Sync iPhone To PC With RockMelt

RockMelt Launched For iPhone Syncs With PC, Mac Web Content

RockMelt is finally released for the iPhone users in order to allow them to sync their favorite website with Windows and Mac desktop versions. RockMelt was previously popular as the best social web browser for Facebook and Twitter. This Web browser is tremendously popular among the users because of its easy-to-use mechanics.

Usually, the contacts section will appear on the left pane of the tab when the users login to the Facebook using login ID and password via RockMelt App. The right pane of this app includes Facebook Profile, News Feed, timeline, and Twitter Tweet.

This application allows users to share their web contents with the iPhone whether it is Facebook profile or tweets from the Twitter.  iPhone users can easily sync their device to the desktop and share the web contents correctly. It is the unique feature of recently launched new version of RockMelt – the social media browser.

However, currently the users of RockMelt desktop would get their bookmarks and favorite websites directly synched to their iPhone as they connect their device. So, users don’t have to bother about their contents. Now, users can easily have the experience of using RockMelt on their iPhone while on the move and stay connected with the friends.

iPhone users can have access to the Twitter and Facebook updates, notifications and bookmark the favorite websites.  All these things can be done via iPhone. Currently, most of the iPhone users are using this app in order to stay connected with friends via social networking websites.

Our Suggestion

There are also other applications available at the Apple store regarding the social networking connection such as Fotobrookr and others for the respective social networking. However, RockMelt provide interactive user interface, which makes browsing easier and faster for the users.

Facebook And Twitter Banned In France?!

France has stepped forward, taken an old law from 1992, and used it to banish the words Facebook and Twitter from news stations. No longer are new casters allowed to say “Follow us on Facebook” or “Look to Twitter for more information later!” In fact the best news stations are allowed to say is “Look to your favorite social media sites online” So why in the world would France use an outdated law to put the ban hammer down on those words?

Logical, Are They ?

Their reasoning actually seems logical at first. They claim that when a news caster mentions Facebook or Twitter its actually advertising the social media sites, and that in turn isn’t fair others. There are tons of other social media sites out there that news casters are not mentioning, so it’s showing preference to those two.

France has been criticized before for banning words. Back in 2003 the word “e-mail” was banned because France wanted to protect the purity of their language. It seems odd that those who are enforcing these laws do not understand that language is constantly developing and that slang and internet words are used every day by the younger generation as well as the older generations.

Although France claims that the banning of Facebook and Twitter has nothing to do with language purity they are adamant in their decision. Unfortunately what they don’t seem to realize is that the news is not favoring these sites, they are using the resources of the sites to spread the news to many more viewers who probably don’t have time to sit around at a selected timeframe and watch the news.

I mean think about it, how many younger people sit around and watch the news? A few yes, but many more are on the computer on these social media sites. People are on the computer all of the time. These are common images that you see everyday:

Twitter And Facebook Making News Channels More Famous:

It is not the news sites that are giving popularity to Twitter and Facebook, in fact it is the other way around. News stations are using these sites to grow and expand, getting more and more viewers through multiple media outlets. These sites also bring the new stations more followers. With the constant updates, viewers are more likely to go to a TV and watch a breaking news story which in turn brings money to the network and new station.

So how is banning these words going to do anything other than harm the new station and bring more criticism towards France. It even brings even more attention to Facebook and Twitter. With both of those sites mentioned in the news due to this ban, they will likely receive more followers. The methods of the officials are old fashioned and need to be updated. Society is ever changing and evolves with technology, the laws governing the society need to evolve as well.

Unfortunately until France changes its laws Facebook and Twitter are still

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Offline

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Full Offline Standalone Setup Installer

As the form of challenge to instant messenger, Yahoo has introduced a new upgraded version, and it is called as Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta 1.

The new version of Yahoo Messenger has been built with couple of new attributes, consisting of social gaming like Happy Manner, happy harvest, Draw My Thing, Pool, Balloono, Fishville, Mafia Wars, and it directly connects and manages social networking website such as Twitter, FaceBook, Flicker, and Yahoo Pulse.

Features of Yahoo Messenger Beta 11:

Keep in touch with anywhere in the world: You can connect with the various social networking sites as it allows you to view the status, comments like the updates from Twitter, FaceBook, Flicker, and Yahoo Pulse.

Post One Status to Multiple sites: Since you are able to connect with multiple social media websites using this new Yahoo Messenger, you can simultaneously write a new status message on all of them at one go.

Chat with FaceBook Friends: Just like adding Window Live id, now you can also add FaceBook friends to your Yahoo contacts and chat with them.

