How To Use GMail Drive shell extension

Before logging into Gmail you’ll notice the ever growing email space a whopping 6770.016019 MB (right now which just grows more every passing second), displayed on the screen.

If you pass around a lot of images and videos, all the space provided will be worth, but for a normal user who uses mail accounts to send text messages, . I’m one of these normal users, who uses mail accounts to keep in touch with ppl rather than using it as a temporary storage device.

If you decide to use GMail as a storage medium, then you should use GMAil Drive which is a simple Shell Namespace Extension, that lets u create a virtual filesystem around your Gmail account, which allows you to use gmail as a storage medium.

Using GMail drive, you can create a virtual filesystem which sits on top of your Google Gmail account, and this gives the flexibilty to save and retrive files stored on your Gmail account and what makes it more sweet is that all this happens within your Windows Explorer. When some one looks at this, they’ll literally notice a GMail drive under MY Computer folder where users are allowed to create new folders. Users can just drag and drop files as they would on any conventional system.

A cool feature of GMail Drive is that it is in sync with your Gmail account and when ever you are logged on to the internet it periodically checks if there are any new mails in your account (User the Gmails in built search function), and if any new files are found it rebuilds the whole directory structure all over again.

Gmail drive is still a beta tool and you should know that it comes with no warranty. And also there will be a lot of limitations when compared to the normal file-system.

Do not store any important/personal/confidential data in the GMail Drive.

May be if you want to store some junk which u want off your system, then you should definitely give GMail drive a shot.