Download / Play Digger Online For Free – Windows / Unix / DOS

I’ve been a Digger fan since my childhood. I was recently searching for a downloadable version or online version for free found these links.

You can download DOS version of Digger for free from this link:

It’s best if you can download as you can play the game even if you are offline. However, if you prefer playing it online, here’s the link:

Apart from the DOS version, they have Windows / Unix version too for free download.

Tip: To make the ‘Digger’ experience more exciting you can play the game upside down, i.e, by flipping windows screen upside down. I’m trying to train my mind to play the ‘up-side-down’ version and it’s quite a challenge. Must try I suggest 🙂

The Way For Getting And Have A View Process Identifier On Windows

The Way For Getting And Have A View Process Identifier On Windows

Commonly known as process ID or may be PID, the Process identifier is a number that is unique which is tagged with each and every processes that runs in a system, and is used by operating system kernels, for example as Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X for identifying a process.

In Linux or Unix-like operating system, the ps command may be used for searching for the PID of a particular process that is running, by grapping that output. In operating system of Windows for example Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 7, there are no such commands or utility available.

For getting a way to know, or see, recover as well as identify that PID for the processes that runs in the Windows operating system, the users or administrators may make the use of the Task Manager.

However, Task Manager usually does not display the PID information in the default configuration. In order to display PID value in the Task Manager, you have to go to the Processes tab, and then click on the menu called View, after that click on the Select Columns. In that “Select Columns” or may be “Select Process Page Columns”, tick or check that checkbox for the PID (or Process Identifier), and the click OK.

Execute Windows Based Application On Multi Platforms Like Solaris, Linux And Mac

Execute Windows Based Application On Multi Platforms Like Solaris, Linux And Mac

Individuals using Linux and Mac OS x operating systems find difficulty in using applications and programs designed exclusively for Microsoft’s windows operating system. As there are many people using Microsoft’s products, services and third party tools are in need of some tricks to execute their windows based applications on other platforms.

WINE software assists everyone who wishes to run their windows based applications on different operating systems like Solaris, Linux, Mac OS x.

This software is free and currently in developing stages. It is being designed and developed with core windows api and will not require any source code of the windows operating system to execute applications. Few .dll files will be loaded to enhance its performance.

Wine in fact is merging the source code of windows on unix platform, supporting unrestricted applications and programs to run on varied platforms. It is also getting launched in last quarter of 2010. It will be available for free allowing non windows users to try this software. This has still not been released for the public. The beta version of Wine is going to be launched very soon.

This innovative software will change the way programming has existed giving rise to new innovations, products and services.

Free JaBack to Synchronization, Archiving Task and Automate Backup

Free JaBack to Synchronization, Archiving Task and Automate Backup

Most likely you might have heard about CopyChangedFiles, which is used to keep the backup of the significant files altered frequently, from one directory to another. JaBack is another new dominant, reliable and flexible automated data backup tool, which can be synchronized, archived and automated backup.

JaBack is free of charge app and it is pretty easy to use. There is no need to write any code scripts for user friendly graphic interface for all ongoing operation. JaBack offers a wide variety of features. You just need to generate the task and specify the type of the task i.e. what you want to perform, like synchronizing folders, zipping/unzipping directories, copying files, deleting files and much more.

After the completion of this task, in order to automate it, you’ll need to use the scheduler software. The scheduler software allows you to schedule the job frequency such as by seconds, minutes, hour, day, week and month. This scheduler software consist very powerful scheduling, tasking and automation capabilities. With version tracking, you’ll be able to decide to append time/date for the backup of files.

JaBack provide email and FTP capability to send the backup data to mail server and remote area, if you going to use the internet and want to transfer the backup data to other server. One of its important features is that you can generate a task to keep an eye on your local directory and to backup data when a change in folder/file is detected.

On the top of this, it offers a dominant wildcard feature, which merges normal expressions and custom wildcard. This feature facilitates more flexibility than either the UNIX or DOS wildcard systems. These features can be used for only zip/unzips archive/backup/delete options based on selected files.

It is portable, as it has been noticed that it runs well with Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT Server/2000 Server/2000 AdvServer/Vista. As it is an independent platform, it also supports the other OS such as Linux as well as UNIX platforms, Mac OSX. To know more about its features, you can refer to the help manual. Use the following link to download it.

