Evaluate and Benchmark DNS Resolution Speed Tool

Evaluate and Benchmark DNS Resolution Speed Tool

Apart from the DNS servers, which have been provided by the Internet Service Providers to fix websites names to internet protocol, addresses in order that the internet browsers recognize the network route to get access and download website information, there are numerous free Public Domains Name Servers, which are accessible for end user.

Therefore, end-user is capable of turning to other DNS servers to make internet surfing rapidly by fixing web address fast. Moreover, several DNS servers, which are provided by internet service provider, can be overloaded, unreliable, and slow more likely to down as well as timeout whenever fixing website names, triggering internet browser incapable of displaying websites or slower opening of web page.

Internet site visitors can easily boost the DNS server configured setting of the program by utilizing the most convenient and reputable DNS server. In order to make the most effective DNS setting, measure the reliability and speed of DNS server. There are numerous tools, which are capable Follow a few simple steps to get the information you need about The New school-delays.com , a private university in New York City. to automate the procedure to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of DNS servers.  

DNS Benchmark provides user the awareness of what is happening with the system current DNS server by automatically evaluating their overall performance with numerous popular public DNS. DNS Benchmark executes the detailed evaluation and assessment of the functional performance and reliableness of any group of up 200 DNS. Automatically this tool recognizes all DNS servers.

The entire listing of DNS name server is recognized, assessed, graphed, statistically researched, and reported its overall performance. The recognisation includes consists of evaluating each server for cached research, uncached research, dotcom research, credibility, rebinding safety, and its redirection conduct: whether it results an error for bad website name, or redirects a internet browser to a advertisement page, which might be merchandised by lots of people.

DNS Benchmark is a stand-alone program and readily available free. Installation is not required and utilizing this program is an easy as hitting the “run” button. Since the results could be very comprehensive and DNS overall performance assessment can be simply categorized in accordance with the speed.

ShallMenu View to Disable or Enable Right Click Context Menu Items

ShallMenu View to Disable or Enable Right Click Context Menu Items

Right click context menu items regarding files, folders, directories and pushes within Windows Explorer may develop lengthy, creating reception menus clutters. Users can invariably remove and delete undesirable entries coming from right click menu. However, if you like not to delete aside the registry keys linked to the right click menus products and rather desire to turn off or just concealing right click menu items, ShellMenuView is able to make this task simple and easy.

ShellMenuView is really a tiny utility, which shows the list associated with fixed menu selection items, which look inside the context menu when user right clicks data or perhaps clicks upon Windows Explorer, and enables person to easily disable or perhaps permit undesired or unneeded menus items. The stopping feature is actually achieved by adding ‘LegacyDisable’ step to the specified menu selection inside the Registry.

ShellMenuView is a separate program that does not require set up or perhaps further DLL files. Therefore, people just need to obtain the particular ShellMenuView .exe file (shmnview.exe) and can operate this program. ShellMenuView instantly retrieve and list right click menu entries that accessible, and user can make one or more menu item make it possible for or perhaps eliminate them.

ShellMenuView additionally support lengthy setting of right click menu handlers, where user may establish or eliminate the prolonged menu item mode. When menu item is in prolonged setting, the product will be displayed if you press Shift button once the right click context menus is opened. For instance, Open Command prompt Here and Duplicate because Path inside Windows Vista and Home windows 7

Opening of Window XP mode in Full Screen Mode with the help of DOS COMMAND PROMPT

Opening of Window XP mode in Full Screen Mode with the help of DOS COMMAND PROMPT

Whenever user press Ctrl+Alt shortcut to open DOS COMMAND PROMPT window in full screen mode while opening in window xp mode of Window 7, an error occurs “this system does not support full screen mode in Windows XP mode.” This problem also occurs even after operating Window XP mode in full screen mode, neither the COMMAND PROMPT window will open in the full screen mode in the computer window itself.

The applications, which are Dos-Based, Command line console, Dos and Command Prompt Window, does not support full screen mode in Windows when integrated features of PC are enabled or activated.

