Easy Tricks To Take Registry Backup

Tips for Taking Registry Backup

The registry of the computer is similar to a storeroom in which the configuration settings are placed. These settings are those, which help the applications and programs to work on the computer. You can find the settings while utilizing registry editor. You probably know that wrong editing and crucial fine extension over the registry might lead to complete system failure. Hence, it is absolutely essential to take the backup of registry prior to editing. You have two options for this, you could choose to take the backup of complete registry utilizing the restoration point otherwise you can only take the part of registry, which you would like to edit.

Taking Backup of Specific Registry Branch

It is always better to edit the part of registry. Follow these instructions to accomplish this:

Start Menu > Run > Type regedit.exe > OK > search the key that you would like to edit > after getting file > Right- Click on it > Now Export to the location in which you would like to save > Save

Restore point

Before editing the system registry, it is essential to make restoration point. There are two ways for this manual and automatic. Manual way is much better as you will be able to roll back, if something goes wrong. To create restore point:

Start > type system restore in search box > Back-up and Restore centre > Restore point on the left side.

Now you have to options either “recommended restore” Or “choose a different restore point”

Registry is important for all kinds of windows such as Windows 7, XP, and Vista. However, it is extraordinarily sensitive. Many things can damage it such as a simple un-installation of a program can change the registry, improper shut down etc.

If your computer is affected by virus, spyware, Trojan, and worms, then these can harm the registry key and your computer will not function properly. You will have problems like Blue screen error, freezing, black screen etc.

There are several registry cleaning software in the market such as Registry Mechanic, Registry Easy, Registry Fix, and RegClean etc.

ShallMenu View to Disable or Enable Right Click Context Menu Items

ShallMenu View to Disable or Enable Right Click Context Menu Items

Right click context menu items regarding files, folders, directories and pushes within Windows Explorer may develop lengthy, creating reception menus clutters. Users can invariably remove and delete undesirable entries coming from right click menu. However, if you like not to delete aside the registry keys linked to the right click menus products and rather desire to turn off or just concealing right click menu items, ShellMenuView is able to make this task simple and easy.

ShellMenuView is really a tiny utility, which shows the list associated with fixed menu selection items, which look inside the context menu when user right clicks data or perhaps clicks upon Windows Explorer, and enables person to easily disable or perhaps permit undesired or unneeded menus items. The stopping feature is actually achieved by adding ‘LegacyDisable’ step to the specified menu selection inside the Registry.

ShellMenuView is a separate program that does not require set up or perhaps further DLL files. Therefore, people just need to obtain the particular ShellMenuView .exe file (shmnview.exe) and can operate this program. ShellMenuView instantly retrieve and list right click menu entries that accessible, and user can make one or more menu item make it possible for or perhaps eliminate them.

ShellMenuView additionally support lengthy setting of right click menu handlers, where user may establish or eliminate the prolonged menu item mode. When menu item is in prolonged setting, the product will be displayed if you press Shift button once the right click context menus is opened. For instance, Open Command prompt Here and Duplicate because Path inside Windows Vista and Home windows 7

Download Steganos Privacy Suite 11 (2009) with Free License Code

Download Steganos Privacy Suite 11 (2009) with Free License Code 

Steganos Privacy Suite 11 (2009) is a expert, simple-to-use and award-winning file encryption and data protection program, which has been meant developed for the protection your private data together with the help of 9 premium tools.



Features of Steganos Privacy Suit

  • Data saves (up to 512 GB) that suit everything
  • Steganos Portable Risk-free makes mobile files safe on the move
  • E-mails in a post office safe and sound
  • Steganos Shredder for 100% data eradication
  • Completely routinely erases digital signs
  • Easy-as-pie password administration
  • Steganos Password Power generator produces robust private data protection
  • Password security search for the most secure codes
  • Open your risk-free your personal approach
  • Exclusive faves stay individual
  • Supports hotkey, automatic sign in and also drag-and-drop
  • Keyloggers failures with the help of virtual keyboard
  • Secure e-mails the simplest way
  • 256 Little bit AES stability algorithm
  • Steganography hides delicate files in photos along with tunes

Visit the promotional page at steganos.com
Enter your email id hit Abschicken then you will get an email with the license

Download installer of the Steganos Privacy Suit:Enter the License key, which you receive in your email.

