DirectVobSub to Watch Multilingual Movies

Watch And Understand Movies Or TV Programs Of Any Language By Taking Few Steps!!

These days, subtitles are very common in movies, TV shows and films while watching videos and TV programs, which are in other languages.  Subtitles is the translation of the dialogs spoken in a movie or TV programs to understand the programs better for the people who are not acquainted with that specific language. These subtitles are also useful in helping those people with some kind of hearing impairment and for those who have problems with accent recognition and find it difficult in understanding the spoken language.

The most commonly used device to watch movies and video clips is the Windows Media Player but the problem in WMP is that it does not work with all versions of Windows even Windows Vista does not provide a built-in filter to load and display the subtitles in movies when videos are played.

Now, the Windows have introduced DirectVobSub, which is a new version of VSFilter or VobSub. DirectVobSub is a product, which is also known as DirectoShow Subtitle Filter. This software is useful to comprehend and perceive outward subtitles in accordance with the digital video playback.

There is an automatic integration of DirectVobSub with any other DirectShow-based media player to playback subtitles automatically and there is a facility of plugin for VirtualDub and AviSynth along with VSFilter.vdf file is re-enthrone from VSFilter.dll. DirectVobSub is known as a segment of Guliverkli2 project.

DirectVobSub is supportive to virtually all the popular formats of subtitle along with the below mentioned formats:

VobSub(.sub, .idx)

Advanced SubStation Alpha or SubStation Alpha (ssa, .ass)

SubRip (.srt)

MicroDVD and SubViewer (.sub)

SAMI (.smi)

PowerDivX (.psb)

Explanatory Name of Universal Format (.usf)

Structured Explanatory Format (.ssf)

The latest released DirectVobSub version 2.39 and DirectVobSub subtitle filter are compatible with DirectShow based player, easily downloadable from or it is easily downloadable from links.

The administrative DirectVobSub version filter through developer is available only in 32-bit(x64).  There is one more 64-bit(x64) DirectVobSub version available, which can be used with the media player of 64-bit.

This is to note that above mentioned downloads do not have setup installer. There will be only one filter file, VSFilter.dll contained into the ZIP package. Refer the below mentioned guide on how to establish the VSFilter.dll and DirectVobSub.filter.

Now, the question will be asked, how to enable and turn subtitles on Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player or DirectShow Player.

Before watching any movies or TV programs establish the DirectVobSub VSFilter. Users have to take some steps to activate subtitles of a movie in Windows Media Player, which are as below:

First of all, change the name of the subtitle file as the name of the video file, but don’t change the extension name of the file (both subtitle file and video file should have same name but extension should not be changed). Mentioned below is the example for correct subtitle file name and video file name.

Movie Name: Home alone.avi

Explanatory Title or secondary Title: Home alone.sub

Both the above mentioned files must be placed in one common folder.

After this, run the product (movie or video) with any DirectShow-based product movie player and the explanatory title will be displayed automatically on the video screen. There will be an icon of arrow with green color, which can be seen at the area of notification. This is the indication of successfully loading the subtitles in DirectVobSub.

If the subtitle does not display automatically on the screen, then to activate it, right click on the icon of DirectVobSub and modify the settings of the subtitles.

In the end, we can say that the DirectVobSub-based software has given freedom to those people who are fond of watching all kinds of TV programs and movies of their choice with subtitles and can understand it just like their own language.

Glycine Incursore 2 And 3 – A Classic Gift With Some Differences !

After watching a romantic movie, it’s time for some classic gifts ! The well known Glycine Incursore collection is back with their ii and iii models. Costs being comparatively low, they come with different dials and styles in automatic and manually wound movements. The pricing on a manually wound Unitas 6498 is practically the same as automatic ETA 2924. When such is the case, who would want to choose a manual movement one over an automatic watch?

But yes, there are still people who consider buying it. The only difference between the two watches is that the seconds needle [in the auto] against a subsidiary seconds needles in the manual model. They have a 44mm wide steel case [100 mts water resistant] with a metal bracelet or a broad leather strap with some dial options. a ‘standard’ basic model with a combination of Arabic and Baton markers and a ‘California dial’ that has both Roman and Arabic numerals is widely available.

They come in black, aubergine and dark blue colour dials and different textures, well and superbly finished right to the case. While some bring out a polished look, some bear a brushed appearance, making it seem that Glycine is out to satisfy its customers of all kinds. Mainly because if the people have come upto a stage when they choose brands like Glycine, then they are at a stage when sapphires are far more pleasing than minerals, for their superior quality/clarity and high scratch proof quality.

Glycine is depending on the value proposition of these watches mainly for people looking for a Swiss watch with a traditional sporty style at a competitive price. It is priced at 890 Swiss Francs for a leather strap and 990 Swiss Francs for a metal case watch!

Watch 2008 and 2009 Season Formula 1 Videos Free Online

If you are an ardent fan of Formula 1 like me, then you can watch the highlights of 2008 and 2009 season and all the races so far in 2009 for free.

Go to the official site of Formula one and click on Videos.

As you can see in the image below all the videos will be listed.

Formula 1 videos free online

You can directly watch the videos directly from here. All the videos are beautiful combined and worth watching. Don’t miss to 2008’s Brazil race, where Hamilton won the race ( Massa is the True Champion ! ).

[ Watch Formula One Videos ]