Run Windows XP Mode.

In Tools menu, select Disable integration features.

Automatically Save All the Files with AutoSaver

Automatically Save All the Files with AutoSaver

There are several software and applications, which does not incorporate the feature of automatically saving of those files on which users works on, and they are not even able to recover the unsaved work of earlier session. It implies that when user does not possess power backup with him at the time of power shutdown, failure, and unintentional exit while running of the software or unexpected PC shutdown, all of the unsaved work will be closed down and sacrificed. Therefore, if users are searching for a simpler solution to immediately save the alterations subsequent to every specified period inside a file, then they can achieve this by using this application names as AutoSaver.

AutoSaver is a portable and handy window based utility tool to immediately save the changes to an opened file. It works on those applications, which supports the Ctrl S hotkey to save the changes.

.NET Framework 3.5 is required to use this application.

Use following links to download the AutoSaver

Download zip file
Download EXE file

Enhance Your PC Performance With SpeedUpMyPC 2010 Utility

Enhance Your PC Performance With SpeedUpMyPC 2010 Utility

Are you interested in enhancing your PC performance? If yes, then do try this.

Do you feel that your computer performance is getting diminished by the time? If your answer is in “Yes”, then this article is for you. Everything in the world whether it is living or non-living things needs maintenance so your computer is also one of those kinds of non-living things.

When your computer will get aged, then it needs to be taken care to boost up its performance. So here we are telling you about an utility which will help you to speed up the performance of your computer. This is UniBlue SpeedupMyPC 2010 Utility which is very helpful to identify system’s defects which may slowdown your system and causing data bottlenecks.

UniBlue SpeedUpMyPC 2010 will help you to get rid of junk files get accumulated in your hard drive and slowing down its performance by making your hard drive very heavy when you are working for long time on your system.

If you are thinking to get it then you don’t need to buy it. Just follow the below mentioned steps to get a free copy of UniBlue SpeedUpMyPC 2010.

Search in Google with the keywords of UniBlue SpeedUpMyPC 2010 and after getting the website name, just visit on its promotion page, enter your personal information like your first name, last name, city and state name, postal/zip code, your country name, and your email address and submit your information by clicking on “Complete Registration” button at the bottom of the promotion page.

After taking all these steps, you will view SpeedUpMyPC 2010 serial code on the screen. Click on the download button to get your free copy of it.

Hide Your IP For Anonymous Browsing With NotMyIP

Hide Your IP For Anonymous Browsing With NotMyIP

If you wish to hide your IP to anonymously browse the internet and overcome censorship, the best proxy tool that can help you do this is NotMyIP. This tool is similar to Hide IP utility. NotMyIP proxy tool uses high quality proxies and is a free version of Anonymity Gateway which is a premium product.

You can use Anonymity Gateway for bypassing access restriction like blocked Facebook access, blocked MySpace access etc. You can also bypass download limit that is imposed by file sharing services such as MegaUpload, RapidShare etc. Once you start using NotMyIP, all the traffic (incoming as well as outgoing) is routed via NotMyIP proxies.

NotMyIP does not need any additional add-ons, plug-ins or any kind of manual configuration. It works well with most web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera. The best part is that this utility comes with high speed proxies to ensure that the proxy routing works properly at all times. This eliminates the need for users to search for new proxies on the internet.

NotMyIP comes with three different IP addresses and three premium US proxies that are available for free. However, you can expect a slow browsing speed with NotMyIP as numerous users share the same proxies.

Use Minimem To Optimize Memory Usage In Windows OS

Use Minimem To Optimize Memory Usage In Windows OS

Sometimes when you execute too many applications in your PC at a time can make your computer too slow or even your system will be crashed. To solve your computers performance issue, you should recognize and terminate the appropriate program which uses most of the memory. Now you could use the useful utility namely Minimem, to come up with your PC’s slowdown issue. Minimem greatly reduces the memory usage and proactively optimizes you system.

