Learn Hacking Tricks By Reading “The Secrets Of Hacking” Book

Learn Hacking Tricks By Reading “The Secrets Of Hacking” Book

It is an arguable issue if hacking is ethical or not. However many people truly believe that hacking is an immoral activity and the people conducting in it should be punished.

On the other hand some experts mention that hacking is not such an immoral activity. It depends on the individuals on how they use hacking tricks. Hacking is not immoral but use of hacking in a destructive manner is immoral. However it is still issue of debate.

Hacking can be used in both ways either constructive or destructive. Many people use hacking to defend themselves from being hacked. Therefore it is very important that you must know hacking tricks work in order to protect yourself, your mail accounts or websites from the evil eyes. There are many books and online books available that claim to teach you hacking tricks but not all of them live up to their promises.

You need to know hacking tricks from basic i.e. A to Z of hacking tricks. There should be a hacking tool kit which contains every thing related to hacking. However before having this book you need to keep one thing in your mind firmly, and that is you must never use hacking tricks illegally. There is a book named “The Secrets of Hacking” which contains every thing about hacking. There is a terminology in hacking ethical hacking. Here you will learn about ethical hacking tricks only.

This book will help you realize all the loop holes, and once you are aware of the techniques, you will be in a better position to understand the vulnerability and hence protect yourself from being vulnerable to hacks.

Find the book here

You will get tricks to protect your email addresses and websites from being hacked. This book is a package of tutorials. You will get two DVDs of tutorial guides. There is 1400 security tools i.e. setup files of security tools with 200+ hacking tutorials e-books.

You will get to understand these following points in elaborate manner

  • Introduction of real hacking
  • Hacking tricks to hack windows
  • Password hacking
  • E-mail hacking
  • Website defacement & Domain hacking
  • Computer and mobile hacking

Few Key features of this toolkit

  • How hackers get access your gmail,yahoo email accounts
  • How to hack windows, Linux etc
  • How to hack computer remotely through ports
  • How net-banking passwords and credit card passwords get hacked
  • How hackers get access to any restricted websites

These points pinpoint that this toolkit is the best tutorial ever regarding hacking tricks.

Tricks to stay signed in for longer days

Tricks to stay signed in for longer days

There are many sites which ask for password and username every time you open that site. The sites which we use every day, makes it very annoying to log in every time.

They automatically make us log out because of the cookies that are being stored in our computer by the website. Thus extending the life of cookie will solve the problem, so let us see how to do it.

To extend the life period of a cookie we will use a greasemonkey script. This script can be downloaded, just follow the steps mentioned below:

Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, your work is done. You will be logged to your regular site for longer period. You don’t have to sign in again and again every time you visit that site.

Tricks To Use Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine

Tricks To Use Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine

Bing, Microsoft’s latest search engine has been released. People have made Bing search engine as default search-engine. This site is very innovative, creative, fresh, powerful and fast. Bing is dissimilar to AltaVista, Google, yahoo search engines. Bing search queries display related data every time you execute a search. One can use this website optimally with the help of few tricks and tips.

A list of tricks is listed below:

  • Accessing Bing’s international version: Bing assists its services like searching and displays the results in accordance with the geographical location of a user. Individuals from USA are provided with different results and users from INDIA are given different results for the same search. Bing provides the best method of acquiring information for a particular region.

If a user wishes to use the BING’s international version, then they can browse the Bing worldwide site. Set the language as us-English to enjoy all features.

  • Save and email the search results on Bing: Bing website allows a user to save their search results to a online local directory or folder. You can also email these search results to your friends and publish on FaceBook using Silverlight.
  • Search mp3 media files using Bing: Bing website supports many file extensions. If a user is searching an mp3 file named brazilboyz.mp3, then searching this string from Bing will display a websites list that are providing this file. This is very helpful in searching other formats too.

There are innumerable tricks and tips for Bing which can optimize your search queries.

