How To Make Your Phone (Android / Apple’s IPhone) a Mobile Hotspot

Using your 3G phone as a WiFi hotspot is not only incredibly convienent, but it is an excellent way to connect multiple wireless devices to your network when others are unavailable.

In today’s world there are two major types of wireless 3G phones; android and iPhones. These phones are capable of converting their wireless 3G into a hotspot where mutliple devices can connect to their signal and access the internet. Unfortunately for most of these phones you need to pay extra on your plan before you can utilize this unique feature, however if your iPhone is hacked you can take the risk of using an app that will help you.

Below are the two major types of phones and an explanation on how to setup a WiFi hotspot on both, including an explanation for the iPhone hacked version.


Android phones with 3G are able to project their wireless connection to other devices, but this must be enabled through the plan you have with your provider. Once you’ve got your plan setup correctly then you can now start using your hotspot to connect your wireless devices anywhere at anytime. Read the directions below to learn how to setup the hotspot and protect it with a password.

  1. First open the app for 3G Mobile Hotspot.
  2. Now hit ‘Menu’ and then ‘Advanced’.
  3. Select ‘WiFi AP mode Settings’ and you will see several options that you can modify according to your needs

SSID – This is the name for your Connection.
Security – Select the type of security you want. This will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your internet.
Channel – Select the channel you want.


ATT/Verizon – If you have an iPhone on one of these plans there is an option to have the hotspot feature activated but you have to pay extra on your bill each month. If you decide to go that route for your hotspotting needs then, after you have that feature activated on your plan, follow the steps below to turn it on and learn more about its features.

  1. First go to your home screen by clicking the round button at the bottom of your phone.
  2. Next go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Network’
  3. Click ‘Setup Personal Hotspot’ at the bottom of the menu and if you have not enabled this feature for your phone plan it will give you the option to call your provider and set it up.
  4. Now you will see the option to ‘Turn Personal Hotspot’ on or off. Make sure to turn the hotspot feature off when you are done using it
  5. Below the previous option you will also see where you can set up a password. This is recommended for if you are in a public place so that your internet is not used by unwanted browsers and slowed down as a result.

Most people look for more cost effective solutions so when it comes to setting up a WiFi hotspot, there is definitely an app for that! MyWi 4.0 is one of the leading tethering and hotspot apps for your iPhone.It is not for iPod devices, but iPhone’s only.

Unfortunately MyWi only works for hacked iPhones. If your phone is hacked then follow the directions below for proper installation and setup of MyWi 4.0. If it’s not hacked you can Google search ‘How to hack iPhone’ and find many solutions. Some of the more reliable hacks are, redsn0w, and greenpois0n.

Now that your phone is hacked lets continue!

  1. First install MyWi 4.0 by searching for it in Cydia.
  2. Once it’s installed click on the new icon and open the app.
  3. Now click this link and watch the video on MyWi. It shows you the various features and how to use it. MyWi explanation video

Kindle 3G – Features and Hacks

Many people believe that the Kindle is a simple e-reader which retrieves its books from However many people are not aware of the unique features that this simple device offers.

On top of just being able to download books and magazines, this device can actually browse the internet. No it can’t handle video’s or any extensive web elements, but simple websites with mostly text on them are easily pulled up. Googling is a snap as you browse about on FREE 3G internet, and other sites work great as well.

Want to find out when the next movie is playing, or search for a great restaurant? Check on your Kindle! Many people underestimate the 3G capabilities of the Kindle and would be pleasantly surprised to see that it can do most of the functions that smart phones can without having to pay the monthly bills associated with them.

What Kindle Should I purchase?

You will see that there is a slight price gap between the Kindle 3G with ‘special offers’ and one without. These special offers are actually ads that appear when your Kindle is not powered on, and for some people they can be quite annoying. If you want to save money, then purchasing the Kindle 3G with special offers is the way to go especially since there is a hack that can remove those pesky ads (as seen below). If you don’t want to deal with jail breaking your Kindle, then purchase the one without ads and save yourself the headache.

What else can my Kindle do?

If free 3G internet access and unlimited e-books/magazines wasn’t enough, then you can satisfy your greedy appetites by indulging in the Kindle’s other features. For one, this e-reader has an incredibly long battery. It’s advertised to have a battery life of two months, but really the  battery lasts for only a few weeks with continuous use, which is still a significant amount of time for any wireless device.

