IP Address Conflict on iPhone and Mac – Fix

Sometimes, when you try to connect your iPhone and Mac to the same WiFi network, it would so happen that there would be an IP conflict. This happens when more than one device on the same network has the same IP address. It is quite easy to solve this problem with a few simple steps. Check out the steps below to fix the IP Address Conflict on iPhone and Mac.

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IP Address Conflict on iPhone and Mac

IP Address Conflict on iPhone and Mac – Fix

iPhone Fix

  • Open the settings app on your iPhone and open the WiFi option.
  • Tap on the ‘i‘ button next to the WiFi network for which you are connected.
  • The network related info page will appear. At the bottom of the page, tap on ‘Renew Lease‘. This will reset the IP address of your iPhone.

Now, you can connect to the WiFi network and you will be able to do it without problems.

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Now, let us see how you can solve this issue on the Mac.

Mac Fix

  • Open the System Preferences option on your Mac.
  • Select the Network Preference option
  • On the left side of this option, you will be shown the WiFi network that is having errors in connecting.
  • At the bottom of the screen on the right side, click on the “Advanced” button.
  • At the next page, click on the TCP/IP tab.
  • Click on the ‘Renew DHCP Lease‘ option and you are good to go! This will reset your MAC’s IP address and you should have no more issues in connecting to the WiFi network.

If you are still facing issues in connecting to the same WiFi network with your Mac and iPhone, let us know in the comments below.

How To Make Your Phone (Android / Apple’s IPhone) a Mobile Hotspot

Using your 3G phone as a WiFi hotspot is not only incredibly convienent, but it is an excellent way to connect multiple wireless devices to your network when others are unavailable.

In today’s world there are two major types of wireless 3G phones; android and iPhones. These phones are capable of converting their wireless 3G into a hotspot where mutliple devices can connect to their signal and access the internet. Unfortunately for most of these phones you need to pay extra on your plan before you can utilize this unique feature, however if your iPhone is hacked you can take the risk of using an app that will help you.

Below are the two major types of phones and an explanation on how to setup a WiFi hotspot on both, including an explanation for the iPhone hacked version.


Android phones with 3G are able to project their wireless connection to other devices, but this must be enabled through the plan you have with your provider. Once you’ve got your plan setup correctly then you can now start using your hotspot to connect your wireless devices anywhere at anytime. Read the directions below to learn how to setup the hotspot and protect it with a password.

  1. First open the app for 3G Mobile Hotspot.
  2. Now hit ‘Menu’ and then ‘Advanced’.
  3. Select ‘WiFi AP mode Settings’ and you will see several options that you can modify according to your needs

SSID – This is the name for your Connection.
Security – Select the type of security you want. This will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your internet.
Channel – Select the channel you want.


ATT/Verizon – If you have an iPhone on one of these plans there is an option to have the hotspot feature activated but you have to pay extra on your bill each month. If you decide to go that route for your hotspotting needs then, after you have that feature activated on your plan, follow the steps below to turn it on and learn more about its features.

  1. First go to your home screen by clicking the round button at the bottom of your phone.
  2. Next go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Network’
  3. Click ‘Setup Personal Hotspot’ at the bottom of the menu and if you have not enabled this feature for your phone plan it will give you the option to call your provider and set it up.
  4. Now you will see the option to ‘Turn Personal Hotspot’ on or off. Make sure to turn the hotspot feature off when you are done using it
  5. Below the previous option you will also see where you can set up a password. This is recommended for if you are in a public place so that your internet is not used by unwanted browsers and slowed down as a result.

Most people look for more cost effective solutions so when it comes to setting up a WiFi hotspot, there is definitely an app for that! MyWi 4.0 is one of the leading tethering and hotspot apps for your iPhone.It is not for iPod devices, but iPhone’s only.

Unfortunately MyWi only works for hacked iPhones. If your phone is hacked then follow the directions below for proper installation and setup of MyWi 4.0. If it’s not hacked you can Google search ‘How to hack iPhone’ and find many solutions. Some of the more reliable hacks are jailbreakme.com, redsn0w, and greenpois0n.

Now that your phone is hacked lets continue!

  1. First install MyWi 4.0 by searching for it in Cydia.
  2. Once it’s installed click on the new icon and open the app.
  3. Now click this link and watch the video on MyWi. It shows you the various features and how to use it. MyWi explanation video

How To Protect Your Privacy By Preventing Hacking / Cracking Of Wifi Wpa-psk Networks?

This post helps you to prevent your wireless from being cracked. This experiment can be run successfully on Linux / Back Track 3 or 4 machine.

If you are not sure how secure your wireless network which is protected with WPA or WPA2PSK, you’ll be in a position to assess it after you follow all the steps laid down in this video.

This video highlights the importance of having strong windows password when on Private Wireless Access: