How Can I Get A Windows Vista Like Theme On My Windows XP ? Basically A “Windows XP” vista theme?

One of the latest questions asked was: If I knew any site where they allowed users to download a theme to make XP look like VIsta? Everything should XP look like from programs menu, taskbar, start button and just about anything and everything.

I’ve really not hunted around for a free solution on this one. I’m sure, if one has time, they can dig out a free solution. A temporary fix for $20 bill follows:

1> Firstly you need a zune theme on your system. You can download the Microsoft Installer from here :

2> Now for the start button, head to and download the necessary. In fact, there is a remastered version of this particular software on their forums available at . You need to register yourself to the forum and need to be logged in to download the attachment. I suggest go for the re-mastered version.

3> And finally the programs menu – get it from

Install all three and you should be good to go. Your Windows XP will have an exact Vista look alike theme.