This software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista

Fixing Window Update or Control Panel Failed to Load Error Page

Fixing Window Update or Control Panel Failed to Load Error Page

Many times while opening the Window Update or Control Panel in Windows based PC’s like windows 7 and window vista, neither the window update nor the control panel interface opens. In this situation, when we opens window update or control panel it just shows a white page along with this error atoledo“ The Page Failed to Load.”

The main cause of this problem is inconsistency with the third party software programs. Some of casino online the recognized applications include:

StarDock MyColors
Windows Blinds
XeroBank Browser

Various other applications, which alter or mess with window theme and other primary system functioning area, can also cause this problem.

Therefore, if you want to fix this error, you just have to uninstall the inconsistent applications. Many times, updating the current version of the newer version can also solve this issue.

If you are still suffering from this problem, then you can try the following steps:

• Open an administrative command prompt.
• Enter and execute the following command

sfc /scannow

Restart the system after completion

New And Smart Look Of Firefox 4 Beta 5

New And Smart Look Of Firefox 4 Beta 5

Mozilla Development Team has worked very hard to make some important changes and improvements to Firefox 4 and now they could successfully released its fifth beta version. It is almost similar to its previous version with lots of new improvements, features and enhancements for developers and desktop users.
Following improvements and new features to Firefox 4 beta 5 version have been added recently:

? Audio API – Improved and changed the integrated style of media on the web: It has been made more convenient for developers to use Javascript and write an audio script with the raw audio script housed within the audio and video elements in HTML5.

? HSTS– With the help of HSTS protocol, HTTP sites can be more secure from the unauthorized invading of hackers and attackers and keep them away from their sensitive data to access by giving the instructions to Firefox, which will establish a secure server connection. HSTS supports the security protocol by driving the sites to be loaded over SSL.

? Firefox button has got a new and smarl look for Windows 7 and Windows Vista Users.

The brand new Firefox 4 beta 5 can be now downloaded free from Mozilla official site by just clicking on “Download” button.

Windows (English)-    Download
Linux (English) –         Download
Mac OS X (English) –  Download

Download OpenWith.org To Search For Right Program To Open Files With Unknown Extensions

Download OpenWith.org To Search For Right Program To Open Files With Unknown Extensions

There might be many instances when you might have faced difficulty in finding proper programs to open files with unique extensions. Now with OpenWith.org, you no more need to worry about finding the correct program to open files with unfamiliar extensions.

OpenWith.org is a Desktop Tool which helps you search for the appropriate program for opening any kind of file quite easily. In case you are unable to find any, this utility takes you directly to the link online for downloading the correct application.

When you try to install OpenWith.org, it will prompt you to install PC MightyMax 2009 which is a popular registry cleaner known to accelerate your PC and fix many maddening issues. In case you do not feel that this registry cleaner is necessary, you may just un-check the option, skip its installation and move ahead with the installation of OpenWith.org.

Once you finish the installation process, in order to run this utility, all you need to do is right-click on any file with an unknown format and select “OpenWith.org – How do I Open This?” option. OpenWith.org will search for an appropriate program and if it does not find any such program installed, it will take you to the link to download it.

OpenWith.org works well with Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista. Moreover, this utility is available for free download

Search Google and Wikipedia Simultaneously With Googlepedia Add-on In Firefox And Google Chrome

Search Google and Wikipedia Simultaneously With Googlepedia Add-on In Firefox And Google Chrome

Mostly, the web-based free encyclopedia is a favorite site for any internet user. These web-based services offer the simplest way for getting the information right away. Now, here is free software extension which has been especially designed for Firefox browser namely Googlepedia. This all new software extension for Firefox browser makes the process of the data searching more resourceful.

 First, you have to install the Googlepedia add-on into the Firefox browser to use this service. When you search something with the Google search engine, you’ll get the main page of the browser divided in two sections. In the left side, you will get your normal Google results, while in the right section you will get relevant Wikipedia articles. The Wikipedia articles result is based upon the top results of the Google search engine.

Googlepedia helps you to kill two birds with a single stone. You could get both the search results obtained from Wikipedia and Google simultaneously. Obviously, you could freely enlarge each side for full size for better understanding. If you Nar du har gatt inn pa et blackjack kan du velge det spillet du vil prove, og velge a spille for moro skyld. don’t want Wikipedia results with general Google results, you could simply disable Googlepedia.