Trick To Play Flac Audio Files Using Winamp Software

Trick To Play Flac Audio Files Using Winamp Software

Today one can find innumerable audio formats and many media players to play them. Music files with flac extension are available, which need to be played with the help of a Flac player only. Flac is another Audio codec which compresses audio without any loss in the quality. To play flac music files, one has to initially convert them to mp3 format and play using Winamp.

To convert these flac to mp3 formats, one needs to have few conversion tools on the system. Instead of going through the painstaking process of conversion, a hack is available which will help you in playing the same files without converting them.

Download the recent version of Winamp software to directly play the flac music files without any problem. Winamp has included the latest and necessary plug-ins in its recent version so that all flac media files can be played on it.

If you have an old version of Winamp on your system and are not interested in updating to the software, then you can download an audio flac plug-in to play. First install this Audio flac plug-in on your computer system and play flac music files using the same old version of Winamp. It is not required to update the Winamp software.

The above trick helps users to play their flac audio files without any conversions.

VLC media player used by many is a player which automatically plays all audio files including flac files. A user can opt between these two players to play flac music files on their computer.

Technical Trick To Protect Eyesight On Computer

Technical Trick To Protect Eyesight On Computer 

Online clear type tuner is a very beneficial tool which supports in tuning up monitor settings to provide the best eyesight friendly adaptation displaying on your computer. 

This can be enabled only through Internet explorer browser, and not through any other web-browsers, else the trick does not work 

Users can also download another minor tool namely “windows xp clear type tuner power toy” on computer system and align settings on it. 

Trick to elevate refresh rate avoiding flickering on computer monitor 

The flickering monitor impairs eyesight. As our eye sight is not that much responsive to withstand this flicker. So this tool will make computer monitor flicker or refresh rate more avoiding flickering of the monitor. 

Few simple steps to “Increase-Refresh-Rate” are as follows:

·         Select Windows Start Option and Navigate through Control Panel and Select Computer Display.

·         Now display properties window pops up. In this select Settings tab.

·         Under Settings present in the bottom right hand side corner, select the advanced tab.

·         Now another window will pop up under this select Monitor tab.

·         Now verify under Monitor settings if “hide-modes- that-this-monitor-cannot-display” option is checked

·         Now right above you see a drop down menu which says “Screen-refresh-rate”, try to set it to as less as possible.

·         Now Select Apply and then Select Ok to make changes saved. 

Excellent!, following the above illustrated first two steps will set your computer’s display settings to more eyesight-friendly, and there will never be any issue even if you work for many hours staring at your computer screen.


Trick To Alter The Registered Organization And Owner Information In Windows Operated Version PC’s

Trick To Alter The Registered Organization And Owner Information In Windows Operated Version PC’s

In reality changing or modifying registered organization and owner information works for Windows-XP operating system, and for other Window’s Operating System Versions, such as

  • Windows Server 2008,
  • Windows Server 2003,
  • Windows 7 and Windows-Vista

Users will only be asked to type in organization and owner’s information at the time of installation. A few O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturer) computer systems equipped with soundless automated installation do not even demand any of this information.

The default-factory-settings like O.E.M manufacturer information would be utilized when a server or personal computer begins loading the previously installed transcript of Windows Operating System.

Another potential example is altering proprietorship of computer, when an old Personal Computer is purchased, or if the organization has been merged or acquired with a new group.

Hence, to change or modify the registered organization and owner information in Windows Operating System, utilize the registry crack provided below:

  • Select windows start option and select the Run option
  • Now type in the letters “regedit” and hit enter on the keyboard to open registry editor window.
  • Now, navigate and locate the Registry Key: “HKEY Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version

  • Now, in this window screen on the right hand side pane, find the “REG_SZ” (String) value cited as Registered-Owner. Select and Click twice on it to modify and edit the data value to alter the Registered-owners-name information.
  • Now, again in the window screen’s right hand side pane, find the Registered-Organization option. Select and Click twice on it to modify and edit the data value to alter the Registered-owners-name information.
  • Now, Exit out of the Registry-Editor Window to get the changes made effect instantly.

