Search Google and Wikipedia Simultaneously With Googlepedia Add-on In Firefox And Google Chrome

Search Google and Wikipedia Simultaneously With Googlepedia Add-on In Firefox And Google Chrome

Mostly, the web-based free encyclopedia is a favorite site for any internet user. These web-based services offer the simplest way for getting the information right away. Now, here is free software extension which has been especially designed for Firefox browser namely Googlepedia. This all new software extension for Firefox browser makes the process of the data searching more resourceful.

 First, you have to install the Googlepedia add-on into the Firefox browser to use this service. When you search something with the Google search engine, you’ll get the main page of the browser divided in two sections. In the left side, you will get your normal Google results, while in the right section you will get relevant Wikipedia articles. The Wikipedia articles result is based upon the top results of the Google search engine.

Googlepedia helps you to kill two birds with a single stone. You could get both the search results obtained from Wikipedia and Google simultaneously. Obviously, you could freely enlarge each side for full size for better understanding. If you Nar du har gatt inn pa et blackjack kan du velge det spillet du vil prove, og velge a spille for moro skyld. don’t want Wikipedia results with general Google results, you could simply disable Googlepedia.

Googlepedia works well with Windows 98, Linux, Macintosh, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7. This add-on greatly works with Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and above version. Now, the new version of Googlepedia could also be run with Google Chrome browser. Following is list key features of it:

• Convents inner Wikipedia links into the Google search links
• You could use “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature of Google for searching relevant Wikipedia articles
• Provides link of the images to the full-sized versions directly
• Excludes Google AdWords feature
• The page could be expanded to take full advantage of the page
• You could use local language for Wikipedia
• Hide button feature could be used to disable Googlepedia
• Supports Firefox 3
• Interface supports over 7 languagesCzech, German, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese and Dutch

Download Googlepedia.

Googlepedia for Firefox

Googlepedia for Chrome 0.5.8

Try Out These 30 Firefox Plugins To Enhance Your Blogging Experience

Try Out These 30 Firefox Plugins To Enhance Your Blogging Experience

Majority of the bloggers prefer Mozilla Firefox to other browsers not only because it is fast, cool or error free, but because it is the most convenient browser that possesses a number of blogging solutions in the form of plug-ins and add-ons. The Mozilla Firefox store includes some great plugins that add more intellect to blogging. Here is a list of 30 Firefox plugins which are immensely helpful in blogging.

  • SEO Link Analysis:  A Firefox plugin that customizes Yahoo! Site Explorer and Google Webmaster, thereby enhancing your blogging experience. It basically customizes the link data in Yahoo! Explorer interface and Google Webmasters Tools by showing the Google PageRank accredited to the linked webpages, nofollow links, anchor text user etc. It helps you understand the blog SEO factors.


  • easyComment: You must be aware that posting comments on other blogs influences your PR, increases exposure and attracts incoming traffic. This plugins fills in the details such as Name, URL and Email in the respective fields automatically, thereby making the commenting task easier.


You may configure different profiles and values (in case you have more than one identity or blog) and simply click on the link “easyComment” located on the status bar. This saves a lot of time and makes post commenting faster.


  • FeedBurner Subscribers: This plugin efficiently monitors the visitors on your blog and presents you with a report to allow you to track the RSS activities. It keeps a watch on the RSS subscribers depending on how many RSS feeds have been hit. You no more need to logon to FeedBurner account. You may monitor everything from the browser itself.


  • OnlyWire: This add-on has ability to submit content to more than 30 social networking websites with a single click. You do not need to submit your content to various websites manually. After installing this add-on, you will have a flawless experience while you submit contents as OnlyWire bypasses all the captcha verifications during content submission on websites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon.


  • Screen grab to WordPress: Bloggers often require screenshots of various web pages, screen activities etc. to add to their posts. Normally, you capture screenshots using keyboard or other tools, customize them and finally upload them using the image upload feature in WordPress. However, this plugin enables you to directly save the screenshots and upload them to your WordPress blogs.


  • Share Buttons: This add-on adds buttons of social media websites such as Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Reditt, StumbeUpon, Email etc. to your posts. These sharing buttons become visible only when you publish the posts. This add-on supports blogger platforms like and Blogger.


  • MySpace Blog Editor: This plugin would be an ideal one in case you use MySpace for blogging. It allows bloggers on Myspace to post to their posts directly from the Firefox interface itself.  When you publish posts from Firefox, they automatically get published on your Myspace blogs.