Another unique feature is that you can store/play music files. There are two small speakers on the back of the device and, while they are not the best, they are able to play your music at a fairly decent volume level.

One last feature is that you can put different text files onto your Kindle so that you can read them. This is perfect for college students and others who have tons of notes to study but don’t feel like carrying them around everywhere.

How do I get text files onto my Kindle

There are multiple ways you can get text files onto your Kindle, one of which is explained here. Or you could go to this site here and simply make whatever you want an eBook that you can then download onto your Kindle.

Many people have found this incredibly useful for school notes, cooking recipes, exam studies, and much more.

How do I get rid of the ads and put in my own pictures?

Those visa ad screensavers will really start to annoy you and I’m sure you’d love to have your own custom black and white photos instead. Unfortunately since you’ve opted into dealing with the ads by purchasing a cheaper Kindle the only way you can remove them is to hack them. Below are two separate hacks, one for the removal of the ads and one for your own custom screensavers.

To view the jailbreak for how to remove the ads and how to add your own pictures as screensavers, view this link.

Enable Internet On Your Iphone As Tethering Wireless Modem

Enable Internet On Your Iphone As Tethering Wireless Modem

The Internet tethering feature has been now introduced by Apple in iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPhone 3G S of the latest firmware software version iPhone OS 3.0. With this Internet tethering feature, you could use your iPhone like a dongle device or wireless modem. Thence, you could connect it to your PC or a notebook computer for surfing and browsing over the Internet. By default, for the business purpose, the Internet tethering facility has been blocked or disabled. Mostly all of the mobile network operators or carriers tend to charge additional cost for taking privileges of Internet tethering.

However, some service plans provided by particular mobile network operators allows limited bandwidth or sometimes unlimited data downloads. Now, you could easily enable Internet tethering on your iPhone with the help of simple hack. To apply this hack, your iPhone should be jailbroken first. You could enjoy Internet tethering without spending extra money from your pocket. iPhone OS software 3.0 has inbuilt support of Internet tethering gateway. While updating your iPhone with this latest update, you could apply this simple hack for iPhone OS 3.0 upgrader which enables the Internet Tethering on your iPhone. To do so, you don’t have to pay a single cent or any type of subscription fee to the mobile network service provider.

Follow Simple Steps given below for Enabling Free Internet on iPhone Version 3.0

  1. Open Safari browser in your iPhone.
  2. Optionally, you could use the Mobileconfig Generator to create your own mobileconfig files having custom username, APN and password, just go to

Most of the times, it is better to go to the link given below directly because the configuration files of mostly all mobile carriers seems to be prepared here. When you visit this link, just click on the Mobileconfigs.

  1. Go to the following Mobileconfigs site:




  • Pick your country name from list.

  • Select appropriate mobile service provider.

  • Now to install new profile, you have to click on “Install”.

  • Click on “Install Now” and your new profile will be downloaded and installed.

  • Under your iPhone GUI, click on Settings then General then Network and then Internet Tethering.

  • Enable Internet Tethering by setting it to On.

  • You will be prompted if your Bluetooth is off, select the option as Turn on Bluetooth or USB Only as your preference.

  • The Internet tethering will be enabled from now. Just connect your iPhone to computer via Bluetooth or USB cable. Try starting an Internet session you’re your iPhone as tethered modem of Internet gateway. It will provide you a typical connection speed of mobile broadband. The speed will be usually up to 1.4 Mbps. Your iPhone will be temporarily glowing blue.

Note: Tethering the computer using the USB to iPhone for accessing the Internet is pretty simple. Operating systems such as Mac or Windows recognizes the tethered iPhone automatically. After recognizing, a required network connection will be created so that, you could take the advantage from the shared Internet access on your iPhone. When you connect via Bluetooth connection, you have to select “Connect to Network” from the option Bluetooth device instead of normal pairing. You could then access Internet from notebook/laptop or desktop computer with the help of your tethered iPhone.

In fact, the iPhone owner could perform this hack manually. The link to download profile offers convenient and easiest mode of activating the Internet Tethering simply. You could get the collection of all publicly available information like APN (access point name) password from It includes settings of many mobile networks around the world. It is able to create the profile based on XML format using iPhone Configuration Utility in Apple. When you download the profile, the hosted configuration for iPhone tethering will be tagged to your iPhone. It instantly enables tethering system without any cost.

