Installing And Using Windows Server 2008 For 240 Days Without Activation

Installing And Using Windows Server 2008 For 240 Days Without Activation

Just like most Windows operating systems including Windows XP SP3 and Vista, Microsoft offers an “activation grace” period/ free-look evaluation period for Windows Server 2008 as well. However, as compared to Windows Vista, Microsoft has been quite generous with the evaluation period that it offers for Windows Server 2008.

Unlike Windows Vista, wherein the activation-free evaluation period is 30 days, Microsoft offers a 60 days free-look evaluation period incase of Server 2008 and user can reset or extend the free evaluation period for additional 60 days for up to three times.

This basically means that you may use Windows Server 2008 for 240 days which is approximately 8 months, without having to activate it online or offline (i.e. via phone). During this evaluation or activation grace period that extends for 240 days, you may use Server 2008 without any limitation or restriction and install any edition of Server 2008 without activation.

However, you need to remember that if you are using Evaluation DVD package of Server 2008 which offers an initial evaluation period of 120 days, you can rearm or extend the free-look evaluation period only once.

To take advantage of the free evaluation period in Server 2008, you need to install it without activation. For doing so, you need to run the setup program for Windows Server 2008, but not input the product key when it prompts you to enter the product key for activating the product. 

When you are prompted for conformation of your selection, you need to click on “NO”. Once the installation process is over, Windows Server 2008 starts with the initial evaluation period of 60 days for which no activation is required.

Method to manually reset or extend the grace period for activation on expiry

When the free evaluation period of 60-days comes close to expiry, you need to run the script “slmgr.vbs” so as to extend the free-look evaluation period for additional 60 days by keeping all the programs and data in the PC intact.

  • Open the command prompt with administrator rights.
  • Type in “slmgr.vbs –rearm” and press the “Enter” key. This will reset the free-look evaluation or activation grace period back to 60 days.
  • Finally, restart your PC. 

In order to check the days left in the present activation grace period, you need to run the command “slmgr.vbs –dli”in the command prompt and it will display the time left. You may also use the “Task Scheduler” so as to automatically rearm or reset the evaluation period once it expires.

Use Capture Fox To Capture Various Activities Inside Firefox Browser And Desktop

Use Capture Fox To Capture Various Activities Inside Firefox Browser And Desktop

Most of the times, we have to explain the operating of the software to the clients or our subordinates. Some of us may also want to create a tutorial about the website. A nice handy add-on in the Firefox named as Capture Fox will definitely help you in such situations.

Capture Fox is a free to download add-on with which you can record all your activities in Firefox. It also record activities running on the computer frame.  In addition to this, you can also record your voice with the help of microphone along with the options of recording video.

The latest version of this software is available for free of cost. When you install it, a button will be appeared on Firefox status bar. Just by clicking on button, the recording starts. It stops when you click on the button once again. The duration of the video can be seen on the status bar.

Disabling Skype To Use, Open And Listen On Port 80 As Well As 443 On Local PC

Disabling Skype To Use, Open And Listen On Port 80 As Well As 443 On Local PC

If you really want to install any web server, or maybe an application that requires web pages which is to be served through common HTTP or may be HTTPS ports, i.e. on port 80 as well as on port 443, an error message may appear and suggest that port 80 or port 443 was in use or is being occupied by any other application. It could also happen when there is no web server like Apache or IIS currently installed or running on that system.

While trying to investigate this issue by identifying the application that is being used on port 80, we suspect that the root cause might be due to Skype which allows the users to use the port 80 and the port 443 for alternatives as incoming connections. It uses port 80 as well as 443 for allowing Skype behind firewall in order to connect to the peers or to accept incoming connection with peers though NAT. This wouldn’t be able to connect through the restrictions or firewall that block other ports from opening.

Skype that listens, opens and occupies port 80 as well as port 443 may prevent other applications that require such port for working properly. So, the ability of the Skype for using port 80 as well as port 443 has to be stopped immediately, turned off and it should also remain disabled.

In order to turn off for disabling Skype usage for and listening on the port 80 as well as port 443, we have to open Skype window, after that click on the menu for Tools and then select Options. Then click on the Advanced Tab, after that go to the Connection sub-tab. Here Untick or uncheck that check box for the use port 80 as well as 443 for alternatives of incoming connections option. Lastly, click on the Save button then restart the Skype for making the change effective.

Use Gsplit for Fragmenting the Big Files to Smaller Pieces

Use Gsplit for Fragmenting the Big Files to Smaller Pieces

Usually sending files having big size is always a problem for many users. The other problem is sending the files, and the users also have to keep confirming if the recipient received the files, which the user has sent, especially if the file size is too large.

If this is the problem that has been disturbing you for long, you can opt for an alternate solution by probably considering using an application of file splitter known as GSplit, which will split the large files into smaller number of files known as pieces.

