CleanMem To Optimize Or Reduce Windows RAM Memory Usage

Use CleanMem To Optimize Or Reduce Windows RAM Memory Usage

Mostly all of the computer users ask for a solution which could lower or reduce the RAM memory usage in Windows. Even if you have installed much higher amount of RAM been into your computer, the computer makes full use of your RAM memory. However, with comparatively lower price of RAM modules, it makes affordable for you so that you could fill up all of the RAM slots to get even more speed. It helps particularly when you run lots of applications at a time, making your computer too slow and you may feel too sluggish while using PC.

CleanMem is an optimization utility which specifically optimizes cache and memory. It is also termed as memory optimizer or memory cleaner. CleanMem operates with the help of Windows API EmptyWorkingSet and easily instructs Windows OS. By this, it tends to clean all the running programs and processes and removes lots of unnecessary pages (memory) from the set of working programs.

The EmptyWorkingSet cleanup API easily cleans the memory by removing unneeded programs from the used portion of memory. This recovers the memory (because sometimes the memory may not be released due to bad programming) so that this cleared memory gets used for other running programs. By doing so, the paging of the hard disk drive is avoided. If the program has been ‘squeezed’ then it simply requires more memory and extra memory address.

CleanMem could no be used as background process for memory-resident. It does not stay in the system tray (notification area) which could be then used to clean up the memory. Instead of this, this app gets triggered at every 30 minutes by the Task Scheduler. When it gets triggered, you will not get any pop-up window frame and it works silently. When the cleanup process completes, it shuts down automatically and turns on in the interval. So, this app in itself doesn’t tend to utilize any memory space, which is one more plus advantage.

The latest version of CleanMem has been recently released. This edition also clears the system file cache which is available in space of kernel address. The buffer access is used by it and makes the hard drives slower. It makes the mapping of the all the open files under the system cache which is based on the application requests, access patterns and I/O demand. Conversely, when the file system cache develops too large, it )While Get may use cookies to track your visit to Get web sites, and our Web servers automatically log the IP/Internet address of your computer, Get does not generally use this information to identify you personally. surely causes too much paging I/O to disk.


After downloading, the CleanMem could be installed automatically. After installing it will be executed by the Task Scheduler. In the CleanMem, you could also exclude the processes in order to reduce or optimize the RAM usage. To do so, you just have to specify the particular process name in the cleanmem_ignore_list.txt. Otherwise, you could simply select a particular process which you have to clean. Just enter the process names in cleanmem_only_list.txt.

The above two files are installed to

%SystemDrive%\Windows\System32 (for 32-bit OS) or

%SystemDrive%\Windows\SysWow64 (for 64-bit OS)

CleanMem works well with both x64 and x86 versions of Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. You will get the CleanMem as ZIP package or an installer for manual or portable installation procedure. The setup installer of CleanMem automatically installs the only list and ignore list with the installation process. It also automatically configures the Task Scheduler in order to execute in every 30 minutes automatically.

ZIP package includes all the CleanMem configuration files, batch command scripts, and executables and Task objects for Task Scheduler. However, if required, you have to manually install them afterwards. CleanMem.exe is able to execute separately with no extras at all. It could be also execute with thumbdrive, flash USB drive, DVD, CD or with the help of networks. Use the following links to download the CleanMem utility.

• CleanMem v1.4.2 Installer: cleanmem_v1.4.2_setup.exe

• CleanMem v1.4.2 ZIP:

Monitor Your PCs Memory Usage With The Help Of Usage Monitor

Monitor Your PCs Memory Usage With The Help Of Usage Monitor

You must have noticed that some applications consume a lot of memory while running as a result of which your computer becomes slow or sometimes even stops responding. To prevent your PC from being overloaded due to unnecessary memory consumption, you need to monitor its memory usage.

Usage Monitor is the best software utility that helps you monitor your PC’s memory usage. It also alerts you so that you can take appropriate action before your PC stops responding. Usage Monitor allows you to set a predefined maximum memory usage limit. It efficiently monitors the memory usage by various applications and alerts you the moment it hits the predefined limit.


This tiny utility which consumes just 1.16MB of disk space is capable of monitoring the memory usage by any kind of processes running on your Windows OS from the background. Apart from monitoring memory usage, Usage Monitor also helps you keep track of user object or GDI. It allows you to set a maximum memory usage limit for any process that you wish to monitor.

The moment the limit is hit, Usage Monitor alerts you using various different ways depending on how you have configured the alarm type. You can opt to show a message box, to display a pop-up message at the taskbar, to show a flash effect on the Taskbar or to execute a file. Version of Usage Monitor can be downloaded free of charge. This utility supports Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.