Minimem is a freeware which is mainly developed to decrease the memory usage which is caused by Firefox. However, this application is now been integrated to optimize the memory usage. So, now it could be used to any other applications. It stays in the system tray and executes silently in background.

 You could select to optimize number of processes at a time according to your own preference. In this application, you will find some useful options with which you could configure the time interval. You could select to optimize the memory regularly or provide the specific time.
After selecting the processes that have to be optimized, this app removes mostly all of the unnecessary pages and optimizes the memory at each time interval to make sure the low CPU usage. All these excluded pages would be loaded back only when they are required.

The Minimem version 1.3 (minimem1.3.msi) which is developed by minimem.kerkia.net contains the simple user-friendly GUI. This tool doesn’t need any particular expertise to use. It works greatly with Windows XP 32 bits SP3 and as well supports all Windows based operating systems. However the .Net Framework 2.0 has to be installed on your PC to run this application.


Simply Keep Backup To Email Files by Using Backup To Email Utility

Simply Keep Backup To Email Files by Using Backup To Email Utility

Now a day’s, one of the most important methods of keeping the backup files is sending important files to email. You can easily access these files anytime anywhere when there is required. Whereas, sending files to your mail account could be quite time consuming as it involves a number of steps to send files.

Firstly, you need to create and login to your email account, after that tick to compose mail, explore to the directory and choose the file to be uploading, wait for several times for uploading process to be accomplished and then click to send button. To send single file to your own email account, you must spend up to 5-10 mins. A utility that is intended to let you send files to email with no manually login to your email account, named as Backup To Email. You can send these emails in more efficient way by simply right click context menu.

After installation, you’ll have to execute Backup To Email at the beginning, by default it will suggest you for configuring your Gmail password and username. You can also change email service provider by simply right clicking on tray icon (with symbol V) then Toutefois, Roger Raatgever a mis fin aux rumeurs et aux speculations, nommant le casino correct, a savoir Spin Palace, membre de Palace Group. select Setup and tick to Advance button, If you want to backup files to other email service provider.

By simply clicking Main at the left pane, the setting page will be displayed. Now double click on otheremail account and modify all the settings as you preferred to the email service provider. Once the email settings are completed, simply by right clicking on the file, you can send any files to your email, and then select Backup To EMail from the context menu. It will illustrate you the progress bar with the uploading status, balloon notification will pop up to notify you that the file has been sent to your email account.

Backup To EMail is a free utility, the advance version of Backup To EMail 2.1.1 is extremely free for download. It is portable to run on Windows 95/98/ 2000/ 2003/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7 as well as Windows Server 2008. You must have Java Runtime Environment 6.0 installed on your machine.

Get A Free Serial Code For IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro

Get A Free Serial Code For IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro

IObit SystemCare Pro is a Windows utility, which provides comprehensive tools to enhance the performance of system. This application featured with anti-spyware protection, privacy protection, and performance tune ups including with system cleaning feature. This is an automated all in one PC healthcare system.

This award-winning precision tool fixes several errors and bugs such as stubborn errors, clean out clutter, internet bugs, personal security, computer performance, enhance computer performance and etc.

IObit advanced SystemCare utility costs $29.95 to buy. However users can get it for free by going to the offers for PC Authority downloads. You can get free copy of this Windows utility by visiting to the PC authority offers. PC authority is giving the license key for IObit advanced SystemCare pro 3.6.1 to its only registered members.

In order to grab the free copy of IObit advanced SystemCare pro, you have to register yourself as a member of either PC Authority Software Store or PC Authority Downloads. Once you become the registered users, you can visit to the offer page to get a free copy of the Windows utility. You can jump to the offer page via this link.

The IObit advanced SystemCare pro supports 32bit and 64bit Windows 7 and Vista. At promotional stage, you just put your username and password to get the license code info of the Windows utility. This is a complete package of system healthcare including several tools and tune-ups features for the system.