Whatsapp Hangs on Windows Phone – Fix

Whatsapp hangs on Windows Phone

Whatsapp has been quite broken for Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft has released a patch to fix the problem. However, certain issues still persist. One of the problems that I have faced with Whatsapp on windows Phones is that it hangs up. Sometimes, when I click on Whatsapp from my home screen, the app shows a blank screen when loading. Unfortunately, it never completes loading and hangs up. I have tried quite a few methods to fix it. One of them is quite promising and works every time. Here is how to fix Whatsapp hangs on Windows Phone.

Whatsapp hangs on Windows Phone

Whatsapp hangs on Windows Phone and How to Fix it

If Whatsapp hangs on your windows phone, you cannot do anything except exiting the app. Unfortunately, when you exit the app and enter it again, you will be confronted with the same problem. The app will still show a blank screen with the loading dots appearing. However, it never loads and hangs up.

The way to fix this problem are outlined below:

1: Long press the back button and your phone and exit all other applications that are currently active, including Whatsapp. Lock your phone and wait for  few minutes before reloading the app again. This should solve the problem.

Sometimes, even this will not work if you try to get back into the app immediately. It will still hang up. The best solution is to wait for a few minutes (5-10 minutes) before you attempt to restart the application.

2: The second method always works. Simply exit Whatsapp when it hangs up. Then power down your phone and restart it. Your problem will be fixed.

These are the only two ways to fix this issue with Whatsapp hangs on Windows phones. It is not clear why this happens, since it happens randomly (It mostly happens when you click on a message notification on the top of the home screen). Maybe it is just one bug which happens so randomly that it has not been faced by many users.

Whatsapp stuck on initialization

So, that is all there is to it. Have you faced any other problems with Whatsapp? Let me know in the comments below. If you have any other ways of overcoming Whatsapp hangs on windows phone, comment below.

Blank Screen during calls on Windows 8 Phone and Fix

blank screen during calls on Windows 8 phone

There is no doubt that windows 8 phones have had a lot of bugs after the 8.1 update (Denim) rolled out sometime last year. After the Denim update, there has been plenty of issues that have been encountered by users. One of the most common problems is the blank screen during calls on Windows 8 phone.

Blank Screen during calls on Windows 8 Phone

Blank Screen during calls on Windows 8 Phone

The problem has been very persistent with many users and Windows has not done anything to fix the issue. There have been numerous things that have been pointed out as causes for the issue. Here is a list of the causes for blank screen during calls on Windows 8 phone and how to fix them.

What is this issue?

Firstly, the blank screen during calls on windows 8 phones makes the phone unresponsive. You cannot even end the call or cancel it. The Lumia 920, 1520 and many other phones in the Lumia range have this problem.

Why does this happen?

It has been suggested that this is an issue with the proximity sensor. That may be true, but during the Cyan update for Windows phones (windows 7 update), this issue was not present. So, the issue with the proximity sensor might be software related. It is most possibly a bug which Microsoft is too lazy to fix.

The screen goes blank even during whatsapp/viber and other VOiP calls. Why does this Blank Screen during calls on Windows 8 Phone happen? How can you overcome it?

How to overcome this issue?

  • Firstly, make sure there is nothing on the proximity sensor (it is next to the earpiece, on the top of the screen). As I am not convinced that this is indeed a proximity sensor problem, this fix may not work. But few people have tried it and it works for them, so try it out.
  • blank screen during calls on Windows 8 phone
  • Secondly, make sure there is no dirt on top of the sensor. Clean it with a blast of compressed air.
  • Thirdly, try pressing the panel down where the sensor is located. This might not work. If it does, then your phone has a hardware problem/build issue. You can get it replaced.

What is the best solution?

The best solution that I have tried and has worked always for me is this: Simply use your headphones/earphones to answer calls. If you make a call without your earphones and the screen goes blank, simply plug in the earphones. It will do the trick.

I really hope Microsoft addresses this issue with the windows 8 phones with a update or in the Windows 10 software update. The Blank Screen during calls on Windows 8 Phone is a very annoying issue. I am still waiting for a fix as I do not have Windows 10 yet and I do not see any mention of this issue on forums with the Windows 10 update. Looks like it has been fixed.

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