Widget To Identify No1 Author Amid Other Blogger

Widget To Identify No1 Author Amid Other Blogger

Intercommunication amid individuals is fast growing through various blogs created to be published as diaries or journals. It is a good sign of knowledge sharing among various groups.

To support this and encourage bloggers, there should be a bloggers widget which displays the information about the bloggers on the frequency of their blog postings. A blogger zone permits blog proprietors to show numerous authors listed.

Blog proprietors can summate many authors to publish their blogs, who can contribute thereby increasing a blogger’s posts.

Due to deficient tools, the blog proprietors cannot display top authors name, if this could have been made available on blogger sites like WordPress, It will definitely encourage or boost the bloggers to publish more blogs.

However, now there is an installable Plug-In through which the count of entire authors list with their posts published can be made available.

This widget summates close to 5000 posts into computation and displays the list consequently, thereby displaying a lead author’s appliance to your Blogger blog’s window pane.

This will also inspire the authors with lesser posts to contribute many more posts and be the toppers amid other authors

Steps required to install lead authors widget to Bloggers Blog are as follows

  • First of all Install the Plug-in, Once installed, Select on option called “add lead authors gadget to blog”.
  • Now, it will crop up a window with a page, where settings for customization can be carried out.
  • Now provide your widget, a title. “Top Authors” will be the default title.
  • Now, type in the address of the bloggers blog link: Note not to type in “http://” at the starting of the link or type in a slash (/) at the end of the link.
  • Now select number of lead authors to be displayed.
  • Now, select on customize option and then select “add to my blog” option.
  • Finally on completion of customization, you can attach the widget to your favored blogs.

Hence, hereafter your bloggers/blogspot will display your lead author’s complete identity with their number of posts published on the side windowpane. This could also be termed as the Lead Placard Gadget for blogspot Blogs.

Twitter Widget Now Makes Twitter Updates Available On Blogger- Blogspot

Twitter Widget Now Makes Twitter Updates Available On Blogger- Blogspot

For those of you who frequently blog and want others to follow your blogs on other social websites, twitter has come up with their unique Twitter Widget. This helps you to get twitter updates on your BlogSpot/ blogger and let others get to see them.

This way people can also follow your twitter updates on your blogger and get an insight to your blogs on Twitter. The twitter updates in your blog’s sidebar is going to benefit you with increased viewings of your Blogs.

To show the latest twitter updates on your BlogSpot or blogger first you need to login there. Then click to layouts and choose Page elements. After this click add a gadget icon and choose html/ javascript.

You need to add this code given below and save it –

div id=”twitter_div”>
<ul id=”twitter_update_list”></ul>
<a id=”twitter-link” style=”display:block;text-align:right;” href=”http://twitter.com/bapun“>follow me on Twitter</a>
<script src=”http://twitter.com/javascripts/blogger.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>
<script src=”http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/<username>.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=5” type=”text/javascript”>

Replace ‘username’ with your twitter username.

For getting more than last five updates, you’ll need to increase the count accordingly to your preference. By following this procedure you shall now activate updates from twitter onto your blog’s sidebar. By Collaborating your blog accounts with social media can definitely help you to get more traffic, and it will also help you with sales conversions on your blog.

Adding A Widget For Your Recent Comments To Your Blog

Adding A Widget For Your Recent Comments To Your Blog

More comments on a user’s blog showcases the blogger’s activity. A widget specifically catering to the comments section would be great for a blog, as anyone can easily add comments using this widget. This widget is situated in the sidebar of your blog, and is provided for your readers to leave their comments.

By looking at a user’s blog, one can conclude that the blog is very active and persuades him to leave his comments on the blog. This allows a user to collect more info to let others view posts and leave comments. Get the “Recent Comments Widget for Blogger” and append it to your existing blog from BlogSpot.

A user can easily customize it suit to their needs. This widget displays more than 100 comments posted recently. Displaying just 5 to 10 recently posted comments on their blog is a very good idea. One can also select the total number of chars to display for every single comment. It’s recommended to maintain the total number of character anywhere between 50 and 100. This can be done by editing the code for the widget.

A Recent Comments Widget will have options like selecting fill up all options, choosing apply, selecting adding widget to your blog option to create. One can also add a widget for recent posts similar to the widget for recent comments.

Microsoft Launching Latest Web Translating Widget

Microsoft Launching Latest Web Translating Widget

Adding the translator widget is one of the most useful things for various websites. The translator widget makes your website more accessible to the global readers. It would then be greatly accepted, especially by the visitors from foreign nations. Currently there are so many translation tools with which the users can easily convert their web sites so that they could be understood by people reading different languages.

Some of the popular online tools such as Google Translate, Windows Live Translator are widely used by users for the same purpose. However, when the user opts to use some of these website translators or translation widgets, they are taken away from original page. These translators tend to prompt user to go to other sites for the translation activities.

Now, at the Mix Conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft is launching a new translation widget to tackle such practical issues. This latest widget helps the Web developers to allow their users for translating their website into other languages, and there is no need of leaving the page.  

Using this latest translation widget, a pull-down menu can be provided by website developers. Thus, users can easily translate Web page into several languages with the help of this pull down menu. While using this new service, you need not have to leave the page even when you convert into other languages.

Web developers can now get the new translation widget on their own websites using the link given Here.

How Can I Create Recent Posts Widget For Blogspot / Blogger Blog?

You Can Create a Widget for Your Recent Posts In Blogge:

With the help of widget for recent posts, you will make it easier for the visitors to visit to your latest posts.

There are two ways you can create a widget for your recent posts in Blogger. One is by using FeedBurner and the other one is by Blogger Gadgets. In this article only the feedburner is discussed so let’s see the steps for it.


  • Click on Feed after you have signed in to FeedBurner account.
  • Click on Publicize, you will get it from Blog’s feed menu.
  • You have to enable the BuzzBoost service.
  • Copy the HTML code.
  • You can either choose the post titles with or without summary.
  • Go to Layout then Page Elements then add a gadget and then you have to paste the code in HTML/ JavaScript.
  • Click on Save option to Finish the process and your work is done.