GSplit comes free to the users. It is a versatile as well as reliable file splitter. Using GSplit, the users can split large files in various formats for example music, zip archives, images, video, documents, backup file, etc mainly based on the user-specified parameters.

The process of splitting is quite simple. The users just have to select the desired file, and then choose the destination folder in which they want to keep the split files. Then they can proceed further to the process of splitting. When the process of splitting is completed, automatically an executable file will be created by GSplit.

Splitting will be done by GSplit into two basic options of file splitting: disk spanned and blocked. With the disk spanned option, GSplit will split desired file chosen by the user in size which is automatically calculated by GSplit itself and is based on the availability of free disk space.

Users can split files into a group which consists of same size files by opting for blocked option. As for example, the users can split 500MB file to 5 pieces of files for 100MB each. Other notable features provided by GSplit are that it stores file properties such as file dates, file attribute, which is quite easy to restore.

Users desiring to do send files more easily can download GSplit from Here.

Blocking Pop-Up Ads While Using Firefox

Blocking Pop-Up Ads While Using Firefox

An efficient and very instructive way of promotion is advertising. By reviewing the advertisements and, users are able to get information about the useful product particulars, although there are significant commercial constituents in it. Lots of unwanted marketing messages will be delivered to you when you are browsing the internet. You can take the advantage of online advertising media, for example, banner ads, email marketing, online classified advertising, and many more.

In spite of providing users on product briefs as well as services details, but in most of the cases online ads which keep coming out can be very much annoying and troublesome. If you want to stop those pop-ups as you are sick and tired of them, you can try some settings mentioned below that will help you to reduce the random pop-ups of ads, and will set your default browser as Mozilla Firefox.

Like the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox is able to block pop-up windows and the automatic image loading. In the default condition, the browser will block all pop-ups, enabled Java/JavaScript run and load images. If in case somebody has changed your settings, then go back to the menu bar, then select Tools->Options->Contents Tab. After that check the options “Block Pop-up windows” and “Load images automatically”.

Besides using image blocks and built-in pop-up block, the users can utilize some of the useful plug-ins of Mozilla Firefox in order to block those unwanted ads. Flashblock is one of the extensions that are handy and the users can try it. Firefox and the Netscape browsers are supported by Flashblock. It will block all flash content before loading.

It will not only block commercial ads from coming out of the flash content but also indirectly cut down computer resource consumption thus making the system more efficient. Users who desire to give Flashblock a try can download it. There is another quite similar Firefox extension which is known as Flashkiller.

Adblock Plus – another useful extension which will block ads as well as banners present in the internet. After it had been installed by the users, then they have to point the mouse on the banner, then right click it and choose the option “Adblock” from the menu context. This will prevent the banners of loading. Users can go for a filter subscription that comes as a combination with the Adblock Plus.

Filter subscription will give you the benefit of letting download filters form a particular location on the internet. These filters remain stored in separate groups and cannot interfere with those filters that are defined by the users automatically. After subscription of the filter you can block most of the advertisements completely.

Blocking of banner ads can be done with Adblock Plus and it will be replaced by blank space. If you have blank spots in those places where the ads were placed can give a dull look. You can get Add-Art installed which will fill the blank spaces with nice contemporary images of art.

Using Free Software 1 Second Folder Encrypt To Protect Important Files

Using Free Software 1 Second Folder Encrypt To Protect Important Files

Now days, there are lots of tool to help you to protect any type of private or sensitive information or some media files from being accessed by anyone else but you. Here is a tiny tool named as “1 second Folder Encrypt” will definitely help you. A freeware will help you to lock your private folders and no one can access it without your permission.

1 Second Folder Encrypt is easy to use. When you open the software, firstly it will be prompted with a massage to enter a new password. After that, select a folder which has to be locked with the software.

Tick on the ‘Encrypt’ box subsequently entering ‘Start’ key. When you want to decrypt the folder after some time, simply do again the same steps, however this time you have to tick on the ‘Decrypt’ box.

You may notice that you can still identify the encrypted secret folders, if the name of the folder is ending with ‘.’. However, without an accurate password, no one can access folders. The initial password which has been entered at the setup is used every time when you lock the folders. This feature helps those users who have some very important documents or secret sensitive photos which should not be opened by anyone except you.

Note: – Always close the application when you complete the process. As the password is required only once when it is being opened, and if you don’t close the application any other person can easily access the data.

Using Gtalk Service In Firefox Sidebar

Using Gtalk Service In Firefox Sidebar

Gtalk is an online messaging service and the most popular amongst all. With the help of Google talk, you can connect and talk with your friends and buddies. You have to install the Gtalk application on your PC or you could prefer to use it via Gmail.

