Grammar Tips For Writers, Bloggers And Authors And TOEFL Tests Good Practice

Clif, every now and then pitches in to correct the mistakes in articles I write, which helps me improve my writing skills. Today, he pointed me to a link, where he has compiled and organized URLs from different websites, which has grammar tips for writers, bloggers and authors. A few links to good practice tips for TOEFL tests are also included.

The topics include, but are not limited:

1> How to use Title Case,

2> General Capitalization,

3> Extended rules for using Commas,

4> How to Cut clutter and use only words you need to use,

5> Difference between – “As” versus “Because” or “Since” ; “Maybe vs May be”; “Can vs Could”;

6> Forms of “to be”, etc.

Visit this link for more details.

For those who are interested, you can visit Clif’s Freeware Wiki website here.

And if you have kids at home, then here are some tips to accelerate the process of learning alphabets.

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Solve Windows Live Messenger / Writer’s Hr:0x80070643 Problem

I was trying to set up Windows Live Writer on my Windows XP, but I encountered hr:0x80070643 error. While searching for a solution, I read a couple of blogs and forum posts and figured this error was generic and not specific to Windows Live Writer.

People were having similar problems, when trying to install Windows Live Messenger (WLM 2009). I was able to fix this for problem for Windows Live Writer, I think the same fix should work for Windows Live Messenger.

The problem seems to with the .NET Framework on the system and not Windows Live Writer or Windows Live Messenger. I’m just guessing here, so please do not come to any conclusion.

Here’s the fix that worked for me:

1> Uninstall currently installed .NET framework. I had .NET Framework version 1.1 on my system. To uninstall it, click on “Start –> Control Panel –> Add remove Programs“. Find installed .NET Framework and click on uninstall.

2> Download and install the latest version of Microsofts .NET Framework, at this point when I am writing this article, it is version 3.5 SP1 which can be downloaded from here. Or you can search the latest version of .NET Framework here.

Once installed, reboot your machine and try installing Windows Live Writer. It should work fine. If this works for Windows Live Messenger (WLM 2009), please let me know so that I can update this blog post.


As per feedback from ‘ABC’ and ‘BlahBlah Koala’ – Messenger.msi file from works.