Hint: to view the changes made for Registered organization and owner information in registry editor window, check the about windows dialog box by selecting “Help-About” option on windows-explorer page. Optionally, you can just run simply winver or winver.exe file.

Trick To Auto Launch Most Preferred Websites By Firefox

Trick To Auto Launch Most Preferred Websites By Firefox

Firefox surfers had to type in URL each time they launch Internet browser to surf their preferred links but not anymore. Now, Firefox add-on can carry out this trick, as it supports speed dial feature. Earlier, this trend was seen on chrome and opera browsers.

Speed Dial is an optional feature on firefox which helps in providing surfers a list of preferred websites with a screenshot to make surfers every visit pleasant. Speed dial on Firefox is not an inherent feature like other browsers. However, speed dial can be enabled through Firefox add-on installation facility viz. “Speed Dial”.

Just download Speed-Dial feature with firefox add-on and complete the installation. Automatically speed dial will commence to supervise your web searches and sort the most preferred sites according to the surfing order.

Each time firefox browser homepage is launched, it will automatically display 9 most preferred sites with vivid screenshots. Firefox speed dial installations steps can be found on the Speed-dial “user’s information and installation” add-on page.

Trick To Be A Spy And Check Movements Around Your Home

Trick To Be A Spy And Check Movements Around Your Home

Individuals expecting cost effective “surveillance-system” solutions to increase security measures for their homes, can do so for free with their computer system’s web camera. True, individuals can use their tiny web cameras as a “spy cam” or “digital- surveillance-system” to monitor any actions at their office or home.

All they need to do is buy a web camera and sign in for a Web based residence surveillance group to increase the security level of your homes and offices.

Once registered with surveillance group, users can fix their Web cam in a particular location and start to receive the visuals seated in any part of the World.

However, users cannot expect HD quality videos from it, mainly due to two reasons:

  • Firstly, web-cams utilized have reduced Mega Pixel Lens and hence are cheaply available.
  • Other reason is that web cam buffers the recorded visuals to a server first, and then it sends to the users by downloading as streamed videotape.

The quality of this streamed videotape is good but not high. To get better quality visuals users should install high-end web-cams and start using them as spy-cam.

In order to utilize this great service, get an account registered for this internet based cost effective “digital-surveillance-system” at the earliest.

Trick To Demonstrate Current Functional Directory’s Complete Path With .BAT Command

Trick To Demonstrate Current Functional Directory’s Complete Path With .BAT Command

A user implementing a “Batch-Command-Script” in (“.CMD or .BAT file extends) should know information about the current functional directory of the batch-script. Knowledge of the present working folder or directory in batch-commands is very helpful, as it confirms if the Script is either calling a command from the right directory path, or manipulating a folder or a program.

Next most significant utilization is in preserving and capturing the current folder for future usage as the script might alter the route during its course of action.

In reality, displaying and showing the present directory is simpler with the usage of pseudo-variables for “Cmd.exe” Environment-Variables.

Microsoft-Window has added “%CD%” pseudo-variables from Windows2000 versions onwards, which elaborates to the current functional directory.

For illustration, just utilize the following commands:

1) To exhibit current functional directory – “echo %CD%

2) To save and preserve the present functional directory wherein a file is situated for future usage after Change Directory (CD) to other directories to execute operations – “Currentdir=%CD%

The %Currentdir% is a Variable to stock the current functional folder, which can be utilized for future batch commands, such as altering back to its former directory.

However within the Windows 9x, the “%CD%” Pseudo-Variable does not exist. So, to get the current functional directory, utilize the following technique:

  • cd | time | find “:\” > temp1.bat
  • echo set cd=%%4 %%5 %%6 %%7 %%8 %%9 > enter.bat
  • call temp1.bat
  • del temp1.bat
  • del enter.bat

The final result variable “%cd%” will be brought back to the Batch Processing Session which comprises the present functional directory.