Easy Tricks To Take Registry Backup

Tips for Taking Registry Backup

The registry of the computer is similar to a storeroom in which the configuration settings are placed. These settings are those, which help the applications and programs to work on the computer. You can find the settings while utilizing registry editor. You probably know that wrong editing and crucial fine extension over the registry might lead to complete system failure. Hence, it is absolutely essential to take the backup of registry prior to editing. You have two options for this, you could choose to take the backup of complete registry utilizing the restoration point otherwise you can only take the part of registry, which you would like to edit.

Taking Backup of Specific Registry Branch

It is always better to edit the part of registry. Follow these instructions to accomplish this:

Start Menu > Run > Type regedit.exe > OK > search the key that you would like to edit > after getting file > Right- Click on it > Now Export to the location in which you would like to save > Save

Restore point

Before editing the system registry, it is essential to make restoration point. There are two ways for this manual and automatic. Manual way is much better as you will be able to roll back, if something goes wrong. To create restore point:

Start > type system restore in search box > Back-up and Restore centre > Restore point on the left side.

Now you have to options either “recommended restore” Or “choose a different restore point”

Registry is important for all kinds of windows such as Windows 7, XP, and Vista. However, it is extraordinarily sensitive. Many things can damage it such as a simple un-installation of a program can change the registry, improper shut down etc.

If your computer is affected by virus, spyware, Trojan, and worms, then these can harm the registry key and your computer will not function properly. You will have problems like Blue screen error, freezing, black screen etc.

There are several registry cleaning software in the market such as Registry Mechanic, Registry Easy, Registry Fix, and RegClean etc.

Make Your Photo Editing Job Simpler With Image Tuner

Make Your Photo Editing Job Simpler With Image Tuner

You must have noticed that when you try to upload photos to social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook etc. or when you try to send images via email, you face trouble while resize and selecting a suitable image format. However, you can now make your image editing task easier with Image Tuner, the latest Photo Editing Software.

Image Tuner allows you to edit images and digital photos within Windows platform with an intuitive interface which is quite user friendly. It efficiently resizes images and renames them. It allows you to watermark the images and convert them to various different formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG, GID and TIFF.

Apart from this, Image Tuner contains preloaded templates which you can use to edit your images and photos that you wish to transfer to your iPhone, ipad, DVD or display in Twitter and Facebook. It also allows you to make advanced configuration with plenty casino online of options and settings.

Key features of this freeware:

1. Offers the best image resizing algorithm.
2. Helps you resize, watermark, rename and convert images/ photos in bulk.
3. Supports over 20 different image formats including the new ones like Targa/Wireless Bitmap, DICOM etc.
4. Supports camera RAW files like ORF, X3F, DCR, NEF, RAW, CR2, CRW.
5. Offers ample of settings and options for sophisticated users.
6. Resolution ratio/ compression are configurable.
7. Allows saving and loading of image lists and settings.
8. Offers an easy-to-use interface.
9. Tiny installations file of just 2MB.
10. Compatible with both 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions of Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, Vista, XP and Windows 7.

Image Tuner v1.1 offers enhanced speed and loads image previews in no time. Moreover, being a freeware, this excellent application can be easily downloaded free of charge.

Get rid of Unused Programs or Files with CCleaner

Get rid of Unused Programs or Files with CCleaner

Having unused files and programs in your computer slows down the computer speed. Normally, we download various software and programs frequently and use them only one time, or for a couple of times.

However we might forget to delete them after completing our job and the programs remain in our computer. Similarly those music files, videos, image files that are not being used by us frequently, consume hard disk space and memory resources as well.

In layman language these files and data are just like system garbage that affects computer performance in the negative way. Therefore, we must try to keep our computer clean and free from unused application and files.


We can use CCleaner in order to clean our computer and to keep it free from unused files and data.  This is a freeware tool that optimizes our computer performance by deleting unused and unnecessary files. In other words, we can call it computer performance optimizing tool that frees up our disk space.

Key features of CCleaner tool

  • User friendly interface to operate.
  • Easily removes unwanted files and data from computer
  • Clean up entire computer and free up disk space
  • Compatible with windows XP, 2000, Vista and windows 7.
  • It cleans registry files from the computer.

Change your Normal Bar to Windows 7 Super Bar with ViGlance

Change your Normal Bar to Windows 7 Super Bar with ViGlance

The latest operating system of Microsoft’s windows 7 is considered as the best ever Operating System which allows high quality graphics, new designs, animations, and many other features.

However many people like windows XP operating service more, and don’t want to change into windows 7 for their own reasons. There is an option Windows transformation pack to change their operating system. There is a major advantage of windows7 operating system, which is its super bar. However by using the ViGlance tool, you can change your normal bar to look like Windows 7 Super Bar, without having to change the entire operating system.

