Set Image as Desktop Background Wallpaper with Google Chrome Extension

Set Image as Desktop Background Wallpaper with Google Chrome Extension

Several users might have come across fascinating, distinctive, strange, humorous, or uncommon digital pictures or graphics occasionally once they browse web. They might preserve these types of pictures and utilize them as desktop wallpaper. On the other hand, occasionally pictures turn out to be useless in their PC as the users forget to include all of them as wallpaper. If you want to reduce, the steps associated with transforming the images to wallpaper, also to shorten the procedure Google chrome users are able to check out this east extension “Set Image as Wallpaper”

“Set Image as Wallpaper” is a free extension of best casino bonuses Google Chrome presently working with windows only. With the help of installation of this extension in the web browser, users will be able to by-pass the process for saving the time, and directly right click the image. Users are able to select “Set Image as Wallpaper” within the pop-up shortcut menu to get the chosen image as wallpaper.  

Users are also provided with the option to alter the format, such as if they would like to stretch, centre, or tile to set the chosen image as wallpaper. This simple procedure will definitely make it possible for users to place interesting image as wallpaper and alter it with ease.

You can download it here.

Download Free Wallpaper Changer To Automatically Change Wallpapers In Windows 7

Download Free Wallpaper Changer To Automatically Change Wallpapers In Windows 7

Microsoft Corp. has added a new feature in Windows 7 named as Wallpaper Changer which is available with Desktop Slideshow feature. This feature helps you if you like to change your desktop wallpaper frequently. The new Wallpaper Changer application is freeware. Wallpaper Changer is a wallpaper manager which changes the background images automatically on every startup.

The change takes place either on regular basis or once in a day. The file formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP are supported by this app. It automatically selects screen property as tile, center or resize to full screen. It also analyzes the each and every wallpaper to suit it in background for best appearance and for easily readable icon caption colors.

Wallpaper Changer provides pretty easy way to save and reload or create your favorite wallpapers collection. There is an easy way to add whole directories or single pictures via drag and drop action. You can add them from explorer or else you can select supported graphics by searching all your hard drives. To display your wallpaper more effectively, it gives a transparent background to all desktop icons captions.

To use this application, just download WPCSetup_v1.90.exe. There is no need of installation, just place it in any folder and run.

Use Wrap-Around-The-Corner Photo Frame To Display Memorable Moments

Use Wrap-Around-The-Corner Photo Frame To Display Memorable Moments

If your house has a number of unsightly corners and columns, you might be having tough time thinking about how to use the space effectively to make them look beautiful. Most of the people choose to plaster the columns using attractive wallpapers. However, you can go for a better option than plastering the corners by making use of Wrap-Around-the-Corner Photo Frame.

This photo frame not only makes the best use of space but also transforms those unsightly columns into striking corners. The Wrap-Around-the-Corner frame is creatively designed by Photojojo so that you can comfortably fix it at any of the corners in your house to display your favorite photographs. It comes with 12 frame slots of different shapes and sizes which can be used to display 12 different photographs.

The Wrap-Around-the-Corner frame consists of four frame slots having dimensions 2.5? x 3”, four frame slots with 3? x 3.5?, two frame slots with 3.5? x 4? and two with 5.5? x 7?. For inserting a photo and creating a wrapping effect, all you need to do is, splice the photograph into half and then fit it within the adjacent frame slots.

The Wrap-Around-the-Corner frame is made up of lacquered, Espresso stained hardwood. The photo frame costs $99 which sounds rather costly to most but the modern effect that it has on the house is highly mesmerizing. This photo frame would turn out to be a much desired piece of house display if it can be digitalized in future.

Now Control And Manage Wallpapers Switching And Screensaver Using Thetawall

Now Control And Manage Wallpapers Switching And Screensaver Using Thetawall

In all probabilities, you would have heard about several utilities that allow you to set your favorite images in the background of the computer and manage it according to your convenience, but all those utilities surely will not be midget enough. Therefore, you need to use this latest tiny utility application that is loaded with additional features and has interactive user interface allowing you to manage the wallpaper functions properly.

The name of this small yet powerful application is ThetaWall, which sets the selected wallpaper on the background and switch to another display either wallpaper or screensaver at fixed the intervals.


It is an easy-to-use tiny application that consumes only 100KB space of your hard disk. Since it is a standalone application, you don’t need to install it. It is available for free download and use instantly.

To use this application, initially you’ll need to add selective photos and images to the predefined folder in the ThetaWall. Later, you’ll need to click on the icon that is located at the system tray. You will be shown a submenu following options such as interval, aspect ratio for screen display, 1D recursive or 2D iterative mode, etc. You can customize your own screensaver to set on the background.

How Can I Set Video Wallpaper In Windows 7, Vista, XP

For Your Desktop Wallpaper Set a Video Instead Of an Image

Let us see how to set video as wallpaper:

  1. The first and main thing you need is VLC media player. You can download it for free from internet if you don’t have VLC.
  2. Go to settings, then click on preferences then interface and click on main interfaces and go to wxwidgets.
  3. Check the systray Icon and uncheck the Taskbar from the advanced option.
  4. Click on video then output module and click on DirectX.
  5. Advanced option should be checked.
  6. Wallpaper mode should be enabled by checking that.
  7. Repeat current item should be checked after you have selected the playlist
  8. Save the setting and close VLC media player. Start it again.
  9. Run any video on VLC media player, by right clicking on the video a pop down menu will appear and choose wallpaper.
  10. Your video will be set as wallpaper.