A Stimulating Feature For Win 7 To “Turn-On Or Turn-Off” Programs Easily

A Stimulating Feature For Win 7 To “Turn-On Or Turn-Off” Programs Easily

Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft‘s most recent operating system is available with fully loaded features which were inadequate in it’s former release.

Win 7 is a brilliantly created operating system, it is not only termed as productive with regards to visual precepts, but it also possesses firm administrative features to control various device characteristics considerably.

A stimulating feature available on win7 Operating system is the “turn-on or turn-off” programs option. An Individual is not required to uninstall the programs which are not utilized, but they can just be turned off and turned on again when required.

Few simple steps required to switch the “turn-on or turn-off” feature on Windows 7 are as follows:

  • Select widows start and channelise to “control panel”.
  • Now, select “all control panel items” and then select “programs and features” option.
  • Now, on the top left hand side of the window pane select the option “turn windows features on or off“.
  • Now, a new window will open-up with a list of varied installed programs either to be “turned on or turned off”, an individual can select and carry out the option for preferred programs.
  • Now, select the programs to be turned on and unselect those to be to turned off
  • Finally select on “OK” option to make the changes effective.
  • Excellent the process to turn-on and turn-off is completed.

An individual can get this easy turn off feature while beginning with windows. It will enhance the computer speed, making it more accurate and faster.

Enable / Turn On / Grayed Out Hybrid Sleep Mode In Windows 7, Vista

Windows Vista has upgraded from the hibernation and sleep modes supported by the Windows operating system and introduced the “Hybrid Sleep” mode. This mode combines the best of both the sleep and hibernate features. It allows the PC to not only go into the Standby mode to save electricity and conserve power but also enables the recovery of your unsaved data and other opened programs. So if you are tired of losing out on unsaved data after a power outage while the computer is in Sleep state, try the Hybrid Sleep mode, wherein a hibernation file is created and saved on the hard drive. Tapping the keyboard or moving the mouse enables the computer to load the hibernation file and you can soon resume work. Here is a step by step guide on how to enable hybrid sleep in Microsoft Windows Vista.

Step 1: Click the Start button on your screen and select the “Control Panel” option

Step 2: Select the “System and Maintenance” option and click on the “Power Options”.

Step 3: The applet runs a number of options. On the “Select a power plan” page, and “Preferred plans” section, you need to change the power settings.

Step 4: Select the option of “Change advanced power settings” on the “change the power settings” page. This redirects you to “Advanced settings” page wherein you need to select the power options. Click on the expand button displayed next to the “Sleep” option and then expand the option for “Allow hybrid sleep” subtree. Based on whether you are using Vista on desktop or a notebook, your options would differ. For a desktop select “On” from the drop-down list while for a notebook, select “On” for both “On battery” and “Plugged in” selections displayed under the settings option. Click the “Ok” button and save the changes.