In some cases, few of the iPhone users may notice that the VVM (Visual Voicemail) and/or MMS is not working after installing the new downloaded Internet tethering enabled profile. To fix this error, just navigate to Settings and then General. Now select Reset and then Reset Network Settings. Once applied this short setting, you would be able to use Voicemail, MMS and Internet tethering iPhone.

High-Performance, Wireless N Media Networked With WPS And MIMO Technology By Trendnet

Trendnet is a wired and wireless networking hardware brand, which has recently released the 300Mbps Wireless N Media Bridge, model TEW-640MB. This has been introduced with the goal of offering high performance wireless connection to all networked media center devices. It has been designed to minimize the clutter enabling the users to relate upto 4 devices to a wireless n network.

It is also suitable to Ethernet-ready BluRay players, network TVs, gaming consoles and DVRs. The initial set up is not very difficult and can be made easier if you possess a router with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup [WPS] button. In such an instance, your job would be to:-

  • Power up the TEW-640MB.
  • Press the WPS button on your router, then the WPS button on the TEW-640MB.
  • It will get connected to your router and the internet.
  • Lastly, network media center devices to the four Ethernet ports on the back of the TEW-640MB for instant internet access.

The bridge brings along Advanced Multiple Input Multiple Output [MIMO] antenna technology to get rid of wireless dead spots and WMM Quality of Service [QoS] technology to categorize audio and video content. Costing $69.99 it is shipped to Trendnet’s online and retail partners along with a 3 year warranty.

Its set up is very easy with no drivers to install. Power Save mode preserves electricity when not in use. Also the latest in wireless encryption makes sure that there is wireless security. “ Following the tremendous success of our 300Mbps wireless n gaming adapter, model TEW-647 GA, we decided to with a strong foundation build the 300Mbps Wireless N Media Bridge with the same high performance chipset,” stated Sonny Su, Technical director for Trendnet.

Summing up the interesting features of TEW-640MB, we have:

  • Users looking for high-performance wireless network can connect up to 4 devices at one go.
  • Works with network enabled Blu-ray™ players, Televisions, DVRs, and game consoles
  • WMM QoS prioritizes audio and video content
  • One-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) wireless connection

How Can I Get USB Wireless Keyboard And Facebook On WD TV

Western Digital’s WD TV Live and WD TV Live Plus are 2 well known media streaming units. They are different in the fact that they have now come out with new; better functioning in line with users’ demands with an update for Facebook users too. This allows them to:-

  1. Facebook users can easily connect with family and friends via Facebook.
  2. Upload photos and videos.
  3. Share their status.
  4. View their wall.
  5. Get latest updates on news Feed and other entertainment options……..

All this via their HDTV right at home!

You can also find added new features like – Deezer – a personalized on-demand music service; Flingo – a free internet TV from leading studios, TV networks and video websites; Accuweather – a weather forecasting service; and USB wireless keyboard support – use any popular wireless keyboard with USB dongle to easily update Facebook status and perform YouTube[R] searches.

The best news is that these units are now being made to accept USB wireless keyboards through USB dongle enabling Facebook and YouTube apps. You can avail updates for free, can even download and install effortlessly, to increase the functioning of WD media streamers. This also proves that WD is well aware of its customers’ needs and works to fulfill them.

Costing $129.99 each, WD media players and the TV Live media players are available worldwide while the TV live Plus is strictly meant for US and Canada only. These media streamers having picked some much needed functionality with Facebook is a highlighted addition. Also users can now immediately rent out or purchase outright the latest movie released the same day as they can be available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc via the Blockbuster on Demand service.

Vizio XVT Series HDTV – How To Get Internet Wireless Apps

3D has become quite popular these days, and Vizio has proclaimed that its XVT3SV series is including 3D technology to its HDTV list. It will feature 3Full HD XVT series TVs with Vizio Internet Apps [VIA] obtained in 42 inch [XVT3D424SV]; 47 inch [XVT3D474SV]; and 55inch [XVT3D554SV] screen size.

These 3HDTVs project 3D Home Theatre Ecosystem that comes with 3D Blu-ray Players with wireless apps, Vizio Full HD 3D glasses, high speed HDMI cables and wireless internet router.

Its latest technologies include:

-Full HD 3D.

– High Speed HDMI inputs.

– SRS TruSurround HD.

– 480 Hz SPS.

– Smart Dimming.

– Vizio Internet Apps with built-in Dual Band.

– 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remote with sliding QWERTY keypad.