You can also save drafts, use features such as drag and drop in order to copy text or images from webpages, format images and text, etc.

  • Save Complete:  Using this extension, you can save any web page flawlessly. Since most of the websites use CSS stylesheets to format webpages, built-in webpage saving feature in Firefox does not work satisfactorily because it does not support stylesheets.

However, this extension makes up for this drawback and has ability to save an entire web page along with all images, flash, JavaScript files, stylesheets etc.

  • User Agent Switcher:  Different people may visit your blog through different platforms like mobile phone, web based browser, iPhone etc. However, your blog’s prime readers i.e. “search robots” use an own developed platform. User Agent Switcher ensures that your blog loads perfectly on all platforms.


By using User Agent Switcher, you can also add a toolbar button and menus with which you can easily switch user agents.

  • Clipmarks:  Clipmarks helps you in linking to specific files rather than linking to an entire webpage. You can share desired files or a precise portion of a webpage on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, post them to your blog directly, email them to your friends, print them or simply save the files on


  • Feedly:  This plugin offers magazine-style interface in order to display your subscribed RSS feeds. It enables you to import desired RSS feeds from Bloglines, Google Reader, Netvibes or from your bookmarks and arrange them into categories or tabs. You can personalize the look by selecting options such as Title and summary, title only, video grid, image grid and entire content.


You can also filter the popular contents, share your articles on various social networking sites, synchronize with multiple computers, make use of keyboard shortcuts etc.

  • Better Google Analytics:  This is the most important plugin for bloggers that integrates several GreaseMonkey scripts to enhance functionality of your Google Analytics account. This plugin allows auto-login to your Google Analytics account. It also allows you to add search box facility to your keyword reports, export a CSV file of your Analytics reports to Google Docs, view full-screen reports etc.


  • Google Global:  This add-on enables bloggers to categorize the Google search results.  Google Global displays both, organic as well as paid results as they emerge in distinct regions, cities, ZIP code, IP address, search pages of different languages etc.


It is also possible that you open complete results from cities, regions and countries in different tabs so that it becomes easy to compare and filter your searches.

  • Blog This in Windows Live Writer:  This is an extension of Live Writer tool in Windows that helps you open a new Live Writer post pre-populated with title and contents of any webpage to your blog. It helps you in blogging an interesting thing on the internet quickly and easily.  After writing the post, you may publish the same to WordPress, Windows Live, Blogger, TypePad etc with a single click.


  • KGen:  This smart plugin pulls out the entire set of words from a webpage and locates the major keywords depending on the page weight. This helps you in optimizing your webpages and keeping track of your competitor secrets. It also allows you to choose keywords and then tag them when you submit your contents to networking sites or fill in the meta-keywords of your webpages.


  • Zemanta:  As a blogger, you can use Zemanta to expand your blog dashboard with related links, images and tags in order to encourage visitors to refer to similar contents. Zemanta has ability to collect news from IMDB, Wikipedia, BBC, CNN, MusicBrainz and CrunchBase, videos from 5min and YouTube, and images from Wikipedia, Flickr and Getty.


This plugin supports WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, Movable Type, Drupal, Ning, Tumblr and LiveJournal. It also supports email platforms like Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

  • MeasureIt:  This is a plugin that a blogger would require every moment. Using this Plugin, you can draw a ruler to check the height, weight and alignment of a webpage. You can measure the length and width of a table, flash game, iframe etc. The vertical and horizontal center guidelines created by MeasureIt allows you to measure dimensions using multiple measurements and different units.


  • IE View:  You must be always concerned about how your blog loads on various web browsers. Even though Internet Explorer possesses the least features, it is the widely used browser. Therefore, bloggers would certainly be interested in knowing how their blogs load in IE.


If you open your blog in Mozilla Firefox with this plugin, you will be able to load your webpage in IE by simply right-clicking on it or you can set a few websites to load in IE by default.

  • OneClick Installer: OneClick Installer is an extension specially dedicated to WordPress Blogs. This extension allows you to install WordPress Plugins or Themes from the Firefox context menu. Once you install the OneClick Plugin to your WordPress blog, this add-on detects plugin and theme files automatically and adds an option “Upload” to the Firefox right-click context menu.


  • NoDoFollow:  This plugin helps recognize NoFollow links present in a webpage. It is very useful to check the webpages which don’t offer credit to posted links.


