Safari, Now With A New Look And Features

Safari, Now With A New Look And Features

Safari is a very fast and most widely used and famous browser which was introduced by Apple company in January 2003 for Mac operating System and users of Windows XP. The latest released version of Safari is more secure and capable in terms of user interface.

Previously, there were lots of issues with Safari web browsers like it was preventing users to submit their web forms correctly. Web content was not displayed correctly when users wished to view Google image with Flash 10.1. Now the newly released version of Safari has overcome with all these issues and is very much improved with authenticated and encrypted connection to the SEG (Safari Extensions Gallery).

Previously Safari was launched only for Mac and Linux but the latest version of Safari web browser can be used on Windows too as other web browsers. The newly introduced version of Safari 5.2 can be downloaded free from the official site of Apple.

A very new and good feature added in latest Safari is a Safari Reader which helps removing unwanted advertisements and other unwanted online material. So you will get the relevant material without any wastage of time in selecting and then going through. Safari Reader work like this: Whenever you will start browsing web, Safari Reader will detect and it will display that web page in the friction or blinking of your eyes. You just need to move your mouse on the icon Smart Address Field, and the particular article will display on the screen in one shot and clutter-free manner.

Safari 5.0.2 for Snow Leopard:
Safari 5.0.2 for Leopard:
Safari 5.0.2 for Windows XP, Vista or 7:
Safari 5.0.2+QuickTime for Windows XP, Vista or 7:

Install VTzilla To Firefox Web Browser To Perform Instant File Check Before Downloading

Install VTzilla To Firefox Web Browser To Perform Instant File Check Before Downloading


It is pretty important and useful for users to download each file after proper security check to prevent security threat from the unauthorized sources. Usually, web browsers scan the files before initializing the downloading process.

However, you can simplify the entire process by adding new add-on named VTzilla, which is a free plug-in to expedite and enhanced the entire process of scanning and downloading the files form internet. This add-on prevents you from affected by malware attacks and virus attacks.
Once the VTzilla add-on downloaded, your system will scan all the files prior downloading on your system. You just need to add this add-on to your Firefox web browser and right click on the context menu to instigate the scanning process. The VTzilla plug-in technically provided free file scanning and checking more than 41 malware threats.

This add-on only scans submitted files, but cannot scan system on users’ machine. The VTzilla add-on is completely free to download and install on your system then add to the web browser. The add-on will start working once it will be added to Firefox web browser. It keeps your system free from security threats.

Create Backup Of Web Browser Settings Using Favbackup

Create Backup Of Web Browser Settings Using Favbackup

Creating backup of all important files and data is the best way to keep the secured data from being lost or damaged. Mostly users backup their files and data in order to recover them when needed via various backup programs such as CopyChangedFiles and JaBack. Do you think that backup of web browser is essential? Since there are several applications for creating backup files, but backup web browser is different from common method of restoring files and folders.

Backup web browser settings allows you to recover your bookmarks, extensions, plug-in data, thumbnails, history, frequently visited sites etc while you have formatted your computer. There is an innovative application named FavBackup, which allows you to access backup your web browser settings and other important data, so that you can restore them easily whenever it is required.


It is a standalone application that doesn’t require any installation, rather runs on the executing the file directly of your system. Additionally, it is available to download for free. Presently, it supports only five web browsers namely IE 6-8, Firefox 2-3.5, Opera 3-4, and Google Chrome 1-3 version.


  • Initially, you have to download executable file of FavBackup on your system and run.
  • Click on the backup option followed by web browser type.
  • You will be prompted to select your desired files and data from the various options to add in backup list.
  • Now select the folders where you will intend to store or save backup files.
  • Once the backing up process completed, you will be shown a green check sign beside each items that you have selected for creating backup.

FavBackup version 1.1.2 supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and completely free to download and use.  It only consumes 3.3 MB space of your hard disk. Finally, if you find it useful, download it from here.

Synchronize Your Passwords Online Using RoboForm Password Manager

Synchronize Your Passwords Online Using RoboForm Password Manager

RoboForm, which is a popular password manager, has introduced a web based interface to help users synchronize their passwords between multiple systems. RoboForm’s web based service enables you to access login details and passwords from anywhere in the world. All you need to have is a computer with an internet connection.

The form-filler function of this useful password manager remembers your login details and allows you to auto-fill any online forms. If you happen to use multiple PCs and feel a need to synchronize your login information, RoboForm is the best online tool. You can use this free online utility as your own password manager.

You need to simply register with RoboForm for a free online account so that you can keep your login information at another safe place apart from your PC. No other person can access your login information without logging in to your RoboForm account thus making your confidential data safe and secure.



Follow the below mentioned steps to configure RoboForm to synchronize passwords online.