In the 55 inch and 47 inch models, you find complete array TruLED backlighting with Smart Dimming. These 3D HDTVs function well with Vizio Full HD 3D active shutter glasses [which can be bought separately] and also feature Vizio’s 480 Hz SPS high frame rate technology with Smooth Motion to bring out great 3D and 2D images.

The 42 inch model brings out 3D images with the help of Vizio’s Razor LED backlighting with Smart Dimming and also functions with Vizio Full HD 3D active-shutter glasses. These HDTVs also make use of Vizio’s 480 Hz SPS high frame rate technology with smooth motion.


All XVT sets appear in the Vizio Internet Apps Connected HDTV Platform, allowing users to manage web-based content directly on their TVs even without the support of a PC or set top box. The recent apps from Online Content and service brands include:-

Amazon video on demand; Facebook; Twitter; Netflix; Rhapsody; Pandora; Flicker; VUDU; Yahoo TV Widgets; Fandango; Yahoo fantasy Football; NBA Game Time; Wiki TV; My-Cast; Media Box; TuneIn Radio; Web Videos and iMemories.

You can avail the units online at;; and There is news that it will reach the retail markets late November and a wider range will be available in December. It looks like Vizio has made one alteration since its initial 3D announcement and that is adding RealD technology and using their glasses.

“The Vizio’s XVT Line is an incredible award-winning product that has bagged the title of best LED LCD HDTV in the market,” opinion Vizio’s officials. Vizio presents the top most quality movie experience too! The VBR 333 and VBR334 3D Blu-ray Players with wireless app disclose an entirely new direction with breath taking crystal clear 2D and Full HD 3D. Built in Wi-Fi ensures easy wireless connection to many entertainment from top online services like Netflix, Pandora etc.

How To Protect Your Privacy By Preventing Hacking / Cracking Of Wifi Wpa-psk Networks?

This post helps you to prevent your wireless from being cracked. This experiment can be run successfully on Linux / Back Track 3 or 4 machine.

If you are not sure how secure your wireless network which is protected with WPA or WPA2PSK, you’ll be in a position to assess it after you follow all the steps laid down in this video.

This video highlights the importance of having strong windows password when on Private Wireless Access:

How Many Different Varieties of Wireless Routers Are Available in The Market

There are two basic types of Wireless Routers: Linksys wireless G and Belkin wireless G. Both these devices perform similarly. They allow users to connect to both G and B networks as well as wired Ethernet gadgets to be linked to them. Apart from these basic features, the G routers facilitate all computers on a typical network to share internet connection.

The other router is the Linksys wireless B router, which splits the internet connection if the DSL modem is connected to the router. In effect every computer in the network gets an equal share of the internet bandwidth to which the router is accessing and allows parallel internet access among all the computers.

Learn How To Create A Wireless Network At Home

Learn How Many Different Types Of Routers Are Available

Learn How To Create A Wireless Network At Home – Wireless access points explained

Learn How To Set Up Wireless Access Point

Creating a wireless LAN network at home – how a wireless router works

So you want to share your internet connection among all the computers in your wireless network spread over two floors. Here are ways and means on how to set up this wireless network and use smart hardware gadgets to ensure that the signal travels over two or four floors and enables your wireless network to be really WIRELESS.

Wireless routers

A router is a device whose task is to move information from one computer to another in the same network or sometimes even move data between networks. In a typical home scenario explained above, a router could transfer data from your computer to the internet and vice versa. This is one of the basic methods to share an internet connection with all the computers at your home.

The wireless router often referred to as the WLAN router is equipped with an antenna to glean waves from all the nodes of your wireless network and act as a hub. Though completely wireless, the router also has ports for wired connections. This is where the DSL internet is connected to. The router will receive data from internet and move it to the relevant computer on its network.

The router acts as the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server by assigning IP address to network nodes. In effect your router is the one-window clearing agency between the internet service provider and your network. The internet service provider sees only the router and not the nodes in the network.

It is easy to set up a Wireless Router. The easiest way is to physically link the router to the DSL or cable modem through a LAN cable. The cable should be plugged into the WAN port or the LAN port depending on whether you are using a wide or local area network. Every manufacturer prints detailed and user-friendly instructions on the packaging of the router to enable end-users to install these devices themselves.

Learn How To Create A Wireless Network At Home

Learn How Many Different Types Of Routers Are Available

Learn How To Create A Wireless Network At Home – Wireless access points explained

Learn How To Set Up Wireless Access Point