Download Skype Version 1.3 For Free For Ipod And Iphone

Download Skype Version 1.3 For Free For Ipod And Iphone

The best VoIP service is, no doubt, Skype. It allows any of their users to call and chat with their buddies for as long as they want for free on the computer. Other than direct calling it also supports voice mails, text messaging, and lots of other features too.

With the brand new release of Skype for mobile, called Skype Version 1.3, any Apple iPod or iPhone users can call their friends and families using Skype for free. As we all know that calls from Skype to Skype is free and now as Skype is available on iPod and iPhone, all the Apple iPod and iPhone users can call their Skype buddies without spending a single penny.

Features of Skype version 1.3 for iPod and iPhone are mentioned below:

  • Communication is faster using Wi-Fi
  • You can message faster with quick typing.
  • For new users all the help, hints and even tips are mentioned in this section.
  • All the old flaws are overcome in the latest version.
  • Stability of the device and application is improved and enhanced.

How To Make Free International Calls From PC / Laptop Using Google Talk

Make International Calls with Talkster for Free using GoogleTalk

GoogleTalk has come up with services that allow users worldwide to make international calls without having to shell out a single penny. GTalk provides calls from personal computers to phone via Talkster which is integrated with GTalk2VoIP.

GoogleTalk allows users to make group conference calls, long distance and international calls to over 30 destinations for free This utility of GTalk has helped many people especially from countries like India, Africa, UAE.

Google Talk provides free international calling facility via Talkster. Follow the below steps to use this facility:

  • Open Google Talk from desktop if available or install Google Talk after downloading.
  • Locate Add button and run it by clicking it on Google Talk, this allows one to add new contacts to the Google Talk.
  • Now type the telephone number of the particular person you wish to call by following the format provided below.[email protected]
    • Enter the full and complete phone number with country code along with the area code. Examples of phone numbers in the UK will be assigned a phone number in GTalk as [email protected], and a number in USA will be assigned a phone number as [email protected].
  • If the above steps are followed in sequential order, a confirmation message from Talkster will be received along with a local call-in number. Both callers and receivers can use the call-in number to get information on all the free international calling features. Talkster also provides a local number to avail cheap call charges by the callers in their respective countries.
  • Now to make a international call to any of your friends for free. All one needs to do is to double click on the particular number from the Contact List of Google Talk
  • To initiate the call, just click the mouse on the Call button.
  • Talkster then immediately begins dialling out the phone number from GTalk.
  • Once the calling party replies, 10 seconds are provided to every caller to examine whether he/she is accessible for talk, informing the party to suspend the call and callback using Talkster’s local phone number from the caller’s country.
  • One has to wait for the caller to suspend and call-back the caller using his local Talkster’s call-in number. Check to see if the calling party has the correct number. If the number with the calling party is not correct, one can send the correct phone number either via email or IM. Talkster also provides a utility to SMS mobile phone numbers using Talkster’s call-in number to a cellphone. Either the caller or the receiver can call back to get connected to an international call.
    • Note: Talkster provides CallerID facility for all its users to know whom to connect the calls to, so it is very important not to disable the CallerID.
  • GTalk2VoIP utility of Talkster connects the caller as soon as the original calling party initiates the call. Both the parties are connected to a free international call and can use this facility to talk as much as they wish to.
  • One can terminate a call when the talking is complete. GTalk users are encouraged to use the call facility as many times as possible.
  • Talkster has provided local numbers to nearly 30 countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Ireland, Latvia, Argentina, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Chile, Slovenia, Canada, Israel, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, El Salvador, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Hong Kong, Peru, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

    GoogleTalk allows calling any fixed line, mobile, cell and landline phone numbers to the supported international countries through its Talkster and GTalk2VoIP utilities which is available for free. One need not have to register or sign-up or use credit card to use the calling services. It is available for free with unlimited usage without any restrictions on the usage. One can find more information on

    Free Video Conferencing, Instant Messenger Softphone Software

    The technologies governing communication is changing at a fast pace. The communication over the internet is catching up fast with the telephone as the primary way of communication. Ekiga is an application which makes VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) possible on your desktop. Ekiga supports the currently used protocols for VOIP, namely, SIP and H.323.

    Since SIP is becoming the default standard for VOIP communication, Ekiga supports this protocol to the full. The software is easy to install and configure. It takes you through a few steps for the configuration of your VOIP parameters and within a few minutes you can make your first call.

    Using Ekiga you can make a VOIP call with both audio and video to any user in the world. You have facilities to stop audio or video or both and you can hold and transfer the call as you require. Ekiga also has an address book with the contact numbers and you can also create your favorites with numbers most often used.

    Ekiga is very simple to use and does not come loaded with too many features for you to choose. It is a powerful simple program which allows you to communicate to your heart’s content. The output is very clear and you will not face any disturbance in your communication using Ekiga.

    [ Download Ekiga ]

    Substitutes for Pricey Cable, Radio, and Phone Services

    Web-based technologies can offer services that can work as great, cost effective substitutes for Cable TV, landline phones, cell service, and DSL. These are the next wave – they offer cheap services and same functionalities. You even get discounts, special offers and the like. Read on to fine out more about it.

    Substitutes for TV and Movies

    Services like Apple iTunes, BlockbusterOnDemand, Zune, Amazon, and Jaman give you thousands of shows and movies on a paid, per-show basis somewhere around $3 for a movie and $30 for a full season of a premiere TV show. Moreover, sites like Hulu, Crackle, Comcast, and many others offer free movies and TV shows. And all of this is without even mentioning YouTube.

    Substitutes for Phones

    Services like Skype, RingCentral, Google Voice, my1voice, and other VoIP services offer great replacements for calling up people from your landline phones at extremely low rates (or even free).

    Then there are services like Truphone and Fring to replace your cell phone – and others like SpinVox, YouMail, PhoneTag, and Google Voice to replace your voice mail service. Further, you can send free SMSs from any of the IM apps or email abound on the web.

    The exact features of the service might vary but the fact they cost almost nothing is something that is common in all of them.

    Substitute for Satellite Radios

    If you don’t want to shell out huge subscription charges for that expensive satellite radio, you can consider some of the web-radio services like that is absolutely free. Although some others like Pandora may have paid versions, these radio services make the radio experience mobile by letting you tune in from your smartphone. You can even think of chucking out that old car radio once you get used to the internet radio services.

    Although some of the older generation services of say, cable service providers, may still be necessary given your lifestyle – you can think of going for the minimal subscriptions to these services. Explore the web – and unleash the content that is being offered for almost next-to-nothing costs.