Fix The Error Encountered While Accessing Adsense Deluxe WordPress Plugin

Fix The Error Encountered While Accessing Adsense Deluxe WordPress Plugin

Adsense Deluxe WordPress plugin helps in displaying advertisements within your posts. By using the interface of Adsense Deluxe, you can add codes, JavaScripts, affiliate links and display different ads at desired spots by just inserting a small code.

In case you have upgraded WordPress to 2.8.2 version, you must have come across an error message while accessing Adsense Deluxe plugin control panel. You will encounter this error message not once but every time you try to use the Adsense Deluxe control panel.

The reason behind this is that, there are a few modification made in the WordPress versions 2.8.2 and 2.8.3 that result in a few plugins becoming unstable which is the reason why the plugins fail to work properly. The error message that is shown while you access the plugin is as follows:

“You Do Not Have Sufficient Permissions to Access this Page”.


To resolve this issue, all you need to do is, make some modifications in 2.8.2 version of WordPress by using the below mentioned tip.

  1. First of all, go to Plugins and deactivate/disable the Adsense Deluxe plugin.
  2. You need to edit the plugin by clicking on the option “Edit”.
  3. Within the code, look for the text “admin_head” and change it to “admin_menu”.
  4. Now, you need to click on the option “Update File” in order to save.
  5. Finally, activate the plugin.

Now, try accessing the Adsense Deluxe plugin control panel and you will notice that it does not show the error message anymore.

How To Add More Fields To WordPress New Post Page

Creating additional fields in a WordPress Write/Edit page

Bloggers using WordPress extensively to publish their posts can add more fields as per their requirements easily. Any number of fields can be incorporated in a particular post or web page by using More Fields plugin which normally appears on the far right hand side of the post.

A column is available to the right of the editor in all WordPress pages or posts which displays objects like Preview posts, Publish post, schedule future posts, set private post and many more. Any new fields can be added in this column.

WordPress provides a utility called More Fields WordPress plug-in to add new fields to a post as per the user’s requirements. One can add any number of additional fields on Write/ Edit page by creating number of boxes to hold corresponding additional fields for a post.

Every Write/ Edit page comes with either a large left column or narrow right column. Many elements are available on an editable page or post, and BOX is one such element that is used to add new fields.

WordPress plug-in adds any number fields by creating number of boxes either on right side or left side of the page and with any field type. Different WordPress Fields plug-in can be downloaded from WordPress Plugin Directory.

[ Download WordPress More-Fields plugin ]

How Can I Increase The Bandwidth And Performance Of My Blog Server? WP Super Cache Is The Answer…

If your blog doesn’t get a lot of visitors, then this post is of no use! This plugin, WP Super Cache, is useful for only those bloggers whose post frequents main page, or gets tons of traffic every day.

What does WP-Super Cache plugin do?

Nothing magical, just that it converts your database driven worpdress posts to static HTML files.

Why does it convert wordpress posts to HTML?

Rendering HTML files is quicker and efficient and this will result in better performance of your site.

What are the benefits of using WP Super Cache?

1> Your visitors will be served static pages, hence page loading is much faster when compared to the conventional database driven posts, in short, the content fetch time is faster!

2> Bandwidth load on your server reduces considerably! Querying your database is a very expensive action, and this move (switch form database driven to static HTML) will save you loads of money.

Guess it’s fair enough and really sensible for all bloggers with heavy traffic to install this plugin. I’ve never hit Digg front page ever, so I’m really not sure how many visitors Digg would send, but considering some decent traffic on this blog, I am implementing this one very soon.

[ Download WP Super Cache ]

How Can My Blog Visitors Know Where Exactly They Are In My Blog

Earlier it was known as Breadcrumb Navigation XT, now is packaged as Breadcrumb NavXT is a must on wordpress blog, as it improves user experience and gives them correct picture of where they exactly are at the point.

