Trick To Play Flac Audio Files Using Winamp Software

Trick To Play Flac Audio Files Using Winamp Software

Today one can find innumerable audio formats and many media players to play them. Music files with flac extension are available, which need to be played with the help of a Flac player only. Flac is another Audio codec which compresses audio without any loss in the quality. To play flac music files, one has to initially convert them to mp3 format and play using Winamp.

To convert these flac to mp3 formats, one needs to have few conversion tools on the system. Instead of going through the painstaking process of conversion, a hack is available which will help you in playing the same files without converting them.

Download the recent version of Winamp software to directly play the flac music files without any problem. Winamp has included the latest and necessary plug-ins in its recent version so that all flac media files can be played on it.

If you have an old version of Winamp on your system and are not interested in updating to the software, then you can download an audio flac plug-in to play. First install this Audio flac plug-in on your computer system and play flac music files using the same old version of Winamp. It is not required to update the Winamp software.

The above trick helps users to play their flac audio files without any conversions.

VLC media player used by many is a player which automatically plays all audio files including flac files. A user can opt between these two players to play flac music files on their computer.

Use Different Media Players To Play Lyrics And Song Simultaneously

Use Different Media Players To Play Lyrics And Song Simultaneously

Use MiniLyrics to run and play lyrics and songs at the same time in two different media players. Its features are mentioned as below:

  • It is works with 21 different media players and some of them are windows media player, iTunes, Real Player, JukeBox, Winamp, Jet Audio, VLC Player and many more.
  • As soon as the song starts playing, the lyric is displayed automatically.
  • Although, it is a trial version but it never expires.
  • Lots of customized skins are available for free.
  • It has got a huge database or collection of Hindi and English song lyrics.
  • It automatically searches for the lyrics of the song being played and also gets downloaded automatically.
  • The synchronization between the lyrics and song is really smooth.

  • Last but not the least, it runs on windows 7, vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME and even Windows 98.

Add Keyboard Shortcuts To Media Player With Media Keyboard 2 Media Player

Probably you have some latest multimedia keyboard having numerous shortcut keys that allows you to control your media player quickly by a single hit such as Play/Pause button, Next & Previous button, Mute etc.  These shortcut keys help you to execute any specific action to your media player.

Though these shortcut keys and buttons are convenient and useful for users, but have some limitations. It means some keyboards do not fully support your installed media player. Therefore, you can consider MK2MP application which helps you to make bridge between your keyboards with your installed media player.


This application makes your keyboard supportable according to your required shortcut keys on your keyboard. It enables you to get more response from your keyboard with installed media player. It intercepts key presses of modern multimedia player keyboard shortcut keys. Additionally you can disable or enable media keyboard shortcut keys for media player. It runs anonymously on your computer and will be located on the tray.

It is compatible with various audio and video players like the XMPlay, VLC, Xion, 1BY1, Winamp, Media Player, Freeamp, Zinf, etc.  MK2MP (Media Keyboard 2 Media Player) is in Beta version currently.  It is completely a freeware and user can download it from here. 

You will get different experience of watching your favorite movie using MK2MP to control functioning of multimedia player. All you need to download this application on your computer and launch it to start get response of non responsive keyboard functions.

How Can I Run Winamp 7 On Windows 7

Winamp is just a few weeks old, and it gives you a description on the application support, which means to say that a brief knowledge of the bugs and some software which do not work on Windows 7 beta are mentioned. Winamp Mp3 player is an application which does not function for Windows 7, following instant set up.

If Winamp is already installed in your Windows 7, it will work, but will crash after a few seconds, for which you have to replace the previous configuration file from Winamp in order to be able to listen to audio music. Move to the Winamp configuration setting file and to do that, open your default OS installed drive [Ex: C Drive].

C:/Documents and Settings \USER NAME \Application Data\ Winamp.

See that you change the user name with your system user name to locate this config file. Take care to ensure that you are able to see all the hidden files in the folder and keep a back up ready at hand, for whenever needed. Now you can erase the previous configuration; reset Winamp Media Player, sit back and relax while using Winamp on Windows 7! Also ensure that there are no third party plugins which can be a major cause for the ma functioning of your Winamp player!

How To Show Current Winamp Music Track As Your Status Message Of GTalk

Have you seen your friends showing off the current music track they are playing on their music player ? You too can show off the music you are playing on your Winamp as your GTalk status message. The moment the song changes in your Winamp, the status message of your GTalk changes too.

Here’s how you can show off your current Winamp music track :

1> If you have not installed Winamp, then download Winamp and install it. Normally, it’s installed in C:\Program Files\Winamp. Navigate to the folder where Winamp is installed.

2> If you have hidden file extensions of known file types, disable it. To show file extensions of known file types, Click on Tools –> Folder Options –> View and then uncheck “Hide Extensions for known file types”,

3> Create a new empty text file in the Winamp folder. Rename the file as ‘Winamp.m3u‘ and save it. Click yes to Warning prompt.

4> Reboot your system after this and when you next start GTalk, you’ll see a new option which says ‘Show current Music Track‘.

If you are playing any songs, then the song title will be shown as your latest status message. If you close down your music player or the music player stops playing, then your last used status message will be shown.

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Lyrics Plugin For Winamp And Windows Media Player

If you are a music fan then this is a must have Lyrics plugin for your Winamp And Windows Media Player.

Do you toggle between stopping, playing songs on your favorite player like Winamp and/or Windows Media Player and lyrics website. You don’t need to do it anymore as Lyrics Plugin will do the work for you.

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All the lyrics will be displayed automatically and if in case the lyrics plugin fails to find lyrics for any song, you can manually add it 🙂

[ Download Lyrics Plugin ]

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Winamp Skin (Big Bento) Easter Egg.

Winamp (Related Post: Winamp Lyrics Plugin) recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary by launching a special version of it’s music player. It was  basically just some bug fixes and few xtra-added features (seemed more like they did not have any new feature to add, but were forced to launch something on the eve of the occasion).

Though this launch has something for those who love the the traditional Snake game that comes with most Nokia phones. Winamp’s latest skin Bento comes with a easter egg that lets you play a simpler version of the Snake on your PC. It’s really cool. Here’s how you can access it.

1) You can – Download and install Winamp from here.

Once downloaded and installed on your system..

2) Press Ctrl+P and navigate to Modern Skin option found under Skins option. Then select the Current Skin tab from the menu. Here’s how it looks.

3) Now double click on the screen that says Bento.

And voila. Here’s the snake game.

So go ahead and game on!!!!! 🙂