Stem Stumper- Game For Visually Impaired iPhone Users

Latest iPhone Game for Visually Impaired People

The current sensation in the Apple store is a new puzzle game for the people who are visually impaired or blind. It is really interesting that blind people can now have the fun of playing puzzle game. This game is especially designed for them and they can play the game with the help of its inbuilt sound or voice feature.

The name of this latest sensation is Stem Stumper. This game is completely based on the standard puzzle game. Here the various creatures available have to be arranged by passing through several obstacles. You just need to drag your finger to create a way to make the puzzle complete. You will get some phrases as you take the right steps.

The latest Stem Stumper game is a completely accessible game for blind people and allows them to play this puzzle game with sound based features. The sonar mode of the game allows you to play in the absence of graphics and visuals only via the sound tracks. It supports VoiceOver feature of Apple, which reads the instructions loudly at each stage so that the visually impaired people can easily trace out the puzzle hint.

Our Point of View

This game is perfect for both visually impaired as well as others. However, this is the first revolution in favor of blind community. Now, we can expect more games and applications especially developed for the visually impaired people so that they can enjoy like others.

Revolutionary Software Talkszooms 4.0 To Aid The Visually Impaired

Revolutionary Software Talkszooms 4.0 To Aid The Visually Impaired

Talkszooms 4.0 is a very useful software application that is mainly developed to solve the visually challenged people, so that they can also read the text sent over to their handsets like any other normal person. This software converts the text displayed over the screen into comprehensible speech.

This software comes under the category of mobile text-to-speech software, and supports all the third generation series 60 mobiles. This software was mainly developed to help out the blind, visually handicapped, and people with low vision. Now, visually challenged people can also enjoy the latest Smartphones like any normal person by making use of this software.

This software provides many facilities like searching contacts, browsing the web, reading out the notes, reading out massages or emails, checking out calendar entries or any appointments and even managing calls with no obstacle of their disability hindering their wishes.

The Naunce Communications also declared that the intelligent software can also be licensed with any of the GSM services providers. Stating in other words, users have the freedom of making use of the software an as many mobile devices they have with a single GSM sim.

The users can also license the software to a particular mobile device and use the software with as many sim cards as desired. This software supports as many as twenty languages all over the world. The application is easily downloadable by the website of Naunce.