Use SpeedyiTunes To Boost Flash Video Downloading

Use SpeedyiTunes To Boost Flash Video Downloading

While watching the online movie, if it gets interrupted or runs jerkily because of slow internet connection, you will surely get frustrated. When the video clip tends to stream, it gets paused for a while and so you could not enjoy the smooth flow of the movie. In such situations SpeedyiTunes will surely help you out of this hassle. It reduces the buffering time of the video and creates a smoother effect.

You could use SpeedyiTunes absolutely Download for free. This allows you to speed up the streaming of an online video. All you need to do is install it once. After installing you could enjoy a quicker download time for the flash songs, movies, videos and etc. This application greatly reduces the download time and it doesn’t depend on the internet connection whether it is slow or fast. You could use this application more effectively while downloading or watching video clips on YouTube.

In addition with YouTube, this utility also works well with other video websites for example Yahoo video, AOL video, MSN Video, MSN video, MySpace video, Veoh and etc. With this utility you not only boost the streaming of the video but also you could make use of various features for example recording of the streaming MP3 while you are listening to it online. You just have to click on the record button and the recording of the music or songs will get started.

SpeedyiTunes works well with almost all the web browsers like Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer, AOL, Google Chrome and etc. Just use the link given Here to download the Speedy iTunes tool for free.


How Can I View Blocked YouTube – If Not What Are Other Alternatives?

YouTube is one of the most popular, most sought after sites of recent times. But if you are unable to access it in your country/state/area or your computer for some reason(at times it so happens that the video will be released only for a particular geographical location, mostly promotional videos, which will have a specific reason to do so.), then there is no need to fret and fume. There are several other options which may be of interest to you. There are many sites which work on the same lines as YouTube, so you will not miss out on anything. Out of the many, a few must be mentioned here, so that you enjoy the same luxury of watching innumerable rare videos that YouTube provides.

1> Your first best alternative option to YouTube is MetaCafe

Metacafe began its journey just as a video sharing group like YouTube and has today risen to great heights among other popular websites. Metacafe has successfully and is still continuing to rope in almost 40 million visitors per month. It also has to its credit the fact that it is going on for 8 years now, and promises of many more to come. Its unique quality lies in the Metacafe staff, who personally supervise the videos to maintain high quality. So, if you are out for entertainment in your videos and are not able to get onto YouTube, relax, you know where to go –Metacafe!

2> How many of you have head about Break ? If you still haven’t checked it out, or heard about it, you should be waiting anymore! is very popular and has a great fan following in YouTube and Twitter. Not only that, their own websites ay its users the money for uploading fresh videos. Further, news is that Break as a great selection of entertainment videos and this is sure to hold your attention for a longer period of time.

3> You can also visit Veoh, which has a good number of videos to keep you entertained for hours!

At Veoh, you are sure to find your favourite music, sports and entertainment all under one site, together with user-formed video content. Veoh’s outstanding quality is that you can watch videos for continuously for above two hours. Added to this, a considerably large number of group activities and interactive groups can be found here.

4> One of my all time other favorites! – Daily Motion. How can I not include this in the list?

Like many other sites, Daily Motion also functions on the lines of YouTube and is considered a geo-targeted video sharing website. It is extremely user friendly and has a large number of short videos uploaded each day. It has HD encoded videos that are of superior quality. To add to that, you can be assured of great service, for your pleasure is their motive.

Today, there are a lot of other sites, that serve to you when YouTube is not available to you. Some of them are niche specific, some are plain fan created sites, and some are just clones of YouTube running. Stability wise and community wise, I really doubt if any will be ever geared up with enough resources to outsmart YouTube, but nevertheless, they are good alternatives.

In addition to the above mentioned sites, there is Google Video, Vimeo and blip tv, to work as YouTube substitutes. So, no sweat if you cannot access or are fed up with YouTube. You can always switch onto any of these sites to entertain yourself.