Googlepedia works well with Windows 98, Linux, Macintosh, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. This add-on greatly works with Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and above version. Now, the new version of Googlepedia could also be run with Google Chrome browser. Following is list key features of it:

• Convents inner Wikipedia links into the Google search links
• You could use “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature of Google for searching relevant Wikipedia articles
• Provides link of the images to the full-sized versions directly
• Excludes Google AdWords feature
• The page could be expanded to take full advantage of the page
• You could use local language for Wikipedia
• Hide button feature could be used to disable Googlepedia
• Supports Firefox 3
• Interface supports over 7 languagesCzech, German, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese and Dutch

Download Googlepedia.

Googlepedia for Firefox

Googlepedia for Chrome 0.5.8

Simply Keep Backup To Email Files by Using Backup To Email Utility

Simply Keep Backup To Email Files by Using Backup To Email Utility

Now a day’s, one of the most important methods of keeping the backup files is sending important files to email. You can easily access these files anytime anywhere when there is required. Whereas, sending files to your mail account could be quite time consuming as it involves a number of steps to send files.

Firstly, you need to create and login to your email account, after that tick to compose mail, explore to the directory and choose the file to be uploading, wait for several times for uploading process to be accomplished and then click to send button. To send single file to your own email account, you must spend up to 5-10 mins. A utility that is intended to let you send files to email with no manually login to your email account, named as Backup To Email. You can send these emails in more efficient way by simply right click context menu.

After installation, you’ll have to execute Backup To Email at the beginning, by default it will suggest you for configuring your Gmail password and username. You can also change email service provider by simply right clicking on tray icon (with symbol V) then Toutefois, Roger Raatgever a mis fin aux rumeurs et aux speculations, nommant le casino correct, a savoir Spin Palace, membre de Palace Group. select Setup and tick to Advance button, If you want to backup files to other email service provider.

By simply clicking Main at the left pane, the setting page will be displayed. Now double click on otheremail account and modify all the settings as you preferred to the email service provider. Once the email settings are completed, simply by right clicking on the file, you can send any files to your email, and then select Backup To EMail from the context menu. It will illustrate you the progress bar with the uploading status, balloon notification will pop up to notify you that the file has been sent to your email account.

Backup To EMail is a free utility, the advance version of Backup To EMail 2.1.1 is extremely free for download. It is portable to run on Windows 95/98/ 2000/ 2003/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7 as well as Windows Server 2008. You must have Java Runtime Environment 6.0 installed on your machine.

CleanMem To Optimize Or Reduce Windows RAM Memory Usage

Use CleanMem To Optimize Or Reduce Windows RAM Memory Usage

Mostly all of the computer users ask for a solution which could lower or reduce the RAM memory usage in Windows. Even if you have installed much higher amount of RAM been into your computer, the computer makes full use of your RAM memory. However, with comparatively lower price of RAM modules, it makes affordable for you so that you could fill up all of the RAM slots to get even more speed. It helps particularly when you run lots of applications at a time, making your computer too slow and you may feel too sluggish while using PC.

CleanMem is an optimization utility which specifically optimizes cache and memory. It is also termed as memory optimizer or memory cleaner. CleanMem operates with the help of Windows API EmptyWorkingSet and easily instructs Windows OS. By this, it tends to clean all the running programs and processes and removes lots of unnecessary pages (memory) from the set of working programs.

The EmptyWorkingSet cleanup API easily cleans the memory by removing unneeded programs from the used portion of memory. This recovers the memory (because sometimes the memory may not be released due to bad programming) so that this cleared memory gets used for other running programs. By doing so, the paging of the hard disk drive is avoided. If the program has been ‘squeezed’ then it simply requires more memory and extra memory address.

CleanMem could no be used as background process for memory-resident. It does not stay in the system tray (notification area) which could be then used to clean up the memory. Instead of this, this app gets triggered at every 30 minutes by the Task Scheduler. When it gets triggered, you will not get any pop-up window frame and it works silently. When the cleanup process completes, it shuts down automatically and turns on in the interval. So, this app in itself doesn’t tend to utilize any memory space, which is one more plus advantage.

The latest version of CleanMem has been recently released. This edition also clears the system file cache which is available in space of kernel address. The buffer access is used by it and makes the hard drives slower. It makes the mapping of the all the open files under the system cache which is based on the application requests, access patterns and I/O demand. Conversely, when the file system cache develops too large, it )While Get best-data-recovery.com may use cookies to track your visit to Get best-data-recovery.com web sites, and our Web servers automatically log the IP/Internet address of your computer, Get best-data-recovery.com does not generally use this information to identify you personally. surely causes too much paging I/O to disk.


