Add Image And Text Watermarks To Your Photos With WaterMarkLib

Add Image And Text Watermarks To Your Photos With WaterMarkLib

When you share images online, it is quite likely that they can easily be stolen by others. To prevent this from happening, the best thing that you can do is, watermark the images. There are a number of watermarking tools available in the market and WaterMarkLib is one such brilliant watermarking tool that is absolutely easy to use.

WaterMarkLib allows you to insert image or text watermarks to your pictures preventing others from stealing them and taking credit of the hard work that you have put in for creating the pictures. You can easily download and install this utility. Once you launch this tool, it displays a simple, user-friendly interface with self explanatory actions and neatly arranged buttons.

You can browser to select an image file and choose to either add image or text watermark by clicking on the options ‘Add Image Watermark’ or ‘Add Text Watermark’ respectively. You may also position the chosen watermark at a preferred location using customizable style, font, opacity etc.

If you wish to keep the original images intact, you can save the watermarked images to another location by selecting an output destination. This tool is pretty useful to people who tend to post numerous images online. WaterMarkLib works well with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista and is available for a free download.

Use Simple Webpage Capture With Auto Scrolling Feature To Easily Make Website Snapshot

Use Simple Webpage Capture With Auto Scrolling Feature To Easily Make Website Snapshot

Siteshoter is very common tool with which you could capture your favorite website’s screenshot. However, if you are looking for the advanced alternative solution then you must try this application. This free of charge and tiny utility is named as Simple Webpage Capture. This utility helps you in snapping any website or webpage with no consideration of its size and length for future reference.

After completing the installation process, you will be prompted with the simple GUI. At the beginning, you need to configure the destination location i.e. output location for all the screenshots that to be saved into for efficient file management. At the top, you can able to set the different image files formats based on the preference to be either in .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tif.

You simply need to specify the default browser into the browser window so that the entire webpage could be covered avoiding the hassle of manually selecting and snapping. The utility will auto scroll the length of the page for the same. One more additional feature is that you can configure the watermark settings for much more effective usage.

Simple Webpage Capture is portable app. It can greatly run in Windows OS such as 98, 2000, ME, XP as well as Vista. This application has the only one requirement that is; in order to work faultlessly, Internet Explorer 6.0 or advanced version of it.


Using Watermark Tool To Protect Your Digital Photos

Using Watermark Tool To Protect Your Digital Photos

Mostly, we tend to protect the photos, especially when we spend a lot of time to capture an outstanding one. Some of us are very protective on the photos when they work on some great designs. There are lots of ways to protect your masterpiece to spread it across the internet. To protect your masterpiece photo from getting posted on somebody’s blogs or websites , the most effective way is to insert a custom watermark in your digital photos.

You do not have to pay for adding any texts for example your name, brand, URL etc inside the watermark form. This application can not stop others from copying your photos. The detailed source of the photos is prominently acknowledged and displayed in any case. Watermark Tool helps you to do so. Watermark Tool is a free web application with which you can insert a custom watermark into your digital photos.

Watermark tool allows you to add texts. For adding text, open Watermark Tool then upload your file and include whichever text you want. By adding the text you can trademark your digital photos. Lots of texts editing tools are included to customize the font type, text size text color, box color, text transparency, text position and etc.

When you click on the “Generate” tab, the new finalized watermarked image will be generated. This fresh watermarked photo can be downloaded now. Though it is an easy-to-use tool, you can insert watermark only once at a time.

Removing Watermarks from Windows 7 Desktop

Removing Watermarks from Windows 7 Desktop

Watermarks which are a norm associated with Microsoft’s windows operating system are also seen on Windows 7 OS. Even vista operating system had watermarks imprinted on its desktop. These watermarks appear only when certain conditions are met.

The common watermarks which are seen on the desktop are as follows:

  • Watermark which displays “for testing purposes only” whenever a user initiates the installation of a RC from beta copy of the windows 7 operating system
  • Watermark displaying “evaluation copy” when activation of installed windows OS is not complete.
  • Watermark displaying “test mode” when test signing mode is enabled. Representing that the non-ca category self signed certificates can be used.
  • Watermark “safe mode” when a user boots from the safe mode.

A user can delete the above watermarks from the desktop with the help of a hack. This hack modifies a system file named “user32.dll.mui” which removes all the strings associated with the watermark. Users who are unaware about the technicalities can download a script which will remove all the watermarks from the desktop.

The watermark removal script for windows 7 is designed for specific versions of OS. A user has to ensure the correct version compatible with its operating system while downloading the script.

A complete tool for removing watermark from Desktop called the “Remove Watermark” supports every language and version of windows. It even accepts 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

Download Remove7Watermark (Build 7000 Windows 7)

Download Remove7Watermark (Build 6956 Windows 7)

Run the patch remove7watermark.exe. Now restart your system to establish the changes after patching. This script supports US English only for windows 7 OS.

Tip: if this batch stops working, then try removing watermark patch which supports all the windows versions and languages.

This script installs a new patched system file “user32.dll.mui” after creating a backup for the original “user32.dll.mui” in the system drive stored in the location %Systemdrive%\user32backup\. The user32.dll.mui.bak, backup file is stored in the path %Windir%\system32\En-us\.

To uninstall this patch, restore or reset the watermarks. Replace or copy the backup file to its original place or original name.

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