Auto Repay YouTube Videos / Playlists in Firefox, Chrome, IE And Other Browsers

Auto replay / automatically repeat YouTube videos feature allows you to replay your favorite songs without the need for you to press the ‘Play’ button every time a particular video ends.

Some browsers, with built in capacity to add extensions / apps, make the auto repeat feature a breeze when compared to others. Since this particular feature is not provided by YouTube by default, you HAVE to rely on third party products / services to enjoy this service.

Let us take a look at how it can be achieved on individual browsers:

1> FireFox:

Loopy, a handy Firefox Add-On, along with GreaseMonkey provides a platform to auto repeat videos in Firefox. One of the main advantage of this set up is, not only can you play individual videos, you can auto loop playlists too.

For those who do not have GreaseMonkey installed – this Addon will serve the purpose, however, with this addon you’ll not be able to auto look playlists, but only individual videos.

2> Google Chrome:

The Auto-Replay extension on chrome provides you with different set of features when compared to Loopy of FireFox. One of the interesting feature – Selective video clip auto replay – i.e., it provides ‘Replay From‘ – ‘Play Till‘ option. With this option, you can repeat / replay only that part of the video which you want to.

Other browsers have limitations because of which the process is not as easy as with FireFox and Chrome. If you are using any other browser then you can visit websites like: and where you can watch your favorite videos repeatedly.

The limitation with all the above is you need to have internet connection in order to stream the video the first time before you can play it. To over come this situation you can download the videos from youtube / playlists from youtube and use any offline media player like VLC to auto repeat the videos.

Get rid of Unused Programs or Files with CCleaner

Get rid of Unused Programs or Files with CCleaner

Having unused files and programs in your computer slows down the computer speed. Normally, we download various software and programs frequently and use them only one time, or for a couple of times.

However we might forget to delete them after completing our job and the programs remain in our computer. Similarly those music files, videos, image files that are not being used by us frequently, consume hard disk space and memory resources as well.

In layman language these files and data are just like system garbage that affects computer performance in the negative way. Therefore, we must try to keep our computer clean and free from unused application and files.


We can use CCleaner in order to clean our computer and to keep it free from unused files and data.  This is a freeware tool that optimizes our computer performance by deleting unused and unnecessary files. In other words, we can call it computer performance optimizing tool that frees up our disk space.

Key features of CCleaner tool

  • User friendly interface to operate.
  • Easily removes unwanted files and data from computer
  • Clean up entire computer and free up disk space
  • Compatible with windows XP, 2000, Vista and windows 7.
  • It cleans registry files from the computer.

Windows 7 – Create And Add New Libraries

Windows 7 – Create And Add New Libraries

Microsoft has introduced an excellent new feature in Windows 7 known as “Libraries” which helps you organize and manage your data in a systematic manner. By default, Windows 7 comes with a number of Libraries such as Contacts, Communications, Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music. Vista users might also be pretty familiar with these names.  

However, Windows 7 Libraries are somewhat different by nature. Windows 7 Libraries are not just individual folders but every library folder is a collection of assorted folders. Every Library is customized to store specific content. For Example, you will find the URL links of your downloaded files stored within the Download Library.  

If you feel that the built-in Libraries are not enough and you have some specific needs, Windows 7 Operating System offers you with the option of adding more Libraries as per your preference. To add a new Library to the Windows 7 Libraries List, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Click on the “Windows Orb” present on your taskbar. Go to “Accessories” and then to “Windows Explorer and open “Libraries”. Alternatively, click on the start button to display the Start Menu and click on your user name. From your personal folder that opens, click on Libraries.
  • In the Libraries Window, place your mouse-pointer on an empty space and right click to display the right-click context menu.
  • Go to the option “New” in the context menu and select “Library”.

  • Give a name to your new Library.
  • Now that you have created a Library, you need to decide on what to include in your new Library. You need to simply right-click on the library and select the option “Properties”.
  • Next, you need to click on the button “Add” and browse to choose a folder/directory to be included in the library. Once the folder is been selected, click on the button “Include Folder”. Repeat this step if you wish to add more directories to the library.

  • For optimizing the library, click on the dropdown that allows you to optimize the library for correct type of content such as Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Internet or General Items. Select the preferred type of optimization.

  • If you do not want the new Library to be displayed inside the Navigation Pane, simply uncheck the checkbox for the option that allows you to show the library within the Navigation Pane.

Enjoy Videos Fullscreen via Quietube

Enjoy Videos Fullscreen via Quietube

Watching and enjoying video clips, trailers and movie videos from sites like Vimeo, YouTube etc is a very common trend amongst youngsters and elders alike. The experience gets more enjoyable nowadays as you can stream the movie clips and enjoy them in your wide screen flat television.

The experience is not all that smooth as most of the video sharing websites are advertisement supported. Thus, the screen displaying the video is pretty small compared to the actual screen size because of the user comments, advertisements, ratings and other related videos. Such added and unnecessary features reduce the fun of enjoying full screen videos.

Quietube, a free webservice frees you from these inconveniences and allows you enjoy videos fullscreen without any useless comments, ratings and other advertisements. It allows users to view YouTube and other videos on blank pages without any distractions.