One of most significant part for the Firefox user is that, they can use Gtalk service from Firefox browser at the start itself. You can start Gtalk client with the help of Firefox sidebar in the Firefox browser. You can use any one of the method mentioned below to use Gtalk service in Firefox sidebars.

Method 1

  • Just add the following link to your bookmarks in Firefox browser.
  • After adding, go the Bookmarks tab and locate the added bookmark. Go to the Properties of this bookmark. In the Properties tab, simply check Load this bookmark in the sidebar option.
  • After this, go to Bookmarks tab again and click on the added bookmark.
  • Done. Now you can see the Gtalk application in Firefox sidebar.
  • Just Sign in to your Gtalk and talk with your friends with Google.

Method 2

To integrate the Gtalk service with your Firefox browser, you can use many Firefox plug-ins. Firefox allows you to use Firefox and Gtalk service simultaneously by using Firefox plug-ins.

  • Gtalk Sidebar: You can use Gtalk by using the Firefox plug-in without downloading Gtalk.
  • IGtalk: Mozilla house has introduced a very small plug-in named as IGtalk. After downloading and installing it, press Ctrl+G to open Gtalk from the Firefox browser.

Using Vista Utilities To Access All Windows Vista Utility Programs Easily

Using Vista Utilities To Access All Windows Vista Utility Programs Easily

Smart PC Utilities are introducing a free utility called as Vista Utilities. The Vista Utilities provides direct and easy access to the users, where they can use all the Vista tools and utilities. User can easily access all the features in the vista without going through Start Menu then Control Panel or any system folders to find the correct utility which they want.

In addition to this, the user can also access each and every Windows Vista programs and utilities for example security tools, system tools, multimedia programs, network tools and even the games.

This feature also contains ready-to-go commands of MS Dos that help users to execute complex programs like Cab Files Maker utility, NTFS Converter Utility, by means of few easy clicks.


Following are the key features of Vista Utilities:

  • This feature allows you to access almost all the Windows Vista programs by just going through the system tray. You can set it hide to tray or you may also click to display an entire context menu for accessing the vista features.
  • Each utility is enhanced with tool tips feature to identify the preferred utility plus its functionality.
  • Along with the classifying the Windows Vista Utilities in categories and their sub-categories, it is very easy to find their correct utilities.

At this time, you can freely download the newest edition of Vista Utilities Here.

Use RegSeeker 1.55 Freeware To Easily Clean Up Windows Registry

Use RegSeeker 1.55 Freeware To Easily Clean Up Windows Registry

One of the most powerful registry cleaner tools is RegSeeker” which caries some other extra task such as displaying start up entries, installed applications, several histories along with registry cleaning.

Exploring all the registry items is such a difficult task. However, while using this freeware you can open or delete or export the result obtained in registry editor . A pretty useful tool namely RegSeeker 1.55 is registry management tool, which is especially designed for Windows OS. It checks all the regkey for any conflicts and also corrects all the incorrect values of registry key entries.

In addition to this, you can enhance your system performance by using RegSeeker’s tweaks panel. An inbuilt “file tool” feature is introduced which finds bad shortcuts, duplicate registry entries etc. It is able to clean up unused extensions, invalid entries, bad references and missing files from the registry section.

If any type of conflict arises after modifying any registry key, you can undo the process because it takes a registry key backup before modifying it. In addition to this, it is able to clear all unneeded junk files such as temporary files, cached files, old history etc which makes your Windows system run fast. For this, you have to select an “autoclean” option and all the junk files will automatically be deleted.

You can download RegSeeker 1.55 using the following link Here

Use Cutepdf Form Filler To Easily Fill In PDF Forms

Use Cutepdf Form Filler To Easily Fill In PDF Forms

Most of us face a big problem in filling the electronic forms which are sent in Portable Document Format (PDF) format while applying for a new job or filling forms to enter university. The problem is that you cannot fill in the electronic forms available in PDF format right away because to do so the PDF file form doesn’t allow you with the write features.

You can get some free PDF converter utilities from net or else you can use online services for converting the form in an editable format. Most of the time these utilities fails to keep the alignments, layouts, fonts and etc as the original form. Also the converted form will look much different from the original form.  

Now, you can use CutePDF Form Filler utility with which you can properly convert the electronic forms in PDF format. The utility CutePDF Form Filler is a PDF converter which is especially designed to save interactive electronic forms available in PDF format on your computer.

When you finish the filling process of the electronic PDF form, you can deliver the finished forms (all the completed forms are kept in original format) to the recipients by means of email or send for printing the files. CutePDF Form Filler provides a 128-bit encryption or password protection utility with which you can protect your confidential PDF documents.

The much important utility CutePDF Form Filler is not a free utility to use. Price for this utility is only $29.95 and the price is relatively inexpensive as compared to Foxit PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat and some others. This cool utility supports Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista operating systems.