  1. You can download RoboForm Password Manager from Here. and Register with RoboForm to get an online account.
  2. Go to “Options” and select “User Data”. Click on Sync and go through the setup process.
  3. The moment you finish with the setup process, RoboForm will synchronize all your identities, login details and confidential data with your online RoboForm account.

 To take advantage of various other features of RoboForm Password Manager you need to subscribe to RoboForm Pro version.

Bookmark A Webpage In Firefox To Default Bookmark Folder

Bookmark Your Favorite Web Page Into Bookmarks Folder In Firefox 3 Using The “Star” Button On The Location Bar

Mozilla Firefox version 3 has come up with a lot of improvements in terms of security, speed and enhanced features. Along with lightening fast performance and smart location bar, Firefox 3 features one-click bookmarking. The Location Address Bar in Firefox 3 has a “star” at the end to enable users to bookmark the current page instantly with a single click.

The moment a user clicks onto the “star” button, the current page quickly gets saved into the bookmarks under the “Unsorted Bookmarks” category. Firefox 3 does not display any confirmation pop-up box.

Even though this offers quick bookmarking, it has a drawback. You are no more able to put a bookmark straight away into the Bookmark’s root hierarchy. Using the bookmarks editor to move the bookmark to the appropriate folder is quite time consuming and doing this totally crushes the purpose of bookmark shortcut feature.

It is almost impossible that you place a bookmark straight away into the Firefox 3 Bookmark’s nested sub-folder by just clicking onto the “star” placed at the end of the Address Bar.

However, you can make Firefox 3 display a dialog box with options for altering location (folder), bookmark name and associated tags by double-clicking on the Location bar’s “star” button. By doing this, you will be able to name your bookmark, edit tags, choose an intended bookmark folder or even remove the bookmarked link from the bookmarks using the quick drop-down menu.

As another option, you may also press keyboard accelerator “Ctrl-D” or in the Firefox 3 menu, click on “Bookmarks” and select the option “Bookmark This Page” in order to get the same dialog box so as to customize bookmark name, intended bookmark folder and tags.

You may also bookmark a link by using Bookmarks sidebar. To access the Bookmarks sidebar, just press “Ctrl-B” or in the Firefox 3 menu, click on “View”, go to “Sidebar” and select “Bookmarks”. Now simply drag and drop your favorite link from the location bar to the intended folder.

How Can I Protect My Gmail From Phishing

Protect Gmail account from phishing

The best, fastest, and safest email provider definitely is Gmail. It is advanced and smooth to use and thus almost every people all around the world have a Gmail account. Thus because it’s popularity there are some hackers who try to phish your Gmail account to cause you harm.

Follow the tips mentioned below in order to stay away from being phished:

  1. Your web browser should be the latest one: Always try to update your web browser version. All you need to do is to download it and install. Updated version of web browsers are released because the previous version may seem to be giving some trouble. So try to keep you Gmail account safe by updating your web browser with the latest version.
  2. Removal of suspicious filters: You need to delete any unknown filters and keep it clean. To do so you have to click on settings and then filters. If you see any unknown filters then delete them right away. Never ever take a chance with your account. It is always important to protect your e-mail accounts, especially if they have any of your critical data. So if you don’t have any clue about the filters in your account, then delete them right away.
  3. Do not entertain any links that you receive through e-mail: Different organizations mail links to different people to promote their product. The hackers will also try to take advantage of this fact to hack your mailing account. Never open any link which you are not really aware of. Try to be more suspicious and alert on this matter. Delete any spam mails or the mails which you have doubts about. Don’t let hackers to fool you.
  4. Try not to reply to an unknown email: Hackers knows different ways to hack you and they try to use all of them on you to phish your account. One of their ways is to get a reply from you. They will mail you for different spam products and once you reply to that mail, they will trace your IP address. Once your IP address is known to them they can easily phish your Gmail account.

A Free, Open Source Cross-Platform Internet Suite

Third party applications on internet were never popular due to various reasons, prominent among them being lack of interoperability and connectivity. The users stuck to individual programs which performed their functions well and supported an interface for connection to other programs. SeaMonkey is an attempt to define a comprehensive suite of internet applications.

SeaMonkey is a powerful internet application suite comprising newsgroup client, web browser, email client, IRC chat client and HTML authoring tool. Some of the programs in the suite such as the browser and the email client are as powerful as the standalone versions available in the market. The combination is simple to use but capable enough to handle powerful tasks like CSS, tables and layers.

The components of the suite itself have a lot of useful features which can be enhanced by large number of plug-ins available for various supporting functions. The interface is configurable and the appearance can be customized according to what you think is right. The suite provides a stable, fast and secure browser and the average internet users love the flexibility it provides.

The suite provides menu options and the keyboard shortcuts to move from one application to another. It uses less memory and thus does not strain the resources too much.

[ Download SeaMonkey ]