It is extremely simple to use and implement. You just have to drag the Quietube bookmark onto the toolbar from the website. After doing so you will see a new bookmark added on to the toolbar. The next time you want to view a video from YouTube or other video sites, just click the Quietube button on the toolbar and enjoy fullscreen videos on a blank page.

The process is extremely simple as it imports the embedded code and pastes it onto a blank page. Quietube also allows you to change the background to black color instead of the default white one. This service is currently supported by Vimeo, YouTube and Viddler.

Affordable/Cheap Best Quality Online Video Encoding Web Service

If you are on the look out to transfer and encode your videos in some other format, faster and with a wider option, then you are on the right track! You can use the video files from your hard drive or through any web address like YouTube’s feed and you can encode them in a professional and scalable manner.

Video marketing is just picking up it’s pace in the internet world and if you want to succeed in this space, you’ll need to put out quality shots, which means they need to be of great quality and if you put good quality videos, they’ll take up huge chunk of size. The quality, length and size all are handled by Hey!Watch.

You video can be run in any format and on all devices. What’s even more interesting is you can have your own custom format by specifying what bit rate you want, which codec to be used what’s the size of it and many more such various options.

Want your videos to be iPhone / iPod compatible or DivX or HD compatible or even MP4 or mobile compatible ? More format options are available!

Marketing your company means, brand building too, and you may need to embed your company logo on all the viral videos you release. Embedding your company logo on the video is a very easy task now, with the watermarking feature offered by Hey!Watch.

Hey!Watch has taken professional podcasting to the next level!

With user user-friendly navigation, it saves your time and for a small fee you get best of the service in the industry! Like to know how much it costs you to encode your video as per your requirements, use their fee calculator, which helps you get an estimate idea.

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How Can I Send Large Email Attachments In Outlook Express

How to send extra-large attachments using Outlook Express

Most of the mail services available on the web today have an upper limit on the size of emails that you can send and/or receive. For most of the services nowadays the limit is somewhere around 20 to 25MB (it is 20MB for Rediffmail and Yahoo!Mail, whereas it is 25MB for Gmail, and a mere 10MB for Hotmail).

Ten years ago, a 25MB attachment limit would have been a dream for most, but with increasing bandwidths and needs, this is not enough for today’s customers. So what do you do if you want to send a file across email which is larger (way larger) than 25MB? This article will show you a cute little trick that allows you to send such large files through Outlook Express.

Simply follow through the steps given below.

  1. Run Outlook Express.
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Accounts to open the Internet Accounts window.
  3. Go to the Main tab, and select the mail account that you use.
  4. Click on Properties.
  5. A dialog opens up, containing various options for configuring the mail account properties. Go to the Advanced tab in this dialog.
  6. Under the Sending heading, select the option for Break apart messages larger than, and use the arrow to set a suitable upper limit.
  7. Click on Apply.
  8. Click on OK.
  9. Exit the Internet Accounts window by clicking on Close.

After this, Outlook Express will break up all attachments that are larger than 20MB (if that is the limit you set) and send the mail in parts. The recipient will receive the email in parts and on downloading the parts; they will automatically combine to become a single file again.

Another option is to use some of the services available on the web – such as YouSendIt, Transfer Big Files, SendThisFile, and so on – that sends your extra-large file across the internet for you.

How To Rearrange / Reorganize Video Order In YouTube Playlists

I finally found a solution to Rearrange / reorganize the videos in Youtube Playlists. This one was driving me crazy I had to find a solution to move around the order of videos in YouTube Playlists.

Imagine I create a new playlist, I’d go on adding videos to that playlist and when done, there was no easy way to rearrange or reorganize the order of the videos! I could not find an easy and direct way to do this. Now YouTube, don’t expect me to write down the order of the list on a piece of paper and completely rework on a fresh playlist !

Imagine another scenario where in you have a huge list of your favorite songs (say you have around 100+ videos) in a particular order and want to rearrange or reorganize or replace a video in that list, for what ever reason, imagine reworking or recreating the complete list from start – it would be such painful task !

It turns out YouTube has an extremely simple and easy way to do it, which is not well documented. Here’s how you can rearrange or reorganize the order of videos in YouTube :

1> Go to your Playlist page,

2> When you are in there, each video has a position number, starting with 1. If you point your mouse on the position number, a small blue line will appear underneath the number (like you can see 1st video is underlined in the example image below), click on it.

How To Rearrange / Reorganize Video Order In YouTube Playlists

3> The position place will become an editable text field, where you can enter which position you want to push the video to.

In the example below, I want to move the video at position 3, to position 1, so I enter number 1 and the videos swap positions. So the videos in position 1 and 3 will swap positions, and the playlist is saved automatically.

How To Rearrange / Reorganize Video Order In YouTube Playlists

That’s it, now you can rearrange all the videos the way you want ! it’s that simple.

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Watch 2008 and 2009 Season Formula 1 Videos Free Online

If you are an ardent fan of Formula 1 like me, then you can watch the highlights of 2008 and 2009 season and all the races so far in 2009 for free.

Go to the official site of Formula one and click on Videos.

As you can see in the image below all the videos will be listed.

Formula 1 videos free online

You can directly watch the videos directly from here. All the videos are beautiful combined and worth watching. Don’t miss to 2008’s Brazil race, where Hamilton won the race ( Massa is the True Champion ! ).

[ Watch Formula One Videos ]