  • ScribeFire Blog Editor:  This extension combines a popular web browser with a great blog editor using which you can create new posts, edit them and then publish them on your blog quite easily. You can easily drag & drop formatted text, make quick notes, upload and post images to different blogging platforms like and Blogger etc.


  • Screen Grab with Online Upload:  Using this add-on, you will not only be able to save webpage screenshots but also upload them to any image hosting website in order to share your screenshots instantly.  It allows you to capture the entire webpage or a specific frame. Once you capture the screenshot, this add-on will automatically upload it to the website “”.


  • ScrapBook:  This Firefox extension allows you to save a webpage quickly and easily with correct accuracy, lightness and multi-language support. Not just webpage, but this extension can also save snippets from a webpage or the entire website and organize the saved pages in the same manner as you organize your bookmarks.


It also allows you to perform a full text search as well as filter the search collection results. You may also edit the collected webpages.

  • GreaseMonkey:  Using this extension, you can customize the appearance of a webpage as well as customize some default functions. You may customize a website so that it looks exactly the way you prefer.


  • Firebug:  This web application tool is incorporated with Firefox in order to allow you to edit, monitor and debug HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes in a webpage. Its advanced features allow you to edit and inspect HTML, make changes in CSS, visualize CSS metrics, profile and debug JavaScript, explore DOM, search errors etc.


  • Web Developer:  This is yet another web development tool that is loaded with powerful features. After installation, it adds a toolbar and a menu to your Firefox browser with a number of web developer options for you to customize or view webpage details like various codes, CSS stylesheet etc. Web Developer extension supports different keyboard shortcuts for making your task simpler and faster.


  • SearchStatus:  A blogger is much interested in Alexa rank, Google PR and complete ranking of a website. SearchStatus plugin displays all this important information needed by a blogger. The add-on also displays SEOmoz, mozRank and Linkscape along with a number of other blogging metrics like nofollow/ keyword highlighting, Alexa info, backward/related links, fast keyword-density analyzer etc.


  • Shareholic:  Blogging generally involves sharing content with major networking sites. Shareholic Firefox plugin enables bloggers to share content with over sixty social media sites and be well-informed about latest news, videos, images and buzzes. This is an ideal plugin for sluggish bloggers who like to get things done quickly, yet smartly.


  • FireFTP:  After installing the plugin, your Mozilla Firefox browser will be transformed into a FTP manager. You will not require any third party FTP tools. FireFTP not only transfers files quickly but also offers numerous advanced features like syncing directories during navigation, directory comparison, SSL encryption, SFTP, search/filtering, remote editing, integrity checks, file hashing, drag & drop etc.


  • ColorZilla:  In case you wish to pick a favorite color from a webpage, this handy plugin is a useful one. This plugin easily gets the color code from one webpage and pastes it to another program.  It lets you zoom-in to a webpage to check the distance between 2 points.


It also possesses built-in palette browser for you to choose from the pre-defined color sets and its DOM spying feature enables you to get information on DOM elements.

Download Free Tool To Search Wikipedia Articles Efficiently

Efficient Searching and Reading of Wiki Articles with the Help of PowerSet

Wikipedia the famous free encyclopedia supporting multiple languages is hosted by the non profit Wikimedia foundation. This encyclopedia comes with a huge database and displays good information for any search. Retrieving accurate search information in a short time span is a challenge. A tool called PowerSet will help this powerful website to retrieve accurate information efficiently in a very systematic manner.

PowerSet tool is specifically designed to meet the needs of people searching information from Wikipedia. Entering the search keyword in the textbox returns a list with few summaries related to the search keyword. The results so obtained are more structured and faster.

A user seeking information on people like Obama will get summary details such as birth date, birth place, spouse’s nationality, occupation and many more. The summary data actually might fulfill a user’s need without having to expend more time in searching and reading from the entire article.

This tool allows a user to retrieve more information effectively with the help of Factz. It is an option that allows one to obtain any specific information on the searched keyword. This helps in finding information easily and effectively.
If a user wishes not to use factz then he/ she can search from summarizes page. The best feature of summarizes page is that a miniviewer tool is attached to it. This tool allows one to view the content of an article in a small pop up window instead of opening the direct article link.

Launching this simple tool requires one to only click an arrow placed on the left side of the title. This tool also provides a quick hyper-link for every subtitle in an article. A user can preview this subtitle and directly switch to your preferred paragraph.