Rich Experience across the devices: With this version of Yahoo Messenger, you can make video calls, share pictures and videos between PCs.

Contact from anywhere: You could start Instant messenger in PC, and then you can continue using them with internet enabled devices such as Android based mobiles and iPhone.

Quick Access to recent interaction: You can recover latest instant messenger discussion from any computer, where you have signed into yahoo messenger.

Download Yahoo Messenger here.

Download Direct offline installer here.

Twitter Widget Now Makes Twitter Updates Available On Blogger- Blogspot

Twitter Widget Now Makes Twitter Updates Available On Blogger- Blogspot

For those of you who frequently blog and want others to follow your blogs on other social websites, twitter has come up with their unique Twitter Widget. This helps you to get twitter updates on your BlogSpot/ blogger and let others get to see them.

This way people can also follow your twitter updates on your blogger and get an insight to your blogs on Twitter. The twitter updates in your blog’s sidebar is going to benefit you with increased viewings of your Blogs.

To show the latest twitter updates on your BlogSpot or blogger first you need to login there. Then click to layouts and choose Page elements. After this click add a gadget icon and choose html/ javascript.

You need to add this code given below and save it –

div id=”twitter_div”>
<ul id=”twitter_update_list”></ul>
<a id=”twitter-link” style=”display:block;text-align:right;” href=”“>follow me on Twitter</a>
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>
<script src=”<username>.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=5” type=”text/javascript”>

Replace ‘username’ with your twitter username.

For getting more than last five updates, you’ll need to increase the count accordingly to your preference. By following this procedure you shall now activate updates from twitter onto your blog’s sidebar. By Collaborating your blog accounts with social media can definitely help you to get more traffic, and it will also help you with sales conversions on your blog.

Twitter Plugins To Help You Promote Your WordPress Blogs

Twitter Plugins To Help You Promote Your WordPress Blogs

Many bloggers are seen using twitter frequently. Twitter is not only about socializing but can also be used to market individual blogs, products and services. Being present on this social platform allows one to get more number of followers and reap benefits.

Promoting your blogs through tweets will surely get you more visitors. If you regularly update your posts on the twitter manually, then it consumes a lot of your time. In order to minimize the workload and utilize twitter and WordPress to the optimum, use twitter’s plug-in for WordPress.

There are many more Plugins which will ease your work and promote your services, products. Few are listed below:

1. Twitterup: This automatically updates twitter with your recent blog posts. It also provides a service for shortening a URL to post all your articles. It relieves you from having to type in the lengthy websites in the address bar.

2. Tweetly updater: This plug-in exclusive for WordPress automatically shoots tweets to all your followers on twitter. The tweets include your latest edited blog posts or any new posts with its links. This plug-in utilizes facilities to cut short a lengthy URL.

3. Twitthis button: A new twitter button is added in your blog posts and RSS feeds. When a twitter user clicks on them, a tweet is sent out to his followers about your post.

4. Tweetscribe: It allows for subscription similar to subscribing to blogs. Tweeters can subscribe through tweetscribe to an individual’s blog posts and notifications will automatically be sent to them regarding new blog posts by twitter.

5. Twitter friends widget: This widget will display a list of flowers and friends on the sidebar of your blog. It is similar to blogger followers and Google connect.

Individuals have seen an increase in the number of followers and traffic for their blogs after updating their twitter accounts. This is an add-on to a blogger and helps one in developing a good social network through twitter.

Multipurpose Utility Tool Twitter Gadget Let’s To Tweet On Gmail

Multipurpose Utility Tool Twitter Gadget Let’s To Tweet On Gmail

The Recent launch of new utility tool called Twitter Gadget has attracted a mass of gmail users. This is a multipurpose utility tool, and it supports gmail users to simultaneously stay connected to their twitter account and gmail account.

Gmail users can easily tweet on their twitter accounts while checking the mails on gmail account. This gadget is one of the gmail’s advanced lab feature, it displays a tiny icon on your Gmail account’s left side navigation bar. From here users can easily login to their twitter accounts and remain connected.

Users can easily post a new formal public statement or read other users public statements from any exclusive connection. To log on to their twitter accounts users need to simply enter their account information such as login-username and password under the provided space, then just hit enter on your keyboard you’ll be automatically connected to your twitter account on gmail’s platform.

Now, once logged in, users can send or read mails and also they can send or read twitter announcements in same window, and that too from their “Gmail-Account”.

In order to make this twitter gadget functional, users don’t have to either download or install any application on their respective computer systems. As this gadget is a simple platform or base for twitter users (Web Version2.0AJAX).

So, just enjoy the benefits of gmail’s-lab-feature and utilize twitter on your Gmail account.