User Help maual Here

Send An Email From Linux Or UNIX Command Line Shell Easily

Send An Email From Linux Or UNIX Command Line Shell Easily

Sometimes, the system administrator might be required to send an emergency mail or a test mail message only using the command line interpreter or shell in Linux flavored OS and it might also be needed in the distribution of operating system such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat Fedora, FreeBSD, Open SUSE and etc. In such situations, you will find the mail command extremely handy one.

Actually “mail” is a command, which is used to receive and send mail massages in BSD operating system, UNIX and Linux. You could enter the following command to initiate the mail transfer procedure.

Mail [email protected]

Of course, you should enter a valid email address in the place of [email protected].

While typing the mail message body, you will be prompted to enter the subject for the mail by the system. The format would be like:

# mail [email protected]
Subject: For Testing Only
This email is for testing the mail delivery system only.
^D (EOT)

After completing the typing of your email message, you just have to press Ctrl-D (it is shown like “^D” in the above example). It is used to represents the End of Text (EOT). You may or may not be prompted with the input request to enter any other recipients to send cc (carbon copy). It depends upon the operating system that you use. To skip this, just hit enter button or else accept the input, and the mail will be automatically delivered.

Tip: If the same system is used by the recipient and sender, then you may just omit the domain part (it will be as from the address, typing just user name only.

Furthermore, you could use switches and arguments of mail for sending the mail to directly avoiding any interactive input. For instance,

mail -s Test [email protected] < /dev/null

The above command will send a blank email right away, which would have empty body to the address of recipient and having the subject name as “Test”. You could as well type “man mail” for extra arguments.

Download Free Aircraft, Air Travel, Flight Simulation Game Software

FlightGear is a software program which allows you to simulate all that is connected with the operations of aircrafts and air traveling. You can select the type of aircrafts from the vintage ones to the latest and you can have as many airports as you want and select the schedules as per your choice. You can be a pilot or an air traffic controller as per your wish.

FlightGear is open source software and is compatible with many operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux. The program has excellent and unique features which make it standout from the competition. As a pilot you can fly in bad weather conditions, dodge air traffic control and also indulge in a game with multiple players over the network.

The graphics of the application is marvelous and is absolutely realistic. You can also add your own graphics to any extent where your imagination takes you. The interface is easy to use and you can put your favorite options on the screen rather than using the menus. Graphics may not look so jazzy, but the performance is superb.

Some of the noted weaknesses are in ground handling, not so prefect audio and the absence of a collision detection system. Since the development of FlightGear is still going on, one can expect many more innovations in the future versions.

[ Download FlightGear ]

Free Remote Computer Control Software

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) allows you to take control of a remote computer over the network. For example, you can run a graphical application on another computer from your computer. This facility is very useful for mobile users who want to run specific programs and get the results while they are on the road. The Java client included in VNC helps you to access the remote computer through the web browser without the need to install any other software.

VNC, the opensource software, is currently available for Windows, UNIX, Linux and Solaris. It works well over LAN and does not consume too much memory. For a slow connection you may have to compromise on some of the attributes such as number of colors, wall paper , number of active windows and many others. VNC is able to control all the I/O devices of the remote computer such as keyboard, mouse and display.

The program functions as a service process which allows you to connect to a system where nobody has logged in. The interface can handle only limited number of connections and the rest can be saved as shortcuts to be used later. The installation files are small and the process is very easy which enables VNC to be used by both home and professional users.

The application is well documented and so the user gets all support needed for proper running of the software.

[ Download VNC ]

Free Data Management Application For Linux / Unix – Like Microsoft Access

Kexi is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool used for development involving databases. It can be used for designing forms to create, modify and manipulate your data in the same way as any other full featured application will do. Essentially Kexi creates a comprehensive environment for managing and manipulating data.

Kexi has its own database engine embedded inside and all that you create such as forms, queries and tables are stored in this database. Kexi is compatible with other popular databases such as MS Access from which the files can be imported and exported.

Being an open source software Kexi functions perfectly well with Unix, Windows and Linux platforms while MAC OS X version is scheduled to be released soon works with Fink. Kexi is a part of the Koffice suite, but can be installed and used independently without installing the other components of the suite. However you must install version 3.2 of KDE libraries and their development environment for proper functioning of Kexi.

It is also important to install the full version of Kexi in order to ensure that you get proper error reports. The latest release of Kexi has several improvements such as previewing the image within simple print out and the creation of a “Find” window that works within basic functions such as form views, query and tables.

[ Download Kexi ]

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