Update Windows 7 Device Drivers

Update Manually Windows 7 Device Drivers

Updating the device drivers of your computer might help you to get rid of error code problem of device manager and some hardware. It also enables you to enjoy the updated features of your device. Updating drivers of hardware for windows 7 is just like updating software program drivers in other windows, although there are some minor differences. Therefore, users who have knowledge of updating drivers in the earlier operating system might understand the below mentioned steps.

Download frequently the most recent version of drivers for your hardware components directly from the website of hardware manufacturer. For instance, if you have built in camera in your HP laptop, the right spot for you to download the webcam driver is HP laptop website.

Several device drivers have the ability of automatic installation, which is done by just clicking run button. Occasionally, this is simply not the situation and in case you are in this scenario then you will have to execute manual updates for you hardware. The following are the steps to be followed for this:

  • Download device driver from the website of hardware manufacturer. Always avoid third party installation like “automatic software detection”
  • Open the device manager from the control panel window.
  • Now right click on the hardware you want to update and select properties.
  • Now look towards properties window, you will find update driver tab, click> update driver.
  • Now a new window “’How do you want to search for driver software” will open? click > “Browse my computer for the driver software”
  • After that, click “let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” accompanied by “Have Disk” button.
  • Click>Browse
  • Click>INF button.
  • Click>New Hardware>Next

MobileMe Calendar To Update Your iDevice

Latest MobileMe Calendar: Fix The Duplicate Account Appearing Issues

Mostly, users who use MobileMe calendar app experience trouble after updating their iDevice to iOS 4.2 firmware. The issue regarding duplicate events and calendar data appears on the screen after updating.  In order to verify or confirm whether you are encountering this problem or not, follow the given steps.

  • Click on the settings option on your iPad
  • Click on Mail, Contacts and calendars
  • Click on the MobileMe account and ensure that the calendar slider is already enabled.

  • Click on Done
  • Click on the CalDAV, manually by creating an account at the time of configuring MobileMe calendar. If this is enabled then you can view MobileMe data twice on your screen.

Resolve This Problem by following these steps:

  • Once you track down the CalDAV, manually created account, choose the accounts which have duplicity issues.

  • Click on the Delete option

  • Confirm the delete option on a dialogue box.


Our Suggestions:  It is the common issue of all MobileMe app users. The above given steps are safe and easy to apply to resolve the issues. Make sure that you choose the right manually created account to delete after the verification.   However, you can merge your duplicate entries by applying merging solution to fix the duplicate data appearing on screen.  All you just have to do is navigate to Settings>> Mail, contacts, calendars and tap on your account. Select merge option when prompted.

Facebook Reader Is Available For iPhone

Popular Frienatic Facebook Reader Is Available For iPhone

Finally, Frienatic app has been launched for iPhone and iPad to experience the Facebook page differently.  This app is a unique way to view your news feeds status and updates on the Facebook. This universal application is compatible for iPhone and iPad.  It is a fresh and latest Facebook reader for iPhone and iPad.

Prominent Features:

  • Universal app optimized for iPhone and iPad devices
  • Enriched graphics and layouts of news feeds and status
  • Mentioned and highlighted images with captions
  • Can use the where into feature to check where your friend is using the inbuilt map
  • Write on the friends’ wall, share stories and comments
  • Slideshow of the images with captions in portrait and landscape mode
  • Photo uploading
  • Description of the different pages

This is the latest app introduced for the iPhone users to get more vivid view of the Facebook page.

Our Suggestion

This app is completely inspired by the latest iPad RSS readers. It is especially dedicated to the iPhone users to have illustrated view of the Facebook page on the iPhone. You can download Frienatic by paying $0.99 from the app store worldwide.

Fixing Window Update or Control Panel Failed to Load Error Page

Fixing Window Update or Control Panel Failed to Load Error Page

Many times while opening the Window Update or Control Panel in Windows based PC’s like windows 7 and window vista, neither the window update nor the control panel interface opens. In this situation, when we opens window update or control panel it just shows a white page along with this error atoledo“ The Page Failed to Load.”

The main cause of this problem is inconsistency with the third party software programs. Some of casino online the recognized applications include:

StarDock MyColors
Windows Blinds
XeroBank Browser

Various other applications, which alter or mess with window theme and other primary system functioning area, can also cause this problem.

Therefore, if you want to fix this error, you just have to uninstall the inconsistent applications. Many times, updating the current version of the newer version can also solve this issue.

If you are still suffering from this problem, then you can try the following steps:

• Open an administrative command prompt.
• Enter and execute the following command

sfc /scannow

Restart the system after completion

Use Web Pages Monitor To Stay Updated With Web Page Changes

Use Web Pages Monitor To Stay Updated With Web Page Changes

Most of us want to stay updated with their favorite websites, such as online news or online stock. When the news is released, we tend to watch it immediately. Now, lots of new applications are present with which you can check the website yourself and see if the new posts. One of them is “Web Pages Monitor”.

This application helps you to monitor the web pages. It alerts you instantly when any type of alteration is made in the website. In addition to this it keeps you posted with the availability of web server.

The application Web Pages Monitor is a free application. You can set the time interval to monitor the web page. It automatically monitors the web pages in every pre-defined time interval at background. If there is any change in the website, you will be alerted by the message that appears in the task bar. This freeware application is easy to use. You can also set the checking frequency of the web pages as of minutes up to hours and days.

It is capable of checking all kinds of web pages along with the textual contents for example html, php, jsp, asp and also binary files, provided that they can be accessed through HTTPS, HTTP and FTP protocols. You can start monitoring at the start up of windows and you can also monitor infinite number of websites or web pages.

Firefox Add-On Providing Check4Change for Monitoring Updates in the Websites

Firefox Add-On Providing Check4Change for Monitoring Updates in the Websites

From the name itself we can easily assume that Check4Change will monitor all the changes taking place on the websites for a specific period of time which will be mentioned by the users. They can save all hassles of having to manually do the refreshing job all the time, especially if they expect changes in the websites that are opened by them.

After download and installing it, you have to restart the browser of Firefox browsers so that it takes effect. After completing it, you have to open that website and choose the particular text which you are intending to monitor, which is followed by right click in that page and it will bring menu for selection.

Then scroll to Check4Change. The users may choose particular period on which the system may prompt for change in text (if required). After detecting the change in text, there will a notification of pop-up alert, with sound in background. You can also use features like Tab Animation and others which are totally configurable, based on user’s own preferences.

Bear in mind that it works only in opened Tabs, so the user may not be able to monitor those websites constantly, unless of course they keep those websites opened a door times. However, it definitely is better than the manual refresh on the already opened tabs.

Get Updated For New Gmail Arrivals With Gmail Notifier

Get Updated For New Gmail Arrivals With Gmail Notifier

Gmail notifier is complete software from google to inform you of new mail arrivals into your gmail account. Following the installation of gmail notifier, it will display a blue colored mailing icon in the system tray.

Select the icon, left click it twice to open gmail information login page. Now, select the ‘”remember me” Option to get notified of every Incoming-mail without being logged into the account.

This will commence automatically each and every time the computer system is rebooted.

It establishes connection to a Gmail-server every couple of minutes to assure arrivals of any new mail. With respect to arrival of a fresh gmail a beep sound is made to notify that you have received a new mail.

It also sets gmail as your default mail account for any outgoing mails.

Email Notifier Tool has been launched with two versions. One of the notifier tool works on windows platform and the later one works on Mac’s platform.

However, gmail-notifier is compatible with windows2000, xp and vista and can be downloaded on both windows and Mac-systems.

Keratin Auto Download Software To Help Update Installed Applications

Keratin Auto Download Software To Help Update Installed Applications

Maintaining preferred installed software applications on a computer system with periodic newer updates is not easy. However to make it easy Keratin tool comes handy.

To enjoy the updated features of an application shortly after its release date. Individuals have to periodically keep checking the website for new version of the software. They have to even set a reminder to keep a check on the website regularly. They also have to check the compatibility issues of new releases which will be pretty exhausting.

Ketarin tool is a diminutive application which is capable of supporting this issue by assisting individuals to supervise and see to it that those preinstalled applications get the most recent version automatically updated or start auto downloading the latest installers.

Ketarin is a “Free-Open-Source-Application”. It is programmed in “C#” for “.Net-Framework-2.0” and utilizes “SqLite” as database engine, to run ketarin; users must confirm that their computer has “.Net-2.0” installed.

Individuals were earlier informed about “Radar-Sync”, this application is capable of scanning applications and drivers on your computer system. It also displays a list of recent installers with links.

Yet, ketarin works on a different technique; first of all it will verify to know if any latest version is available for installation and then automatically downloads the installer within the predefined path.

Once it has downloaded the update, it will prompt the user to install the latest-version of the application and then user can decide to install later or instantly.

