Google Introduces Voice Search In Search Engines

Google Voice search was available as a standalone application for Android phones, however it’s now integrated into the search bar and is a feature in . This feature is available in US at the moment, not sure when it’ll be rolled out for other local search engines yet.

You’ll see a small microphone symbol within Googles search bar, pressing it will start recording your voice and the content you speak will be used as ‘Search Query’.

The accuracy is higher when you speak with the microphone held close to you, and also I noticed that it kinda shuts down Chrome (as I’ve tested it only on Chrome as of now), when you speak a lot of content, what I mean is, if the search query is too long the browser kinda hangs.

I’ll verify this in sometime and update if it was just a coincidence that my browser hung up on me, or if it’s a real problem with the new ‘Google’s Voice Search’. It’s possible that it might just be a browser issue or my internet service provider issue that’s acting up on me. I’ll verify this in sometime and report back again.

Till then, I guess you can enjoy the ‘Voice / Speech Search’ Google’s offering 🙂

Fool Your Friends By Altering Your Voice Via AV Voice Changer Software 6.0.31

Fool Your Friends By Altering Your Voice Via AV Voice Changer Software 6.0.31

AV Voice Changer Software is mainly used to manipulate or change your voice to special pitch and tones for some reasons. You can make use of this software to conceal your identity when voice chatting or making PC-to-Phone call or an internet call to somebody else.

The AV Voice Changer Software is an expert in changing your voice and offers different tasks related to voice changing. Furthermore, this application can also generate voice dubbing, voice-over plus voice messaging. Anyone can use this software for sending voice mails, voice messages, presentations, video clips, e-Cards, etc.

An in built Voice Recorder is provided to capture and record audio and voice. This helps to the users who want to record their voice chat sessions. In addition to this, one more helpful function of the AV VCS application is the in built MP3. This program plays audio files into lots of formats, and it also morphs songs for providing some new experiences and styles in digital music entertainments.

AV Voice Changer Software edition 6.0.31 is a latest version of this software and obtainable for free trial period. Working of this trial version is quite convenient with several ordinary VoIP programs, e.g. Net2Phone, Skepe, Vonage etc.

This software is also companionable with the majority of the instant messenger programs for example Yahoo Messenger which is accompanied by Voice, Windows Live Messenger , AIM, Skype etc.

Download AV Voice Changer:

version6.0.31 | 12.93MB

Gold version 6.0.31 | 11.82MB

Diamond version 6.0.31 | 16.02MB