HP’s Palm Pre 2 Will Have WebOS 2.0, Will Be First Available In France

It is indeed an opportunity to witness 2 of HP’s great launches this week– an upgraded version of the HP webOS earlier utilized by Palm for its smartphone, and the Palm Pre 2. The OS can be called Hp’s advanced version of the webOS, a boon that came by when it took over Palm in April for $1.2 M. This latest version is to be named webOS 2.0 to be released during the weekend together with Palm Pre 2 smart phone.

The Palm Pre 2 is expected to be opened in France to begin with the help of the French Wireless Carrier SFR. SFR’s details of the phone are that the device is proposed to come equipped with a 1GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. It is also to be a sleek phone with a slide-out keyboard. The price is yet to be revealed, and meanwhile you can check out some of it’s features:

The Palm Pre 2 comes with a 1GHz processor and a 5mega pixel camera. Multitasking becomes more easier as all the open windows are stacked up like a deck of cards. If you like quickies, then there are short cuts for updating status, emails, listing items etc,. Now you can search the web right from your phone. HTML 5 is in, and your Palm Pre is not behind in technology! Like watching Adobe embedded videos, the beta of Adobe Flash Player makes your life more easier. For all you office folks, the Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite is an attractive feature that allows viewing of Microsoft word, Excel and Power Point as well as integration with Google Docs and Dropbox.

Buyers from US and Canada, patience is a virtue you are in great need of because you will have to wait for another few months more if you wish to buy this phone. Users in North America however are a bit more lucky as they a re able to obtain the device on Verizon Wireless Network, at the same time make full use of Verizon-Skype partnership and make Skype to Skype calls through this new device.

Whether webOS will manage to come back with a bang into the list of leading mobile operating systems, is something which has managed to create a great interest in its users. But all that is yet to be seen. The Palm Pre 2 will be the first device to ship with webOS 2.0 with a new name Mobile OS[probably to enable usage on many Palm smart phones], assuring you of interesting facilities like ‘true multitasking’, stacks [for organizing apps] Just Type, HP Synergy Exhibition, enabling users to run apps designed specially for the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock] and support for Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 Beta in addition to favorites new tagging option,Skype Mobile [on the Verizon version only], text assist, integrated Quick Office, VPN Support, a redesigned launcher and full support for Bluetooth keyboards ad SPP peripherals.

The Pre 2 portal is now open presenting a 3.1 inch 480×320 HVGA Multitouch display, black enclosure, Exchange support, built-in GPS, ambient light, proximity sensors, an accelerometer, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, 16GB of inbuilt storage and much more.

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