. You have to click on OK button to close warning window. You could check the transfer progress occasionally. To do so, simply go to Setting and then Accounts and Import.

Compress And Splits Files With Akhir Split Zip

Compress And Splits Files With Akhir Split Zip

Transferring and sending large files is not a cup of tea because it requires proper internet connection and consumes much time. When the speed of your internet connection is slow, then it really irritates you while sending huge files. 

What if you are in the middle of sending files and your connection gets disconnected frequently, and your client is requesting you to them as soon as possible? It is really the worst situation that you would never wish to experience.

Sometimes your email account prevents you to upload large sized files. In this situation, you would go for some web based services to send and transfer files. However, you can use the old method, which is known as splitting the large files into smaller parts and then sending them. 


In olden days, people often used to split the files into smaller sections to upload and transfer the files. So here is one of the popular and effective split application named, Akhir Spilt Zip, which splits files into multiple files.

There are many other split tools and application available over the web, but this one has improvised features, and it is completely free of cost to download and use. So this is the best solution of your problem regarding sending and transferring huge files. You just need to split them and the recipient will be able to merge them into one file.  

Check The Transfer Speed Of Real Time On Media Drives With HD Speed

Check The Transfer Speed Of Real Time On Media Drives With HD Speed

Do you often wonder about the speed of the data that is being transferred from media drives to your host PC or vice versa? 

Host compliance device like USB 2.0 supports maximum 480 Mbps transferring speed, but because of overhead and losses, none of them touches that speed in the real world. Now to satisfy your curiosity to know more about the transfer speed of your SATA hard disk (Serial ATA) or your USB pen drive, you can download software called HD Speed.



HD Speed will generate a graphical representation of the average and current transfer speed for every single time. It is a self executable file which means once you download the file, you can run it without installing the file in the system. To make a better use of it according to your preferences, there are lots of options to choose from.

When the softwares works as a quick comparison, it eats up 80 KB which can be taken from USB pen drive for benchmarking. To cover all size of data’s automatically, select the option or set the settings to Auto mode. Once all the settings are set, click start and your work is done.

Affordable/Cheap Best Quality Online Video Encoding Web Service

If you are on the look out to transfer and encode your videos in some other format, faster and with a wider option, then you are on the right track! You can use the video files from your hard drive or through any web address like YouTube’s feed and you can encode them in a professional and scalable manner.

Video marketing is just picking up it’s pace in the internet world and if you want to succeed in this space, you’ll need to put out quality shots, which means they need to be of great quality and if you put good quality videos, they’ll take up huge chunk of size. The quality, length and size all are handled by Hey!Watch.

You video can be run in any format and on all devices. What’s even more interesting is you can have your own custom format by specifying what bit rate you want, which codec to be used what’s the size of it and many more such various options.

Want your videos to be iPhone / iPod compatible or DivX or HD compatible or even MP4 or mobile compatible ? More format options are available!

Marketing your company means, brand building too, and you may need to embed your company logo on all the viral videos you release. Embedding your company logo on the video is a very easy task now, with the watermarking feature offered by Hey!Watch.

Hey!Watch has taken professional podcasting to the next level!

With user user-friendly navigation, it saves your time and for a small fee you get best of the service in the industry! Like to know how much it costs you to encode your video as per your requirements, use their fee calculator, which helps you get an estimate idea.

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How-to configure Amarok with Nokia 3500 Classic

I own a Nokia 3500 Classic and it’s meager 256MB memory card is almost enough for my music on the go. This morning I was fiddling with “Transfer to Media Devices” feature in Amarok, apparently it doesn’t handle USB devices (I connect to my phone using a USB data cable).

I was pretty darn sure they must be work around and I found this script: usb_device_amaroKscript.

Here’s how to get things running,

1. Get the script and drag drop the tar ball into the script manager of Amarok (Tools> Script Manager). That should install the script.

2. Now try running it, if you have mp3info installed (Mandriva systems do by default) then the script should run fine and you could skip to read step 5.

3. If the script complains that mp3info has not been found then install it from here. I suggest you get the source tar ball and fire up the terminal, navigate to the the extracted tar ball folder, run “make” and then “make install”.

4. Try running the script again, if things are fine, it will tell you so, in the status bar of Amarok.

5. Go to Settings>Configure Amarok>Media Devices. Here you should see your USB device already recognized and sitting neatly, select the Generic Audio Player plugin for it and click OK.

6. Go to Media Devices in your Amarok sidebar and click connect and done 🙂 you should see your USB device’s file listing.

You can add new directories right from that display, transfer music (both from & to the device).