ViGlance is a freeware that changes your normal default bar to super bar. Windows7 bar is featured with latest style to provide various background effects. All opened programs will be adjusted in super bar easily instead of creating group of opened items.


This tool changes entire functions and looks of normal bar to super bar instantly. You just need to download it on your computer and launch it. The rest will be handed automatically by this application. It will also enhance the performance of windows XP to give better result to the users. Even your start button will be organized systematically.

Change your Windows 7 Look to Windows XP using Windows XP Theme

Change your Windows 7 Look to Windows XP using Windows XP Theme

Probably you are in love with old versions of Windows operating systems. The latest windows 7 operating system is featured with many advance features, but what if you want look of windows XP and performance of Windows 7 simultaneously. 

There is a windows XP theme that converts entire look of your windows 7 operating system. The Windows XP Blue Theme will change entire look of your windows 7 operating system. You just need to install this theme on your computer.


With immediate effect, this theme will modify the appearance of windows 7 keeping its default features and performance. It means now you can have look and appearance of windows XP with Windows 7 advanced features and performance. You can download Widows XP Luna theme on your computer to get feeling of windows XP appearance on you screen.

Use SBar Taskbar To Change Vista or XP Taskbar to Windows 7 Taskbar

Change your Vista or XP Taskbar to Windows 7 Taskbar Using SBar Taskbar Replacement

Windows 7 super taskbar has few unique features that vista or XP users would love to have. It is very systematic, attractive, and stylish, and it gives more options to add on your desktop. With SBar-Taskbar Replacement, you can easily convert your normal taskbar to windows 7 taskbar.

Once you change your taskbar to the one of Windows 7, you will be able to personalize your taskbar in different style with multiple options.

Characteristics of SBar Taskbar Replacement:

  • Windows will be opened in groups like Windows 7 taskbar. It will not open separately and occupy entire tray.
  • You will get thumbnail preview of all open windows
  • In order to jump between different options Pin feature is available
  • More tasks included in jump list
  • It supports Skype and Firefox.

To get all these feature in your taskbar just download SBar Taskbar Replacement

While installing Windows 7 a problem occurs: Product Key Is Not Valid

While installing Windows 7 a problem occurs: Product Key Is Not Valid

In case you want to activate Windows 7, you need a valid and genuine product key. The product key that is used by the Microsoft, while activating Windows 7 in their internal activation method, that product key is the genuine product key.

So as to operate Microsoft’s latest operating system you need the valid and genuine product to activate the operating system in your machine. Recently it has seen that though many people have brought the genuine product online they are still facing problems while activating.

When you receive a message “invalid product key” then follow the following options mentioned below to get rid of the error.

  • It might be a typing mistake. Try to type the given activation code properly.
  • It may happen that the product key of Windows 7 does not match with the version. Check the product key again and match it with the version.
  • The product key of Windows 7 is used to upgrade the Windows version. For this you should have a previous version of Windows like Windows XP or Windows Vista. Now you will face the “invalid product key” problem if you don’t have any previous version Windows.

Windows Vista or XP – Tips to Install Fonts

Windows Vista or XP Tips to Install Fonts

It takes seconds for the fonts to be installed in windows Vista or XP. You can also get cool fonts over the internet. You can download them very easily. Once they are downloaded, then you need to install it. Follow the steps mentioned below to install downloaded fonts.

  • Open a folder where you want to install the fonts.
  • By double clicking on each and every font individually, it will be installed.

Now what if you have hundreds of fonts that you want to install? Installing them individually will kill a lot of time, so follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select all the fonts that you want to install
  • Copy the fonts by pressing CTRL+C.
  • Go to My Computer, then go to the drive where operating system is installed, then open WINDOWS folder then open Fonts folder and press CTRL+V to pate the fonts.
  • Your work is done.

This is one easy way to install all new fonts on your computer’s running on Windows Vista or XP.

Windows vista and XP keyboard shortcuts

Windows vista and XP keyboard shortcuts

In Windows Vista or XP you can open, close, save, exit or even navigate anywhere within the system by the help of shortcut keys. Instead of dragging the mouse pointer here and there and then clicking on the file or option to open the documents or any window, it can be easily done with keyboard shortcut keys.


It makes the computing process real fast, easy and convenient. In the support section of windows, they have posted the complete tutorial of the keyboard shortcut keys for Vista and XP system. To know all the shortcut keys refer the support pages.

Windows XP Shortcut Keys

Windows Vista Shortcut Keys

Windows 7 Shortcut Keys