Find Address By Vehicle Number In India

Let’s say you were walking on street and an ‘idiot’ riding rashly hit you or your vehicle, what would you do next ?

First thing you need to do in such a situation is that you need to note down the number of the vehicle which was involved in such an accident. Once you have the number you can do a lot of things ! Walk in to the police station which falls in the jurisdiction where the accident took place and lodge a complaint against the bike owner, giving full details of how and where the accident took place.

Using the registered FIR, you can take further course of action. If you think you’d want to settle the case without any legal complications, you can talk with the police and find out details like the owner and the address of the vehicle, with the vehicle number and talk to the owner of the vehicle.I personally do not advice this, but you are the best judge of the situation and will be in a better position to take a call on what to do next.

Drive safe and let others live peacefully !

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