After downloading, the CleanMem could be installed automatically. After installing it will be executed by the Task Scheduler. In the CleanMem, you could also exclude the processes in order to reduce or optimize the RAM usage. To do so, you just have to specify the particular process name in the cleanmem_ignore_list.txt. Otherwise, you could simply select a particular process which you have to clean. Just enter the process names in cleanmem_only_list.txt.

The above two files are installed to

%SystemDrive%\Windows\System32 (for 32-bit OS) or

%SystemDrive%\Windows\SysWow64 (for 64-bit OS)

CleanMem works well with both x64 and x86 versions of Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. You will get the CleanMem as ZIP package or an installer for manual or portable installation procedure. The setup installer of CleanMem automatically installs the only list and ignore list with the installation process. It also automatically configures the Task Scheduler in order to execute in every 30 minutes automatically.

ZIP package includes all the CleanMem configuration files, batch command scripts, and executables and Task objects for Task Scheduler. However, if required, you have to manually install them afterwards. CleanMem.exe is able to execute separately with no extras at all. It could be also execute with thumbdrive, flash USB drive, DVD, CD or with the help of networks. Use the following links to download the CleanMem utility.

• CleanMem v1.4.2 Installer: cleanmem_v1.4.2_setup.exe

• CleanMem v1.4.2 ZIP: cleanmem_v.1.4.2.zip

Windows 7 or Vista Installation Procedure on Computers without Using the DVD

Windows 7 or Vista Installation Procedure on Computers without Using the DVD

Nowadays people are getting media-less Windows 7 and Vista licenses, where they just get an authentication certificate with genuine product key. This is really nice option for people who prefer quicker access to latest releases. Therefore, many people download the mirror image of windows DVD ISO from the websites.

It is very economical way to have soft copy of installation of windows when compared to having a external media copy which is more costly. People will need to have windows installation soft copy in ISO format. You can also burn it on DVD disc to use it for installation by inserting CD/DVD into DVD/CD drive to start installation process. In order to complete this process without the DVD, one has to have virtual box, virtual server.

However, for the users who do not have WinPE startup disc and does not wants to burn ISO on DVD disc, here is the method to install windows 7 and vista into computer’s hardware instantly with ISO without burning it on CD or DVD disc. This method can come really handy sometimes, especially during RC and beat period of new OS in making.

Here below, you will get iterative steps to know about how to install windows vista and windows 7 without DVD drive. It is the tutorial guide which takes you to the new advancement of technology.

By using this method, you can format your existing operating system and install fresh copy of operating system your computer. All you need is to just follow these instructions carefully and properly.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Install virtual DVD/CD drive on your existing operating system
2. Build up the windows vista installation DVD ISO image using virtual drive
3. Now copy all files inside virtual DVD/CD drive, which is into some folder on partition of your hard disk to utilize it, in order to install operating system
4. Copy boot and bootmgr folders that presents in copied folder, to insert it in root directory of computer system boot drive.

For vista users:

Copy bootmgr folder from E:\Windows7 to C:\ root directory, copy

E:\Windows7\boot\boot.sdi file to same folder in C:\boot folder, and then copy bootsect.exe from the E:\Windows7\boot\ folder to C:\ drive.

5. Make new folder and rename it as an as sources under rot folder
6. Copy boot.win file inside\windows7\sources folder, which is to the source folder created in operating boot drive.
7. Now start command prompt(cmd) as administrator
8. Run this following command( you can change it C drive according to your configuration)

C:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 C:

For vista users:

C:\bootsect.exe /nt60 C:
9. Alter the label or name of boot system’s hard disk or partition to BDC, or you can choose any name which you can remember easily and type.
10. Reboot your computer
11. After booting computer will start installation process. Now select appropriate language to install and change some other settings according to your requirements
12. There is more important fact which is very vital. On the screen, the users will get install widows operating system option, but make sure that you do not click on that option. User need to click on Repair my computer link at the bottom of left corner. It means do not press install windows button
13. After clicking on recovery option, the user need to click on command prompt
14. Just run the format command that clean the hard disk- format c:/q
15. Once format completed, just start installation process of windows 7 or vista by running setup.exe manually from the copied folder. Remember this one is not located on boot drive which was created in first step. It was copied in other drive.
16. Now just relax your tensed muscles, and follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.