PowerSet is the best search-tool available for Wikipedia which comes loaded with lot many features to enhance searching techniques. To use this great tool with its additive features like miniviewer, a user is encouraged to update their browser with latest versions available such as IE8, Opera 9.6, Safari 3.1 and Firefox 3.x

A user can download the Powerset software to enhance their wiki searches.

Using Instant Search Box in Vista to Explore Google, Wikipedia or Yahoo

Simple Steps to Explore Google, Wikipedia or Yahoo from Windows Vista Instant Search Box

In the past, we used to waste our precious time while searching for useful and necessary information on Google, Yahoo or Wikipedia, which was by typing the keyword to perform the searching, after accessing the Google or Wikipedia or Yahoo homepage.

In Windows Vista you will be able to add search Google, Wikipedia or Yahoo option from Start Menu. The start menu contains Instant Search Box which helps you with dynamic search. You can type the keyword from the search box, and select to search either in Google, Wikipedia or Yahoo websites.


Follow the given steps to add Search Google, Wikipedia or Yahoo in the Start Menu Instant Search Box:

1. First of all click on Start and Run, in the box type gpedit.msc, then press enter key.
2. It with his play the User Account Control, now click to Continue button to proceed with launching of Local Group Policy Editor.
3. Go to User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Windows Components –> Instant Search –> Custom Instant Search Internet search provider, and now click on Properties to explore the properties window.
4. Select Setting tab and click on Enable to enable the policy setting.
5. Now on the text box of “DLL resource or the string”, type Search Wikipedia, Search Google, or Search Yahoo.
6. After that at “the URL to use while raising the custom-made internet search” text box, type the either one of the URL.
• For Google:
• For Yahoo:
• For Wikipedia:
7. Finally click OK button to save the setting.

Best Question And Answer Websites To Find Information

Online Solutions to All Your Queries

Almost all the people of these days are keeping up with time through our computers. Apart from problem solving arithmetical problems, computers these days are more popular for their networking facilities, and the percentage of users utilizing this technology are increasing by the day.

One amazing feature of the internet is that it is like a magic wand. No matter what we need to know or find or locate, we can get them on the internet. Information from across the globe can be transferred in a matter of seconds.

The advantage of Internet over television is the flexibility of interacting through the media. You can get all types of information on the net, be it academic related information, business related, medical and health related questions or general information, just name it and will appear on your computer screens.

Internet is also an excellent resource for finding answers to your questions. All your queries and doubt can be easily cleared over the internet. One of the best ways to find solutions or answers to your questions is by starting a new thread in the popular online discussion forums or Blogs. The chances are that somebody will have already asked the question for which you are seeking answers to. Some of the forums have tens of thousands of registered members, and most of the times, you might even get help from the experts.

Some of the websites that provide discussion facilities are Yahoo Answer, AllExperts, About.Com, HowStuffWorks, Wikipedia, and many more. The best part about Yahoo Answer is that anyone can answer your query and you can rate the answers according to your best understanding. In this way you can get your answers from multiple points of views.

Wikipedia and Wikihow are the two amazing sites for searching answers. The primary advantage of these portals is that they have a vast number of users updating numerous articles every day. The other advantage is that they are multilingual site, which means that no matter what language you speak you are bound to get your answers here.

And online discussion forums, you can and debate upon a wide array of topics. These prove to be greatly beneficial for getting a detailed understanding of any particular subject. You could also help others who are seeking answers. In addition to finding answers and solutions, you could also promote your website links from the forum signatures. Each and every post or comment that you make will have your signature with your website links.

How To Spy On Who Edits Wikipedia

You, me, everybody have rights to edit Wikipedia. You don’t need to be exclusively elected as an author or anything of that sort to edit Wikipedia. That’s the concept behind people’s encyclopedia.

There is good side and a bad side to this:

Good side is that a lot of information is shared and the bad side, spamming. Spamming because of back links. Back links from an authority source like Wikipedia is very valuable and the any-one-can-edit culture makes it inviting for spammers to go ahead and put links on Wikipedia. Also at times the content that goes in is “biased”, far from actual truth.

It was very hard for to stop spammers this and until a geek came up with an online solution to track Wikipedia edits. An online scanning tool came into existence, which tracks every single edit on Wikipedia :).

Some interesting edits were caught, like there were IPs that referred to the FBI reported to have edited pages relating to Guantanamo Bay, some church groups were caught editing reportage about sex scandals 🙂 ..

Watch on to find more interesting, more importantly anonymous edits.