It searches for any updated installer on File Hippo by default. If desired applications are not found on this website link or if a user prefers not to be directed to this website, they can change the website.

Ketarin’s strongest feature is that it permits users to define commands for execution right after the installer completes downloading, installation in background, virus scans, un-zipping the zipped-package and etc.

To know more details about ketarin, refer the tutorial.

Free Group Messaging From Google

Free Group Messaging From Google

Sms’s and Text Messages are the latest and most convenient way of remaining connected to your friends and loved ones. Free SMS Packs and offers are the latest sell outs amongst mobile phone users.

This trend has brought a revolution which helps users send SMS’s from the internet. There are a number of websites and portals that allows users to send free SMS’s across the globe.


The new Google SMS Channel launched by Google allows its users to send SMS’s all around the world. The portal also allows you to subscribe for blog updates, news alerts, score updates, jokes, horoscopes, community messages and lots more.

Google SMS Channel is absolutely free for both, the channel owner and subscriber. The user can create his/her own channel and get SMS alerts for every update made on the channel. You can ask your friends and relatives to join your channel and always be in touch.

Free Update and Upgrade iPod Touch to Latest Firmware OS 3.0

Free Update and Upgrade iPod Touch to Latest Firmware OS 3.0

Recently, the new firmware OS version 3.0 for iPod Touch and iPhone has been published by Apple. This new firmware 3.0 is one of the major updates because with this OS update, you could now get tons of latest features to your portable iDevices. All original iPhone generations and iPhone 3G are allowed to upgrade firmware to iPhone OS 3.0 at free of cost.

On the other hand, the devices in the category of 1st and iPod Touch 2G of 2nd generation should have to pay $9.95 for upgrading the firmware to OS 3.0. Now, you can skip the payment option as well. Of course, Apple showing an unfair practice towards iPod Touch, even if the devices don’t properly incur any of the recurring charges.

To upgrade and update iPhone and iPod Touch’s old firmware versions to OS 3.0 at absolutely free of cost, just go though the following guide.

  1. First, you have to download and install iTunes having version 8.2 or higher.
  2. Now, you have to download following

Note: If you download the file having ZIP extension such as iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.zip, then you have to rename this .zip file to .ipsw file format. If the downloaded file is affixed with .zip file format such as iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw.zip, you have to remove the .zip extension from the filename.

While downloading iPod Touch firmware if you deal with any sort of error massage such as “an error occurred while processing your request”, then you should download the IPSW files using the following links.

Link for 1st generation iPod Touch Here

Link for 2nd generation iPod Touch Here

  1. Now, connect your iPod Touch device to computer.
  2. Execute the file iTunes 8.2 or higher.
  3. Choose the iPod Touch device from the list of devices.
  4. Backup of your iPod Touch in case of any accidental file lost. This step is optional yet important.
  5. Probably there are two ways with which you could update you iPod to firmware OS 3.0. If you want to install a firmware suit on iPod Touch without keeping any existing data file and songs, movies, videos, music, apps and other media files on iPod Touch, then follow steps given below:
  • If you are Windows user, you have to hold Shift key and left click on Restore.
    • For users of Mac OS X system, just hold Option button and then left click on Restore.
  1. If you would like to retain and save all your data as it is in your iPod Touch and want to upgrade your device without losing a single file, go through following steps:
  • When you go to main screen of iTunes, you’ll see 2 options as “Check for update” and “Restore”. Just click on “Check for update” option.
  • A webpage will be displayed with features of iPod Touch OS with firmware version 3.0. There will be an option where you can buy it for $9.99. You simply click on “Cancel”.
  • iTunes will be back with the previous main page iPod Touch. You’ll see now that the “Check for update” option has been changed “Update” option.
  • Windows users have to hold Shift key and then left click Update.
  • Mac OS X system users have to press and hold the Option key, left click on Update.
  1. Browse to the downloaded file for iPod Touch OS 3.0 Apple Device Software Update IPSW and select it.
  2. Once selected the file, the process of upgrade will be started. Your iPod Touch may be restarted for few times. You have to keep connected your iPod Touch device to computer until updating process gets finished.
  3. When completed the upgrading, your iPod Touch will be successfully running on OS firmware 3.0 without spending a cent.
  4. Optionally, if you would like to restore iPod Tunes to firmware OS software of version 3.0 to default, you will be provided an option by iTunes where you could select to either restore it from backup or create a new iPod.