Breadcrumb navigation is one of the famous way to let users know where they are within a program or application or windows.

Established breadcrumb trials are organized for your blog to prove that instead of reaching the current page through normal ways, a line of succession was chosen. Breadcrumbs work very well with visitors because they are in a better position to realize their connection with other sites. Breadcrumbs greatest asset is that being tiny, they occupy very less space.

[ Download Breadcrumb NavXT ]

How To Customise Page Navigation Feature In WordPress Blog – Free Plugin WordPress PageNavi

At times default is not good. This is true in case of the default navigation option provided by wordpress. I will not dare say it’s not good, but it’s not great and very userful as one would expect it. If you’d want to customise it further, it’s really a tough job to get what you desire.

To make navigation more easier, you have the WordPress – Pagenavi plugin. This plugin is made especially for you, if you are the one who is fed up of the default navigator of wordpress. It helps give your blog a stylish and better look.

See a working demo of WordPress Pagenavi.

Download wordpress pagenavi.

Simplest Statistics Plugin For WordPress – Know How Many Vistors Come To Your WordPress Blog

Don’t want all the extra stuff the Google Analytics stats offer, instead prefer something really simple? Then try WordPress’s stats plugin.

Download the plugin from here. See some screen shots here:

It is another simple and user-friendly plugin, with basic statistics. If you are looking for more complex, in-depth stats, then, as mentioned earlier Google Analytics Stats is your best option, but if you are a person after simple metrics, then you are on the right path. You can keep track of the number f pages viewed, what the most noted posts are, where your traffic comes from and what they leave for you when they go out.

Best Social Bookmarking Plugin For WordPress – Free Download

Social media is taking over other forms of traffic, oh wait, it already has taken over ! Have you been missing out the love social media can bestow over you? With this wordpress plugin – Bookmark me – you are not too far away from exploding traffic to your WordPress blog.

Yet another user-friendly plugin for wordpress which has links to social bookmarking sites like as; Digg and Reddit. Here, visitors are allowed to write to any of the above mentioned sites, thereby pulling in larger crowds too.

[ Download bookmark me. ]

How Can I Highlight Syntax In My WordPress Posts ?

Do you have a technical blog, built on wordpress, and you want to highlight Syntax so that your readers can easily differentiate and identify the content ?

If yes, then you should use Google Syntax Highlighter. It’s custom made for you:

This is a combined plugin of Google Syntax Highlighter which brings colour to your code. It is backed up by various languages- C++; Css; Delphi; Java; PHP; Python; Ruby and XML/HTML.

It is very simple and user friendly. All you need to do is add the code inside the
tags and given them particular names = “your code” and class= “your chosen language”. Now was that not simple?

[ Download link ]

A Plugin To Shorten WordPress Blog Post URLs Automatically And Mask WebPages Links

This great facility of free plugins, which is provided by wordpress, makes it a great choice for its users. It brings out dozens of plugins everyday so that wordpress can be utilized to its maximum. There is also another wp plugin – short url, which does the task of covering up your webpage links, blog posts or affiliated url.

This facilitates you to come up with other short urls for your webpage links and make a note of the traffic to your link. It also assists you to cover up the download links/files so that you simplify the visits to your page, as a download counter., is a commonly used webpage url. The problem with this url is, that it’s really long and some services (ex: Twitter) does have restrictions on the number of characters that can be sent in one tweet! If you had to otherwise post this one services like twitter, you had to take help from URL shortening services which would shorten the URL, ie give you an alternative short URL, which forwards the visitor to the actual URL when they reach the shortened URL.

Now, once you start using the short URL wordpress plugin, the URL becomes

Well doesn’t this save ton of time for you? This works out to be profitable and very easy to handle, whichever way you choose to look at it. If you are looking at turning your blog post viral via social media, or thinking o contributing short urls in your emails, then here is the right choice. Just download the link or look for plugin short url- found in your wordpress admin dashboard and set it up immediately.