Simple Tricks To Be The Best At Facebook Farmville and Win IT

Farmville is one of the most popular Facebook of recent times, one which is played by one and all. This guide should be able to help you play better, gain more money and earn more experience points in the shortest period of time. It is also fun to play at Farmville. You will need a computer with internet connection, a Facebook account, and a Farmville application.


Your main intention while starting the game is to concentrate more on ploughing as much land as possible and while leaving enough money to plant crops everywhere. The best suggestion would be to plant strawberries, so that you gain a lot of experience points in a very short time. But be assured that whatever you plant, fits into your schedule right, without spoiling anything. If you have noticed, each time you start up the game, your farmer is in the middle of the farm. It would be ideal to see that your farmer is covered with hay/fence so that he does not move out from there. There is however a catch in the game where you will be allowed to farm much faster as the avatar[farmer] does not need to keep walking round the farm while farming.


Now all your attention should be centred on expanding your farm so as to earn a lot of money. The bigger your farm gets the longer it is going to take to farm. So the best option is to get an auto clicker. This is actually a program that keeps clicking automatically, so that you do not have to waste time clicking on each plot while farming. You can just scroll your cursor over your entire farm easily naturally saving time.


If you look carefully, you will notice that inspite of filling your entire farm with plots, you are still left with empty space at the edges. You can always utilize this space to grow trees, rear animals and for decoration. Of course, this is not very advisable as they yield very less money and often it may happen that your friends may gift you with these things.


After you have satisfied yourself with all the experience points and the money you have earned, you are now free to buy and decorate your farm to your heart’s content.


You are free to add all your friends plying Farmville, as your neighbours. Also a great way to make easy money and earn experinece points is by helping your neighbours. But remember to make it a point to take pictures of you helping them out and also of their farms. This will help in earning you more and more shuttering ribbons. See how many such ribbons you can collect.

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How Can I Speed Up Farmville – How To Win Farmville

Are you a regular player of Farmville? If so, do you genuinely enjoy it or do you get irritated by its slow speed? Obviously, you would blame the computer for its speed, but it is not so. The problem is not with your computer, but with the way you are taking it. It may mean that the many types of animals on your farm are pulling down your speed. Are you ready to pick up speed? Because here come a few useful tips! All you need is Farmville coins and storage sheds. Read on to find out more!


As mentioned earlier, the working of your computer is no where connected with the speed of the game. The problem lies with your farm animals, which are in fact script programs that run through Java script. In short, though it is Java script which enables your animals be animated and to move, it is also sad that it is Java script applications which bog down your browser, slowing down the speed of the applications on the website/page. The more Java script means very slow speed. That is why you find Farmville going slow. Though a number of searches have been made for programs to disable scripting, it has not yielded the necessary results, and somehow it does not seem to work for Farmville. So it is definitely wise to follow other options.


Aim of getting rid of your animals, if you really want to eliminate scripting, to prevent it from bogging down your browser. Basically, you have only two options to do that, out of which the first one offers very little help because it applies only to cows and chickens. Farmville lets you store cows and chickens in BUILDINGS: Dairy Farm and Chicken’s Coop respectively. However, right now you can buy any number of Dairy Farms to store your cows, but sadly you can obtain one chicken coop that can hold 20 chickens only.

To continue, go the Market and choose the Building tab, where you see various building that you can buy, either with Farmville dollars or coins. Purchase one chicken coop, store 20 of your chickens and SELL the rest of your chickens. You can buy as many Dairy Farms as you require to store your cows. And since you can buy unlimited Dairy farms, luckily you need not SELL any cows. With regards to the other Farm animals, SELL them to avoid scripting there by avoid slowing down the game. Your game will pick up speed once you start planting,plowing and harvesting.


The second option would be to SELL ALL YOUR ANIMALS. In order to do that, simply left click on the animal ad choose SELL. A second screen will appear, and here you choose YES, to sell the animal. Selling animals may not be a very good option, but you need to choose between playing faster or slowing down your game.


Harvesting crops fetches you higher levels in Farmville. So you need to always keep in mind that once you have reached the higher levels by plowing, planting and harvesting innumerable corps, you can always get animals for your Farmville neighbours. You may have to sacrifice your animals to get to the top, but it is definitely a worth choice, something that one gets to learn easily.

So Enjoy Your Farming! Now, if you are new to the game, you can save your resources by mainly paying attention to getting cows and chickens and storing them in their respective buildings. Also once you sell an animal, you will be able to replace it by either buying or obtaining it from one of your neighbours, but at a later stage only.

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