Facebook Reader Is Available For iPhone

Popular Frienatic Facebook Reader Is Available For iPhone

Finally, Frienatic app has been launched for iPhone and iPad to experience the Facebook page differently.  This app is a unique way to view your news feeds status and updates on the Facebook. This universal application is compatible for iPhone and iPad.  It is a fresh and latest Facebook reader for iPhone and iPad.

Prominent Features:

  • Universal app optimized for iPhone and iPad devices
  • Enriched graphics and layouts of news feeds and status
  • Mentioned and highlighted images with captions
  • Can use the where into feature to check where your friend is using the inbuilt map
  • Write on the friends’ wall, share stories and comments
  • Slideshow of the images with captions in portrait and landscape mode
  • Photo uploading
  • Description of the different pages

This is the latest app introduced for the iPhone users to get more vivid view of the Facebook page.

Our Suggestion

This app is completely inspired by the latest iPad RSS readers. It is especially dedicated to the iPhone users to have illustrated view of the Facebook page on the iPhone. You can download Frienatic by paying $0.99 from the app store worldwide.

Make Watching YouTube Videos Interesting By Setting Specific Time To Play Clip

Make Watching YouTube Videos Interesting By Setting Specific Time To Play Clip

YouTube Video sharing website is unarguably one of the best websites to search and watch favorite videos directly. Moreover, you can also share your desired video with your friends and relatives via YouTube. There is no doubt that YouTube has abundant interesting videos but, you can’t deny that there might be few boring clips that will be embedded in videos.

When you share these videos with friends, they have to wait to see the most interesting clips of the video till its buffering. It is just wastage of time watching full video just to see small interesting clip of any particular video. It is quite possible that an interesting clip is at the middle or end of the video.

However, there is a trick to resolve this problem and watch the funny and interesting part of video directly at particular time period when that part is being shown. It means, the viewer can jump to the part from where the clip starts to watch it without viewing the entire video. All you need to do is just add following tag at the end of videos URL: url: #t=01m28sec. With this tag, the video will start at one minute 28 seconds, which is after the initial boring part.  

For Example:

Original format of video:


After adding the tag:


Users can change the timing accordance with video clips timing. Once you send videos with this tag to your friends, they will be redirected at specific time period of video as they click on the link.

Handle Your Attachments By Just Dragging And Dropping

Handle Your Attachments By Just Dragging And Dropping

Gmail users can upload attachments to their emails by two ways as provided by the provider. The first option is Advanced Attachment and the second one is Basic Attachment.

The Advanced Attachment method requires flash and the user can upload multiple files at one go. The Basic Attachment method allows attachments to be uploaded one at a time. It takes more time than the advanced option.


Gmail has provided users with the advanced method of attaching files. This method allows users to attach files by just dragging and dropping them. The Drag & Drop plugin allows users of Firefox to upload files by just dragging them and dropping them to the area designated for attachments.

The best part of this feature is that it the hassles of browsing to the desired files have been eliminated. It helps Gmail users to make attachments more conveniently and in a faster way.

Embed Your Photos With Attractive Frames

Embed Your Photos With Attractive Frames

Making your photos more attractive and appealing is good to be done in order to treasure your memorable moments. If you are sending your new born baby’s photo to your parents or relative, then you would wish to adorn photos with special frames.

So if you intend to decorate your photos by adding frames to them, then myFrame online photo framing service is the best place to start decorating your photo with attractive them.

There is no need to pay single penny because it is a free service. All you have to do is just go to the myFrame online webpage and upload your photos. Once you upload your photo you will get varieties of templates to choose from.

You can customize the photo size by zooming-in or zooming-out in order to fit them in the frame. Once you’ve found the frame you like, click on “Save” button in order to save your decorated photo.

How To Upload Sony Ericsson Themes On To My New Sony Ericsson Phone

If you have a Sony Ericsson Phone then you mostly will be aware that you can upload new themes on your phone, so as to give it a new look as and when you want.

A friend recently wasn’t sure how to upload new themes to her Sony Ericsson Phone and I thought to myself that there will be a lot of other folks who’ll be looking for this information and hence this article, for all those who want to upload new themes for their Sony Ericsson Phones.

1> Plug the phone to your computer, either with the cable that comes along when you bought the phone or link it to your laptop / computer with ‘Bluetooth’ if the facility is available.

2> Once your phone is paired with your system, you’ll see a new drive which’ll say ‘PHONE CARD‘, double click on it and open the folder.

3> Here you’ll see a few folders, search for ‘MSSEMC‘ folder and double click on it and open it.

4> Open folder ‘Media files‘ in which you’ll find the folder ‘theme

5> Drag and drop the theme you want, into this folder (it should be a .thm file) and you are done.

You can download free sony ercisson themes from www.sonyericssonthemes.net .

How To Install WordPress Plugins Easily In One Click With No Download And Upload Or Any Mess

One of the core functionality of WordPress, is the ability to add new Plugins, which adds new features or improves some of the features already available. Plugins sit on top of WordPress core engine and hence they can be added or removed without altering the core functionality of WordPress.

Until now, the traditional way of installing a plugin invloved:

1> downloading the plugin from the plugin database, uploading it on to server using a FTP software, logging to Plugin management in admin dashboard and activating the plugin, or

2> Using the Add New plugin interface which is available in the dashboard of the WordPress admin panel.

But from now on, with the help of WordPress.org One-Click Install plugin, there will be no more downloading or uploading files. The plugins will be installed with just one Click !

For one final time, you have to follow the routine of installing the plugin manually. Go to WordPress.org One-Click Install Plugin page, download the plugin and install it.

You should have Greasemonkey script installed on your Firefox – oh did I mention this works on only Firefox as of now, so you need to get Firefox if you still don’t have it on your system.

Once you have Greasemonkey on Firefox and Worpdress One Click Install plugin installed you are all set.

Whenever you visit any Plugin page on WordPress.org, instead of seeing just the Download button in the right side bar, you’ll see an additional button which’ll say “Install to <your-site-URL>”

Install WordPress Plugins One Click No Download

Click on that button and the plugin will be installed on to your blog ! That’s it !

[ Download WordPress.org One-Click Install Plugin]

How To Upload And Download Bulk Images To/From Facebook

Are you a Facebook addict ? If you are, then I have two awesome tools, that will help you speed up the process of uploading and downloading images, pictures, as a matter of fact complete albums from Facebook, in one click !

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To Upload bulk images, pictures to albums in Facebook :

Upload Download Bulk Images Pictures Albums Facebook

1> Download Windows live gallery and install it.
2> Install a small plugin – “LiveUpload to Facebook”. This is one of the brilliant addons to Windows Live Gallery.
3> Once you have both, “Windows Live Gallery” and “LiveUpload to Facebook”, download and installed, open WLG, select the picture/s you want to upload and click on ‘Publish’ on the menu bar and select ‘LiveUpload to Facebook’. The selected images will be uploaded to your facebook account.

[ Download Windows Live Gallery ]

[ Download ‘LiveUpload to Facebook’ ]

To download bulk images, pictures from albums in facebook :

Upload Download Bulk Images Pictures Albums Facebook

1> You need to download and install FacePad, a Firefox extension. If you do not have Firefox, I recommend you download and install it right away. It’s just another, but a much better browser freely available.

2> Once you’ve installed FacePad, open the album you want to download the images from.

3> Right click and click on the option ‘Download Album with FacePAD’

4> And FacePAD will do the rest of the work, while you can go ahead and browse other sites.

[ Download Firefox ]

[ Download FacePAD ]