The important features of twitter gadget are:

  • Users can toggle-thumbnails to ON/OFF.
  • Users can get time-stamps with proclamation sources
  • Users can send and receive fresh tweets
  • Users can get rapid loading and auto-refresh by default for every 3 minutes.

Guide to enable twitter gadget on Gmail account are as follows:

  • Firstly, users need to login to their gmail account.
  • Now, navigate through settings option and select the option “labs”.
  • Now, just enable the “add-gadget-by-URL” option.
  • Now, save the settings made.

After the preference settings are stored as mentioned above, just follow the steps mentioned underneath:

  • Again navigate through settings option and select the new option namely “gadget”.
  • Now, enter the web link mentioned underneath, in the “Gadgets-text-box”.
  • URL:
  • Now, save these settings to start utilizing your twitter on Gmail.

Henceforth users can see their twitter gadget displayed as a small icon on their gmail accounts left side of navigation bar on and they can remain connected to their twitter account on gmail platform.

Creating Customized Twitter Backgrounds

Creating Customized Twitter Backgrounds

Creating customized twitter screen backgrounds, attracts more people which in turn accounts to more people following you. A customized twitter screen background is a way of showcasing your style quotient, professionalism and speaks a lot about your organization skills.

Creating free customized twitter screen backgrounds is easy and fun too. The status of the account holder should be good enough to begin with. One can project oneself, one’s blogs, brand, sites freely using twitter generator tool.

This feature of creating a customized background is supplied by twitter’s “Twitter Image”. Twitter Image is ready to provide you with all the above services provided you have at least 5000 followers. They provide this service for free by only crediting themselves on the screen background. There certainly is no harm in doing so.

They consider many factors before providing a free customized twitter screen background. Factors that are kept under consideration are status of a person’s blog, site, tweeting frequencies and many more. They receive many applications every day, so all they say is please fulfill the above factors before applying.

If one fails to fulfill their criteria to apply for a free customized screen background, one can still get a customized background by paying $100. However, it is best to improve twitter status by getting a free customized background rather than pay $100.

Integrate Your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Accounts Using Digsby IM Client

Integrate Your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Accounts Using Digsby IM Client

Who doesn’t want to get instant access to their social networking sites’ notification timely? Therefore, Digsby IM client integrates all IM, email notification along with social networking sites to allow you get instant access. Usually Digsby client integrates multiple accounts such as Yahoo, Gtalk, Jabber, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and MSN in one single Window.

Thus you will not need to download separate clients. It is completely feature rich IM client which offers users to customize and personalize client according to their preferences and conveniences using different widgets.

The best part of this client is that it integrates Facebook, MSN, AIM, MySpace, Twitter, Gtalk accounts along with various email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. It is also useful for adding social networking websites and get quick access to them via single window.

Key Features of Digsby IM Client

  • You can chat from various accounts such as Gtalk, Yahoo, Facebook, etc under single window.
  • Popup alters feature enabled when you receive new messages.
  • You can rename friends and send messages by single click.
  • Save all conversation and search for them later.
  • Get instant access to Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc. accounts.
  • Popup alerts for every new receiving mail.
  • you can send email to any contacts by single click
  • You can get latest updates from your Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • You can send multiple files at a time using transfer manager feature.
  • you can see the new friend request, upcoming birthdays etc via Digsby IM client

Digg Faster With The New Diggbar

Digg Faster With The New Diggbar

Digging a story or any article has never been easier than now. The newly launched DiggBar improves upon the limitations of its earlier versions which required users to log back into the Digg site to Digg an article or story. The newly launched DiggBar doesn’t require users to log into the Digg site to Digg an article or story. They can do it from the destination site itself.

Implementation of this utility is extremely simple. Suppose you come across a good and interesting article on a website and you would like to dig it. Instead of going back to the Digger page, you just need to place a “” ahead of the original URL, and the page will have the DiggBar automatically placed across it. Therefore the new URL becomes

On having the DiggBar added onto the page, you can directly Digg a story with just a single click. Users can read comments of only those stories that have been dug. Other than this, you can also check out the traffic of the page directly from DiggBar.

Some of the features of DiggBar are mentioned below:

  • You can directly Digg from the destination site, you don’t need to go back to the main page and dig it from there.
  • Creating a better and shortened URL using Digg helps efficient sharing on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail. The best way to create a shortened URL is by adding “” before the original URL.
  • Comments can be posted and viewed from the page of the story itself. On clicking the “comment” button, it shows the latest comment, top comment and controversial comments all on the same page.
  • You can also discover other stories related to the actual story.
  • You can also check out more stories and that too from the same source
  • The random button helps you discover some random stories